Best books every freelancer should read this year

Freelancing is like any job and requires you to have patience. But there are books that every freelancer should read to get inspiration. I mean, we all have our ups and downs, moments that we feel we need someone to inspire us. During that time you should read these books to get motivation. Additionally, reading books is a great way to get some new ideas while getting the feeling of pressing on to achieve your goal. Sounds good, right? Let’s check out some of these books every freelancer should read this year.



Books every freelancer should read
Books every freelancer should read



Books every freelancer should read

1. Internet Marketing by Jon Leland

I used to think freelancing is only about writing. But I was wrong. There are many things you can do online including internet marketing. This book by Jon Leland is one of the best books every freelancer should read to get some tips on internet marketing. This book shares eight internet marketing concepts you should know. The 85 pages book gives you simple and easily understandable ideas. If you are questioning where to begin and where to get the ideas this book is for you. This internet marketing book is not only for newbies but for everyone who wants to succeed in internet marketing. It is very inspiring especially when Leland talks about building reliable, sustainable virtual relations.

2. Think And Grow Rich by  Napoleon Hill

This is also among the good books every freelancer should read. We all have our reasons why we are in business or doing what we do year in year out. Perhaps you want to be the richest person in your area or the entire world and don’t know how to go about it. You can easily relate to this book since it was written during the Great Depression. The book Think And Grow Rich helps you understand that; to be a successful individual, you need to set your goals and pursue them. Learn about the success stories of the famous people and get inspired to get what you want. As a freelancer, you need this book to beat all the freelancing challenges that come between you and your success.

3.Richest Man in Babylon: Books every freelancer should read

You don’t want to miss reading this book if you want to know how to manage your finances. It can be hard to manage finances for your freelance business especially when they come from every side. Even if you don’t have difficulties managing your finances, this book has more ideas that you might not have. Just as the title implies, you also can be that richest man if you manage your finances properly.  The Richest Man in Babylon is an exceptional book by George Samuel Clason. The author shares some personal wealth secrets by use of parables from the old Babylon.

My take: #Books every freelancer must read

One thing I admire about this writing is that you should invest in that business that you understand best. The Richest Man in Babylon takes you back to the years and helps connect the two. Are you freelancing for money or you love and know this business? From time management to managing finances, every business person ought to focus and stick to his schedule. Although it was written in the 1920s, you can apply it in today’s world.

4. How to Win Friends and Influence People

This writing is one of the best books every freelancer should read. We are in a world of social media, and the internet seems to take over everything from communication to marketing. We all want to be associated with the online influencers even on our blog posts. Some people make friends by manipulating them, but this book teaches you how to make friends without manipulating or making them feel so. If you are that freelancer who doesn’t know how to deal with people, this book is for you. In freelancing, we meet all sorts of people some are rude and others polite. You need this book to handle all kinds of individuals.

 Why I love about this book: #Books every freelancer must read

The book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, will help you make clients feel they are as important to you as the cash they pay for the services you provide. We like pointing fingers at others. After reading this book, you will understand that it is imperative to discuss your shortcomings before you discuss that of the other person. It is a great book to read.

5. The Power of Broke

If you have read the power of love, then you understand what that power can do. Daymond John’s book is an exceptional and inspiring one that you should read. When I was young, I used to think everything was bought; from kids to food. I proved the idea wrong as I grew. This book demonstrates the same. Even you had all the money in the world; you cant buy everything. Not strength, not power. Daymond describes the power of broke as a mindset.

What makes the difference? #Books every freelancer should read

If you thought the money you have is all that can make a difference, you are wrong. The money you need is what can make a difference. Daymond says that the power of broke is that one reason that keeps you going. I think you and I have faced or are in this situation. Whether it is your child or it is the goals you are targeting, that is the power of broke. This power exists in everyone. This book will help you see what makes a difference in your life.

6. The Power to Get Things Done

The power in us can do or make us do many things. Whether it is the power of love or the power of broke, something always comes out of it. This book by Chris Cooper and Steve Levinson shares some tips you can easily implement to do what needs to be done. Being a freelancer can be hectic since you are the marketer, the boss, the supervisor and everything. Sometimes you find out you want to do something but don’t know what is preventing you from achieving the goals. Well, you need this book to get the inspiration.

What stops you?

