Things to know before buying courses

Things to know before buying courses

Last Updated on March 12, 2020 by Ludiah

Buying courses
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Buying courses have become popular these days. Every time you want to learn something new, you either head over to Udemy or any other course selling platform that you know. As you might have noticed, most of these courses are not expensive. But you do not want to purchase an e-course that will not benefit you. Even if the course goes for a $ ensure you know these things before you make payment.

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Things to know before buying courses

Do you have enough time?

Even if this is not a one on one training, you still need to have adequate time to go through the course. If you aren’t careful with time, you will realize that the access period has elapsed and you have learned a thing. If t is an issue, inform the tutor or have a schedule beforehand. Other e-courses give you unlimited access to the even after you complete the course study period.

Before you invest in any course, ensure you know the amount of time you need to complete it. Ensure time is also on your side. If you don’t have time, buying the e-course is useless. Not only will you feel you wasted the cash, but the creator will also feel like he conned you.

e-Course benefits

Ask yourself, will I gain anything from the course? Just by enrolling it doesn’t mean you will benefit from the

Buying courses

course. There is more to it than buying the content. Most people fall into the trap of buying courses because someone praised it. Well, do not be one of these people. Only purchase a course you think will benefit you or

you will be an unsatisfied client.

Most people feel unsatisfied with the products they purchase because they fail to realize how they will benefit from the start of it all. Before you invest in any e-course, identify what and how you will gain.

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You will put in more effort

Just because the course has the content you need, it doesn’t mean you will not do additional research on some issues. If you are not ready to put more effort into this, then don’t waste your time. My high school teacher used to say his work is to give us 25% and 75% is for us. I believe that is the same case with courses. The tutor gives you content on what you didn’t know and opens the forum for you to dig deep even better than him.

I’m not defending any e-course here. But what I’m saying is that for you to benefit from the course you just bought, you need to invest more effort and time. The course will not profit you because you purchased the content but because you will implement what you learned.

Cost of buying courses

I agree you have the time and you are willing to put your effort to ensure you benefit from the course but can you afford it? There are several course creators; perhaps you should check other sites to see how much the same course costs. Even if it is expensive, ask yourself, is the course worth the price? Most creators offer an overview of their curriculum. If it is expensive for you, that is not for you. Spend your money on something else.

Things you will learn

This is the first question that you should ask the creator of the course. Is there something new in the course? What is new for you may not be new for your friend. Before you buy the course, first, find out if the e-course is going to teach you something new. If you want to learn about social media management, you need to be sure that you are not going to purchase a course only to learn what you already know. It is obvious you are buying courses because you want to- learn something new. In that case, do your research about the course you are about to spend money on.

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Most of the time, before I buy anything, I check their site to see the customer feedback. If 75% is negative, then that means the products are not good. That is the same thing with the courses. Even if the creator of the course will not publish any negative reviews, you will find them on the internet. You might find them on their social media accounts. And if you know someone who purchased the content, ask them privately to find out what you should expect. Some people will give you their honest feedback when you contact them confidentially. If the course is new, find out if you are the first person to purchase it.


Buying courses is not a guarantee you will benefit from it. It all depends on you. It is useless to purchase the learning content and never try to implement whatever you learn. If you cannot apply what you learned in the course, you are wasting your money purchasing it.