How to write plagiarism free content

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How to write plagiarism free content
How to write plagiarism free content

How to write plagiarism free content is a challenge to almost everyone. Sometimes writing can be exciting but not for everyone. For others their essay can be entirely plagiarized just because of them, writing is a complicated process. Well, you are probably reading this post because you just want to avoid plagiarism in your academic paper or that article for your client.

Don’t get embarrassed again! We, therefore, went ahead and asked Greg Prescott from Prescott Papers and this is what he had to say on how to write plagiarism free content.

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Use Google to find synonyms

For you to write free plagiarism content, you must make Google your best friend. I’m pretty sure you know what synonyms are, right? They are different words but with the same meaning. This helps avoid using the exact words used by a different person on an academic paper. Another option apart from Google is using Microsoft word to find synonyms as you write. It will make your content original. Don’t forget that this altering the content is important in avoiding duplicated essay.

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Use plagiarism checkers

Ever heard of plagiarism detection tools? The availability of these tools has made duplicity checking easier than never before. Many freelance sites and freelancers choose to trust these tools to a certain extent so as to make sure their article is not duplicated. However, some of them come at the price while there are those that are free such as Dupli checker, Dustball, and PlagTracker.

Your only task when using these checkers is to write your essay on Microsoft Word, copy it and then paste the content into the checker to reduce the plagiarism level. It does not matter how you access the tools, what is important is that they are the best to use.

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Use punctuation correctly

Not everyone is aware of the punctuation rules. Many at times people tend to assume that everything on the internet is properly punctuated. What they are not aware of is that there is a lot of incorrectly punctuated content online that should be taken advantage of to have plagiarism free academic papers or articles. It is, therefore, important to get to know the punctuation rules if you want to bit plagiarism this year. Avoid those embarrassing situations with this regulation.

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Converts digits

There are situations where you will have content to rewrite. What do you do? You can make this one also to be unique and original than ever. It is just easy; where there are digits write them into words, and where there are words write them into digits. For example,

He killed those six men.

You can write;

He killed those 6 men.

You will find that all in all this conversion makes sense. I’m not implying you write every digit into words, but you can do on the ones that you see it is necessary.

How to write plagiarism free content: Change adjectives

This is what you should know when it comes to how to write plagiarism free content. To write that unique content, you will not only use a synonym, but you will have to modify adjectives. Exclusive content means doing everything you can to avoid duplicity. If you don’t know about this, let me give you an example;

I find football a fascinating sport.

You write;

I find football an interesting sport.

It does look different, right?

Use Brackets

Some people consider the use of brackets as a complicated thing. But these brackets and symbols can as well help you to have unique content for free. Let assume you have three words that you have difficulty rewriting, adding a symbol or bracket is the easiest thing you can do to make the sentence unique. And that is how to write plagiarism free content that everyone enjoys reading.


If you have been struggling writing individual articles, I bet now you have the idea on how those other gurus go about this. You don’t want your clients to stop trusting you, right? Then avoid plagiarism like a disease using this easy tip. Plagiarized content kills your reputation online. If you can’t write unique content, you can hire Fiverr plagiarism writers.

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