The Power to Get Things Done is one of the books freelancers should be reading. It shares strategies that help you understand how you can prioritize your tasks and have a prosperous day while achieving your set goals. Life can be rough at times, but there are things we can’t avoid doing. Read this book to learn how to make things happen even when you don’t want to, and they seem too hard.

7.The Freelancer’s Bible

I know these days people have Bible apps and it is hard to find one person with the Black Book. There is always a starting time for everything. Being a freelance newbie can be hectic. You need this book to understand this freelancing world. This book will help you get advice on how to go about doing freelance. When it comes to working from home, learning never ends. Different clients have different needs. If you are just starting out, this is one of the books every freelancer should be reading, and you should ensure you get it.

Our verdict

The list of the books freelancers should be reading is endless. This only means that you keep on reading and reading to learn new ways to do things and implement them. Nothing is hard after all we all have that one thing that motivates us to do what we do. Do research and find out which books freelancers should be reading.





Ways freelancers can keep warm in winter

Working from home can be exciting but how do you keep warm in winter? Staying warm in winter is one of the things that worry most freelancers. If you work from home, don’t let the cold months come between you and your clients. Though you can’t ignore the cold season, you can still work and complete your projects successfully. There are several ways you can stay warm in winter, and we have covered some of them below. Check out.

Keep warm in winter

Use infrared heaters

The winter season can be hard to deal with especially for freelancers. Use of infrared heaters is one of the most recent technologies you can use to heat up your room. I know many freelancers would prefer using the traditional radiator method to infrared heaters. Using heaters is one of the safest and cost-effective alternatives. One thing you will like about infrared heating is that it provides warmth to the body rather than heating up the area air. The infrared heater warms up your body or the furniture thereby ensuring an even spread of heat all over the room. They are also easy to install.

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Wear socks to keep warm in winter

What crosses your mind when someone tells you to wear socks? If you are like me, it is possible that you remember your high school days. Also, if you have been wearing socks just to protect your legs, you now have more reasons to wear winter or thermal socks. Wearing thermal socks can help provide insulation and thus keeping you warm as you work. However, not every type of socks is suitable for winter.

For example, cotton socks are not ideal for the winter season is that their insulation value is little and they take up and hold wetness. The best socks you can wear are the ones made of Iso Wool, wool, fleece and shearling. This is because they do not lose their insulation value even with excessive foot perspiration.

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Move to the kitchen to keep warm

This is why it is not good to surprise a freelancer because we work from anywhere and anytime. You can keep warm in winter by moving to the kitchen. This means making the kitchen your office. This is because the kitchen is easier to warm up than your sitting room. You can even turn on the gas burners for a moment to warm it fast. This especially can be easier if you use a laptop meaning you are mobile and do not have any difficulties moving with your machine.

Drink hot coffee to keep warm in winter

If you work while shivering, it is evident that you will not produce quality work. It is necessary that you take a cup of hot coffee as you work. This ensures that you are warm even as you go on with your tasks. Apart from drinking coffee to warm up yourself, it has several health benefits that will profit you. According to research, drinking coffee can help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes as well as improve your brain function. You will, therefore, stay not only warm but also healthy.

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Exercising to keep warm in winter

We all attribute exercising to weight loss. But if you thought exercise is meant for people who have certain ailments or conditions, you are wrong. Spending ten to fifteen minutes doing exercises can help to keep you warm. There are simple exercises that you can do in your house without having to out and can contribute to keeping you warm. If doing exercises in the house seems a bit hard, you can choose to go out and running within the compound. Another way to exercise is to spend a few minutes riding, that is, if you have the bike. When you feel too cold, you can dance a little bit to warm up yourself before you continue with work. Not only will you keep warm but also healthy.

Our verdict

There are several ways freelancers can keep warm in winter from using infrared heaters to exercising without having to stress themselves. Working from home means you are the boss. You decide how to work and since you don’t have to wear official, wearing heavy clothes can help to protect yourself from the cold. Did we forget anything? Please SHARE in the comments below.


Five Reasons To Have A Freelance Website

Freelance website
Pixabay Image

Doing freelance without a website is like staying in the dark and expecting to be noticed. That is one of the many reasons to have a freelance website. You may have come across some big names on different websites and in different sectors. Well, if you must know, they did not just wake up one morning to get their names up there. They had a plan in growing their businesses.

