6 Marketing tips for increased profits this year

Are you looking for marketing tips to increase profits this year? You need to consider looking for ways to reduce the cost of operation. Another way is to find viable and strategic methods of reaching your end consumer, whose increased purchase leads to a sales increase. We did some research came up with the following marketing tips to help you succeed in your business this year.

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Client involvement

Top on my list of marketing tips is client involvement. Clients are the primary assets of a business. The continuous and repeated purchases from them means higher sales and revenues in the long run. I know you are asking yourself how this happens and highlighted a few things that will enlighten you.

  • Identify new products: Find out about new products that would serve their needs better by one on one inquiry from them. Welcome client reviews and record them so that you can incorporate some if not all of the recommendations as they strive to serve their needs continues. You should showcase this on your websites so future aspiring clients can see and gain trust in you.
  • Retain your customers: This is simple and you can do it by breeding exemplary loyalty. Make sure your products are of good quality, and customers are treated with utmost respect and empathy.
  • Upsell your products:  You can achieve this by recommending to your customer’s complimentary products available for sale that they may probably be overlooking or find as unnecessary.
  • Establish a strong customer support system: The system will handle customer complaints in a professional manner. This will make you note a particular frustration trend in your product.
  • Personalize their payment and shopping options so that they can assess your products locality notwithstanding.

Affinity marketing

Create partnerships with complimentary companies or brands, to develop a mutually beneficial marketing strategy. Incorporate e-commerce by sharing referrals connected to other websites that cater for the consumer’s needs, in the form of links and icons to be able to increase sales. It can also help to enhance your website visibility and encourage traffic. You can decide to do affiliate marketing or something of that kind.

Brand campaigns

The campaigns offer an instant communication of what a company focuses on and its performance. This, in turn, increases customer awareness of a business’s reputation. Acquire and analyze data that illustrates the perception and decisions of your client base. This way, you will be able to communicate to different audiences across different mediums.You seen freelancers run campaigns, but did you know this was among my marketing tips?

Remarketing marketing

This is among the best marketing tips that will enable you to reach out to your one-time website visitors through advertisements and pop-ups. This will reignite the clients’ interest in your product and a fraction who forewent the purchase at some time will actualize it. Implement the remarketing strategy on Google to enable your site to be seen on other numerous sites present on the platform and allow the cookie to show it often.

Pricing of products and services

What are you selling online? Do you sell your writing services or virtual assistance? How do you price your services?Pricing of your products and services whether online or offline, should offer and communicate real value of a top brand. It can help to translate it into profits. Identify the benefits clients gain from your product and their criteria for making decisions. What benefits did the client get from your services as a web developer? Was he satisfied? Set prices that are higher than the variable production costs so that they can cover the fixed costs. Incorporate pricing tactics like Odd-pricing, discounting, skimming and penetration to create a loyal customer base.  This one my best marketing tips that I offer most of my trainees: price your products like a pro.

Employees Motivation

You can get marketing tips from all the websites in the world, but if you do not implement them, it is all useless. Employees are more productive and creative when they have more positive emotions when they are valued and appreciated in their line of duty. Rewarding them by offering paid time-off, vouchers, and travels. Recognize their efforts to give them a sense of accomplishment. Create avenues and opportunity for employees to advance in their careers, and build trust in their various capabilities. Furthermore, provide them with a conducive working environment and social welfare programs. They will in turn increase departmental performance, accomplish set goals or even supersede them and increase business’s revenue in the long run.


Now that you know these tips, it is time to implement them. Whether it is in your freelance career or offline business, use these marketing tips to increase profits this year.


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