Top Five Christmas Gifts Reviews in 2017

It is at all times a pleasure to receive Christmas gifts from someone you cherish. It can either be your friend, your dad, or mom. Gifts are typically a form of expression of how much your treasure the person. It sometimes can be a way to appreciate the good deeds of someone. If you are looking to give your darling a gift this Christmas, then don’t worry. Here are the top five Christmas gift reviews in 2016.

1.GoPro HERO4 Black Edition Adventure Camera-Silver 

You love capturing those special moments in your life, right? Then this camera is the best gift for your loved one. It comes with a built-in touch display. This helps frame the shots and adjust the settings as desired. It has a high-performance audio and enhanced camera control. Another feature you will like about this camera is that it is durable and is also waterproof. If you wish to gift her, then surprise her with this adventure camera and capture the most memorable moments.


2. Bath Bombs Gift Set – USA Made – Lush Bath Bubble Alternative

Gift your loved one this season in style using this Bath Bombs Gift Set. The set is of superior quality and is made in the USA. It is one of the best-selling products on Amazon. This product is non-toxic fragrance as compared to other brands. If you are looking to gift the person you cherish, then this is one of the best gifts.


3. Mr. Bar-B-Q 94001X 18-Piece Stainless-Steel Barbecue Set 

This Barbecue Set is one of the gifts you cannot miss to give to your dad. You will surely like it. The set measures about 12-2/5 by 17-2/5 by2-4/5 inches. The Barbecue Set comes with 18 grilling tools which include basting brush, all-purpose knife, 4 skewers, and grill brush. It has a plastic storage case and riveted wood handles that have loops hanging.


4. Mom Butterfly Mother Suncatcher with Pressed Flower Wings by Banberry Designs

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for your mom, then this can be the perfect gift for her. The Mother Butterfly is a gift for all occasions from Mother’s Day to Mom’s birthday. It has real flowers which are pressed between the glass wings to give it a stunning and unique look. Do not give your mom the traditional gift everyone gives out, but gift her with this unique silver chain. It has an attractive design that no one can resist.


5. ALOV Jewelry Sterling Silver Love Heart Pendant Necklace

Surprise your girlfriend this Christmas with this Alov Jewelry Sterling Silver Love Heart Pendant Necklace. The chain is 45cm long and has a lobster clasp. The comes with a loving message that says “I love You To The Moon and Back.” Have you been wanting to tell her this? Then tell her in one easy way using this: Love Letter Charm Bead Pendant Necklace.



Receiving Christmas gifts is one of the joys of a holiday and missing to get one from the person you cherish, makes the holiday incomplete. It, however, takes some effort to gift your loved, and we hope the above top five gifts reviews in 2016 will help you choose one.

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Top five office chairs in 2016

Choosing the right office chair can be tricky at times. The market today is overcrowded by all sorts of people. There is there a need to be careful when purchasing one, so as to settle for the best. To help you the best chair for your office, here are the top five office chairs we gathered from Amazon.

MidBack Black Mesh Swivel Chair by Flash Furniture (1,656 reviews)

This chair by Flash Furniture has a stunning look and comes with a padded seat. It also comes with a breathable mesh back to offer you comfort as you work. It features seat height adjustment to help you adjust it according to your size. The MidBack Black Mesh Shivel chair has a weight capacity of 250 lb. The chair is among the best office chairs.

Mid-Back Office Chair by AmazonBasics (1,302 reviews)

You will surely love this chair. Mid-Back chair comes with a padded seat and back which helps provide you with comfort all day long. It also comes with assembly instructions meaning you will not have to seek help from someone. This chair features a one-year limited warranty and dual wheel casters. If you are looking to have an ergonomic office chair, then choosing this will not be wrong.

SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark Back Chair(1,147 reviews)

Professional AirGrid Dark Back seat is another chair is suitable for office use. This is the chair that can offer you comfort throughout the day. You will be making the right choice by choosing this seat. Its eco leather seat that has a mesh siding provides you with comfort and breathability. The chair comes with a height adjustable angled arms and one touch pneumatic adjustable height. It means you can adjust the height of the seat as you wish.

Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller (343 reviews)

It is obvious that you will love the features of this chair. It comes with adjustable padded arms to offer you comfort throughout the day. The chair comes with a high-tech mesh fabric something that makes it look extraordinary. It can be the best choice if you work for long hours.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair (106 reviews)

The Leap Fabric Chair by Steelcase features a LiveBack. This means it changes shape thus supporting the movement of your spine. The chair comes with a natural glide system which enables the seat to slide forward. The seat helps you to recline and remain focused on your work. You will not make a wrong decision by choosing this seat.

Bottom line

If you were having problems choosing the right office chair, the reviews above will help you to choose. All the above are the world’s best-selling ergonomic chairs. But, it is always good to choose one that fits your needs. For example, if you are short, you can choose one that has adjustable height. It will help you to adjust it to fit your size. Pick a chair that meets your needs from the above top five office chairs in 2016.