Freelancing is just like any other business where you as the owner, need to have a strategy. This is so you can have your name on the top of the world. That of course, is the quality of work that you provide to your clients. You also need to have a website as part of the strategy. Why? Below are some of the reasons why freelancers need personal websites.

For building a brand

You must have seen many people quitting their full-time jobs to do freelancing. But, what makes you different from every other freelancer who offers his services at the cost of $30 or $60 per hour? Every successful product in the market today has a brand. What is your brand? What is your face? Having a website is the only way you can stand out from others. A website is the best place for your clients to see what you can do. It is a better place to showcase your capabilities. Some client might not take you seriously if you don’t have one. This is also among the reasons to have a freelance website.

Feedback and queries

To be successful, you need to accept feedback whether negative or positive. But where will you get this if you do not have a website? Your website is the best platform for your target audience to share their views and thus helping you to grow. It also provides the easiest way for your audience to access you with their queries.

People get to know you better

You don’t like speaking to strangers, right? That is the case with everybody else in this field. People hire services from people they know better and can trust. This can be an excellent approach for you to earn the trust of the online world. You can share the positive feedback on your site as well as the testimonials the happy clients leave for you.

Buy from Amazon
A way to get direct clients

You may enjoy the privilege of getting customers on sites such as People Per Hour, but that is not enough. A website can help you to get high-paying clients. They just request to have your services, and this gives you the privilege to ask for higher rates. Remember you are your boss, and this is a way to help you grow.

Earn more from your website

There are lots of opportunities online. Once you earn the trust of people, you will see more opportunities coming your way. It is time to make money and diversify. Learn new things every day. A website that attracts more traffic daily is a great source of income. Your website visitors or just readers of your blog can turn into long-time clients.

If you haven’t gotten any reasons to have a freelance website, then I don’t know what else could convince you. There are many other grounds for you to have a website. All you need is just to pick your examples from the successful companies or freelancers. They did something to get where they are. Focused freelancers not only earn, but they work towards their success

Best ratchet wrench set you should buy in 2017

Best ratchet wrench
Ratchet wrench

Are you looking for the best ratchet wrench? You have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to look at the best ratchet wrench that will make your work easier. We are aware that choosing one from the market is not easy and that is why we went ahead to write a review on this essential mechanic tool.


20-Piece Ratcheting Wrench Set by GearWrench

This is one good ratchet wrench set that you will without any doubt like. It features a slim thick head rod that makes access to bolts even the tight spaces.

This powerful set lets you work with both Society of Automotive Engineers metric and standard measurements. This means you will not have to purchase another set with different standards you have size standards in one set.

The 20 vital wrenches only need a small sway bend to tauten fasteners. This makes it easier for you while working as you apply less force but more work.

One thing you will love about this 20 piece ratcheting wrench set is that it is durable and of high quality. It gives you value for your money. It also comes with a surface drive box end that offers stronger holding on fasteners and almost avoids rounding.


Ratcheting Wrench Set Ratchet Wrenches – 22 by ToolGuards

Have you been looking for the best ratcheting wrench without finding one that matches your needs? The 22 piece ratcheting wrench set by ToolGuards might be what you are looking for. This 22 piece wrench set features 11 metric wrenches and 11 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) metric wrenches. The Vanadium steel 22 piece features a chrome finish that makes it durable. It is a great toolkit to have especially for emergencies.

The set comes with a tool roll that makes storage easy as it has every slot is marked with the size of the wrench. This ensures you store your tools neatly in a bag. You will without any doubt like this as it is strong and of great quality.



GearWrench 9312 13-Piece SAE Master Ratcheting Wrench Set

 This is another ratcheting wrench that I know you will love. If you are looking for a set that offers you a variety of tools, this set is what you have been missing. It features 13 different tools to ensure you have a better experience. The set features a polished chrome finish, wrench locker stand that helps to hold the wrenches in place. This makes transport and storage of wrenches easy.


AirCat’s 5100-A-T Stroke Low Vibration Composite Air Hammer

If you are looking to buy a ratchet wrench that will let you have a quiet time while working at home, AirCat’s wrench is your number one choice. It features an ergonomic handle grip made of complex material. It also has a chisel retainer that includes a quick change system. AirCat’s air hammer features low vibration and medium stroke. If you want a ratchet wrench you can use for both indoor and outdoor activities, you will not make a wrong choice by choosing this one. Its metal valve makes it stand out from the others with plastic.


