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The Art of Story Selling 

Lots of people ask what the difference is between Storytelling and Story Selling, so let's jump straight into what Story Selling is...
Traditional storytelling in business is about creating the connection between you (your brand, products or services) and the listener.  Storytelling can be used to convey important information, to entertain, or to influence. Take that to the next level and apply it to your sales process and you have "Story Selling", which has one, single, clear objective: to inspire your audience to act!
Story selling is storytelling with that little extra pizazz and purpose that appeals to your target audience, is consistent with your brand, and includes a strong call-to-action. 
Story selling makes you stand out from the competition, because you’re talking to your audience in a real, authentic way that no one else can do or is capable of
Story selling makes you BULLET-PROOF from your competition because your individual YOU-ness can never be duplicated, copied, or replicated
Story selling has everyone in your audience paying attention to you (in a great way).

Story selling is NOT sharing a random story and crossing your fingers that it will engage the audience and make sales. It has a strategic purpose, with stories that are designed to move your prospects through your sales process to become loyal, paying customers.

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Think Like A CEO

Have you ever noticed how some startups and solo entrepreneurs never manage to grow their business?
Instead of seeing their revenue increase each year, they find themselves:
Spending more and more time working
Seeing less and less of their family and friends
Shouldering more and more tasks
Taking less and less care of themselves (and their customers!)
They become frustrated and burned out, and may even start to resent their own business.
So what's the difference between that stuck-in-the-weeds solo business owner and one whose business is thriving?
It all comes down to a combination of mindset and skillset.
You need to become the boss of your business, rather than your own employee.
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