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Seven websites for freelance beginners

Amazing writing tools
Writing tools

Perhaps you are asking yourself, how do I find the best websites for freelance beginners? Actually, when you start off as a freelancer, the first thing you think of is having a lot of work to do. Yes! Many picture how they will be handling clients and all that kind of stuff. There are also others who get stuck on where to find freelance jobs as a beginner. There are lots of websites where freelancers can find work to do. Let’s look at some of them below.

1. Contentmart

The website is one of the top Indian bidding sites where you can find work. The best thing about this website is that it is not as populated as the others. This means if you are sharp, it is easy to penetrate.


2. iwriter

I know you must have heard about this website. This site, unlike others, it is easy to navigate. Its registration process is not as hard as that of other websites. You only need to register and do a test. I f you pass, you have access to jobs. But there are fewer jobs when at lower levels. The website has the option of registering as a client as well.

3. Writelearnearn (WLE)

This is another website for freelance beginners but many find it hard to penetrate. But it is good for starters. Their editors are strict and to have your article approved that means you are a good writer. It offers a platform for freelancers to sell their pieces. You can get paid a lot depending on the quality of the article. I have sold many of my articles, and I can thus recommend it to any beginner. (This site has since been closed down)

4. Dotwriter

I haven’t sold any article on this website. But I can tell you it is another fantastic platform to gain experience as a starter. They have strict editorial guidelines. This means you must have excellent writing skills to have your article approved. I have some articles in the market on this website, though.

5. Peopleperhour

Buy this guide for this website on Amazon

This website is a bidding site. The registration process is a bit strict than the above. You need to upload a copy of your utility bill for proof of identity. Once you pass the registration process, you have access to jobs. I have tried it, but I’m yet to succeed. Some of my friends found their clients through Peopleperhour website and they say it is among the best websites for freelance beginners.

6. Upwork

Upwork is another successful bidding website. The registration process is somehow restricting to freelancers from some countries. But if you follow the guidelines your profile gets accepted. For many freelancers out there, this is the best online job platform they have ever come across. Jobs here are plenty, and it is how you bid that determines your career success.

7. Truelancer

This is another Indian bidding website. I’m not aware if the site changed the registration guidelines since my registration. But their registration process is easy. Once you register and your details are verified, you get access to all jobs.

Many requesters and freelancers are Indians. So if you are joining the websites from a different country, it is a big plus for you. It is an excellent platform for Truelancer who wants to achieve his dreams.

Just like all other markets, there are scammers in freelancing. It is thus good to be careful and avoid greediness.  It can help evade such situations of getting conned several dollars. These are just a few of the websites for freelance beginners.

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A Mother, My Best Profession

Being a mother can be challenging if it comes earlier than expected. Everybody starts from the nursery when it comes to motherhood and learns through the stages of her child’s life. It is this period when the bond between a mother a child is being made active by day. In fact, this is the happiest moments a woman can ever experience.

Watching the child grow by day is not funny but interesting. It is hard for a reasonable person not to trust another based on the conduct of the individual, but this is not for a child to her mother.

Mother Claudia, a mother of two, watched her first child grow from a baby to a girl and what was interesting in this period was the trust of her baby, Cecil. “Baby Cecil could stand on top of my palm without fear .”She says. At first, Claudia thought her baby was so courageous that she can do all that but no she was wrong!

Claudia later as the child grew, came to realize that her baby trusted her so much and that she was sure there was nothing that could happen to her. Children always know no mother can see her child suffer or go through pain while she is alive. Children always believe that mother is always and ever right.

Whatever a mother does in front of her son, whether bad or good, a child will always believe in it as the right thing. Parents should be careful with what they say and do in front of their children. They trust that their mothers can not mislead them.
The trust a child has for a mother is ever high, and it should not be in any way destroyed. You can check this to know more about communication

A good mother should always tell her child that there is somebody that can be trusted even more than her, God. That way, a child will always know that even if the mother fails, God will never fail.

Back to Claudia again! The first child in a family can be challenging to care for, and this is what happened to Claudia. Every morning she dressed up to go to the office, baby Cecil cried out loud prompting her to find an excuse for her boss which later led to her resignation. She did this for the love of her child, a child she could no bear to see her hurt.

The love of a mother to a child is everlasting. A mother feels happy when a child is happy and everything she does, is the proper will of a child. Many are the sacrifices mother make for love of their children, but there are much more, and some are not known. Tell your child God loves her more than you do so that any time you beat her she will remember that there is somebody else on her side above you.

Do not over shower your child with love but just make her feel that you are his mother, and you love her more than anything in the world all you want is to see her grow morally upright.

Finally, being a mother is not all about the trust and love for the two of you and being called mommy, but it’s about what you train your child to be in life, the outcome of her conduct.

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