Top Five Dresses You should buy in 2017

Pixabay image

Do you ever find it hard choosing a dress for an event? We will help you choose with these five dresses reviews so you can have a humble picking one. With these top five dress reviews, you will avoid more time wondering which one to wear. Check out!





Meikeer Women’s Vintage Black Polka Dot Collared Business Party Pencil Dress 


This is one dresses that you will surely like. Meikeer Women’s Vintage Black Polka dress has long sleeves and features a polka dot collar that gives it a unique look. The dress is made up of Spandex, Rayon, and Polyester. It features a decorative button-down and a slimming bodice with a belt. It has a hidden zip to center back making it an all occasions wear. If you are looking for a dress that is washable using cold water, then this is the one. If you need to iron it, low iron is recommended
Babyonline Women’s Polka Dots False Two Pieces Wear to Work A-line Party Dress

Babyonline Women’s Polka Dots Two Pieces dress is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Dress has easy caring since it is can be washed by hand and machine as well. The dress is suitable for wedding, evening party and business occasions. The dress comes with one belt. To avoid discoloration of the dress, it is important therefore to avoid exposure to the sun. When choosing this dress it is therefore important to go one size up if you are not sure of the size.

Miusol Women’s Vintage Floral Lace Contrast Bow Cocktail Evening Dress 


Miusol Women’s Vintage Floral Lace is 30% cotton and 70% nylon. It has a scoop neck, cap sleeve and comes with a belt to help in adjusting. If you are looking for a dress that does not require ironing, then this is your dress. The dress is for hand wash only and it is suitable for casual outdoor, photo shoot and wedding parties also. The dress’s colors are true to picture.

Missmay Women’s Vintage 1950s Style 3/4 Sleeve Black Lace Flare A-line Dress 

This is another of the best dresses that you will without a doubt like. Missmay Women’s Vintage dress is 32% Chinlon, 64% Cotton, and 4% Spandex. The dress has a zipper closure that gives it a unique look. The invisible buttons and the decorative waistband give it an elegant look that you will surely like. It is easy to care for since it is hand wash and at low temperatures. You will not make a wrong choice by choosing this dress since it is suitable for business events, evening parties and weddings as well.

Ever Pretty 3/4 Sleeve Ruched Waist Classy V-Neck Casual Cocktail Dress 03632

This is one of best dresses you can purchase for your loved one. It is 100% polyester and it is not padded as well. Ever Pretty ¾ sleeve dress has no lining and it’s high stretch. The dress is available in different colors and sizes as well. The sizes range from 6-18. It is made of a stretchy fabric but breathable to offer you comfort ability. It is a perfect dress for any occasion it does not need iron especially if you find an agent meeting or date.


Well, there you have it! Choosing dresses is that easy. If you have been wondering which dresses for women are great to wear to a meeting or party this season, then choose one from these top five dress reviews. You can be sure that these reviews will enable you to settle on the best dress with color of your choice for your upcoming event. If you need anything regarding women, then come back again and check for the top five reviews.

Best Mole Removal Technique You Should Know

Mole removal
Best mole removal ideas

I know you are eager to learn more about mole removal. If you don’t have a mole, do you know what a mole is? Continue reading below to find out what is a mole and how to remove one.

What is a mole?

This may not be the first time you hear about moles. You might have heard the same question in your chemistry class. But we are talking about the skin. Well, a mole is a growth on your skin. It can be black or brown and can appear in any area of your skin. Moles appearance can change. While some moles fade away with time, there are methods that you can you use to get rid of them. Below are some of the techniques you can use to remove moles.

Mole Removal Review

If you have a mole, then you might be wondering how to do away with it. But before we get into detail on the best mole removal creams, let’s find out why you should use them.

Reasons to use mole removal creams

  • We all love using a product that does not hurt or cause us to feel pain. The mole cream removers are such products. When you use creams to remove moles, you will not feel pain as compared to other removal techniques.
  • Another reason why you should use the cream removal technique is that there are no healing procedures. Unlike surgery, cream removal method does not include healing wounds.
  • Cream mole removers are simple to use. You don’t need someone or spend the entire day learning how to use the cream you bought. They are simple and you can apply them all alone.
  • Do you want to apply a method that helps to also remove skin tags? Then you have every reason to try out cream removers. You will not have to look for another remover for your facial moles.
  • You don’t want to apply a technique that will eventually fail. Removing moles using creams has been found to be successful and reliable.Using creams guarantees
  • Safety is all that we care about. Creams have been found to be safe and are considered a natural way to do away with moles because they do not cause scarring.

