Why I’m a freelancer and still writing

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While writing is inscribed in my heart, sometimes I find it awkward when someone asks, “what do you do for a living?” Then I answer, “I’m a full-time mother and I do writing as my part-time job.” And someone is like, what is that? People believe they must have a job in a company or somewhere to earn a living. I have tried on different occasions to explain this to many people, but it still doesn’t make sense.

If I say I started writing because of money, then I will be lying to you in broad daylight. My writing started right the moment I made my first cry if I must say. Even on that first day on earth if I had a chance to write how it was like to come out and just cry, then I would have written my experience.

Never mind how long I have written or that I will spend the rest of my life writing my thoughts. I have never come across a portfolio that can tell people what I do.

You might ask if motherhood is a full-time job. Yes, it is. And how does it pay? If there is a job that is highest paying in the world, then it is being a mother. It pays with a priceless gift of love. It is the best thing that can ever happen to you.

And because I don’t want to admit I have a full-time job, I chose to do freelance writing. So, I have all the time in the world to have those exciting moments of motherhood shared and written down. Not even a moment is missed!

You see now why I’m freelancing and writing? All those stories of my childhood most exciting moments are written down not just in my mind but here also.

While others chose to work away from home, I settled for freelancing. Right on my couch! With my toddlers all over my body. Pulling my legs as I freelance. But not even those creepy moments will miss being written. They are money-making situations. You see?

Where would I get those exciting moments of my childhood that I don’t remember? I must admit I’m still writing because there are more amazing moments that have not been written.


Even when it is hard to tell that you just make money out of what someone or your child did, I will still write. Life is not about chasing dreams bare handed, but life is what we make it.

That moment when the first word came out of my mouth, is the day I started documenting. That day when I wrote my first composition and scored high is the reason I’m a freelancer.

Someone once told me, “writing is for the chosen few.” I don’t know if I should agree, but if I were to lie right on your face, then would say I came out of the womb writing. Isn’t it funny?

And that is why I’m a freelancer and still writing.

See you soon!

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