Having said that, we went ahead to review the best mole removal creams. Continue reading to see which one works for you.

Best mole removal cream

Our first technique of removing moles is using removal creams. This method has been found to be effective and achieves the desired results. Creams you can use in removal of moles are listed below.

Wart Mole Vanish by Pristine Herbal Touch

If you want to do away with moles, you may want to try Pristine Herbal Touch’s Wart mole vanish. Wart Mole Vanish is a one-time application that makes it ideal for people who are forgetful. You will not have to set a reminder for the application of the removal cream every day. Another thing that makes this product worthy of your consideration is that it does not contain  Zinc butter or Bloodroot; it is therefore safe. This product does not only remove moles, but it also removes genital warts, plantar foot warts, and mosaic warts. Wart Mole Vanish is easy to use, and this means you will not need someone to teach you and guide you. If you are looking for creams to remove moles, you will not make a wrong choice by picking Wart Mole Vanish.

Check Price

Dot mole removal pen

Removing moles using dot mole removal pen is the safest and quickest way. It is one way that helps you to remove moles without bleeding or side effects that are as a result of cosmetic. The dot mole removal pen is easy to use and easy to carry. It features a manual that helps you to know how to use it quickly. The device has five-speed adjustment power output for various treatment. The product also comes with one sterilization anti-inflammatory cream. This makes it efficient and reliable or anyone.

If you are worried about charging, this device is chargeable through a USB line. However, it is necessary that you use this mole remover pen with the help of a specialized doctor.

Check it here

For more mole removers, check here


Time management tips for freelancers

Time management tips
Writing to inspire

Time management is one of the biggest predicaments many freelancers face.  Whether you are just starting off your freelance career or have been doing it for some years, proper time management is imperative. A few years ago, the only way you could make a living was through a 9-5 job. But the growing freelance economy has changed everything, and you can now work from the comfort of your home. This means you are the boss; you manage your job and yourself. Managing your schedule efficiently can increase your efficiency, income, and reduce stress associated with late submissions.

Several marketplaces offer platforms for freelancers to connect with employers from across the world. But you need good time management skills for everything to work well for you. In the article below, we are about to share some time management tips that will help you become a better freelancer.

Time Management tips

Have a schedule

The best way to meet deadlines is to make a program. If you are handling several projects, ensure you have a plan in place that helps track the time limits. Additionally, set specific deadlines for each step in every project. This will contribute to avoiding rushing to complete projects at once when you realize time is not on your side. Having a schedule is another way avoiding being stress with what you should do for an individual project and when. Several apps can help in scheduling.

Avoid distractions

This is the most time waster for freelancers, especially me. I can’t log out of my email when working because I have to communicate with some clients. Though it is a good way to keep in touch with customers in every step of the project, distractions can come in between. Distractions are not caused by emails alone, but also by platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, to name but a few. Avoid working while you are into this platforms unless you have a good reason to remain logged in.  Since you are working from distractions are many from people to your kids. Set specific times for checking emails or attending to children or responding to Facebook messages. If you are keen enough, you will understand that you waste a lot of time reading and responding to messages.

Treat freelance like 9-5 job

When I started my freelance career, I used to be influenced by clients. I remember one time a customer pressured me until I left the church to go and handle his project. Explain to your clients how you work. Let the clients know that even if you are working from home, this is a job like any other office work. When it is time for a trip, let it be. Otherwise, you will end up a working machine. Remember the sweetness of freelancing, is the freedom that comes with it.

Be organised

If you want to waste time when you have an urgent project, then don’t be organized. Being unorganized means, you are a poor time manager. Avoid wasting time searching for files by organizing and labeling them to make it easier to find when you need them. Just know where your notebook is, the records for the marketing project and so on. If you do this, you will not spend even a single minute searching for your documents. Working in a messy surrounding has been found to reduce productivity.

Set reasonable deadlines

It is easy to set unachievable deadlines because you want to win the client. But hey! Don’t pressure yourself. A client will always hire you if your work is impressive. Setting unrealistic deadlines means low quality work, no mental break, and most of all you might lose the client. Yes, you heard me right. You can lose the customer if you submit poor quality work.  You need a mental break from your job. Therefore, set deadlines that give you a break between projects.

Bottom line

I hope after reading this, you will practice proper time management habits that will help you to be productive while focusing on projects. Need something else or have any tip we didn’t include? Please SHARE in the comments section below.

Why dating a freelancer is harder than giving birth

Top rated
Pixabay Image

Are you dating a freelancer? Or are you having a freelancer as a spouse? This can be one of the hardest things to do or situations to go through. If there is one relationship that you will hate to love, it is dating a freelancer. I know you are now thinking the worst about me. But that is right. If you are not married and working online, I’m sure you can attest to this. It is not easy to date someone who works from home and barely has some time for you. If you are planning to date one, here is why you will find it harder than giving birth.

He is too busy

A freelancer is ever working; Yes you heard me right. He is either searching for clients or busy working on the current projects. If you thought it’s only people who work 9-5 who are always busy, you are wrong. There isn’t a time that you will find a freelancer idle. This makes it harder to even have a little time to go out on a date.

You can’t surprise a freelancer

We all love surprises, and we often surprise our loved ones with little gifts. If you are dating a freelancer, don’t ever try that. Instead, you will be the one to be surprised. You might go in and find your fiancee working in pajamas.

Your fiancee freelancer may not respond to your messages

You are used to sending messages and getting replies almost instantly, right? In the freelance world, it is different. Your friend might not respond to your calls and messages that you send. In fact, most of the responses are automated. You won’t like it if you get automated responses throughout the day and an apology at midnight.

He won’t commend your good looks

You went to visit your boyfriend today and expected him to say, “you look fabulous.”You will be shocked to learn that he won’t even look at you. Maybe because you arrived at the time, he was just doing a rush job or having little issues with his computer. Well, that is how we work. We sometimes fail to notice some things around us.

Your wedding day might be rescheduled

A freelancer doesn’t work as a 9-5 employee because he is the boss of his job. But don’t be surprised if he invites you for dinner but ends up leaving you at the restaurant just five minutes after arrival.  Not only that, he might reschedule the wedding day several times because he has an urgent project he must complete and beat the deadline.

Night is not always a time for sleep

Are you used to sleeping at night?Dating a freelancer may not be easier for you. We all know that night is time for rest. But that is different with freelancers. He might be working at night because that is the most productive time for him and sleeps during the day.

Your sweet stories may be a total waste

So you went out with your friend the other day and realized he wasn’t paying attention to your stories. Don’t blame him. That is what makes a freelancer complete. He is always thinking about work. He walks around with his laptop and can start working even when you are in the middle of an important discussion.

If you had any intentions of dating a freelancer, you now know that it isn’t an easy task. It is even harder than giving birth. But if you think you can be what your fiancee is, then go ahead.

Did you find this article controversial? Please SHARE your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, remember to share with your friends on Facebook.


Excellent writing tools for content writers

Amazing writing tools
Writing tools

Using excellent writing tools is the first step to writing awesome content. They help you write content that will have your readers coming back. You need writing tools that will help you to remain focused when writing. Get tools that will help you to write plagiarism free and top notch content. If you make use of only the best tools, you can write amazing content and impress your readers. Some of these tools are sometimes free, and others are premium. It all depends on the use and where you are using them. Here are some of the eight amazing writing tools every content writer must have. But let’s focus on title writing tools.

Content title writing tools

Headline analyzer

Writing tool number one on our list is the headline analyzer. Use this tool if you need to write a catchy title for your blog that will attract more visitors to your site. You need to type your proposed title, and headline analyzer by CoSchedule will check it. It will, in turn, give you the score based on the use of the common word length and characters.

Writing tools like this one make it easier for you to write a title that is not long or short. It also assists you to pick a unique title as well as write unique content.

Content idea generator by portent

Writing tools number two on our title section is; content idea generator by portent. If you are stuck or don’t know which is the best topic for your content, then this idea generator will offer help. Type the subject of your content into the search box then enter. The idea generator will give you a suggestion and advice on how to go about it. This will assist you to figure out how to write your content. This tool is one of the best title writing tools I have come to love.

Topic generator by Hubspot

You will love this tool by Hubspot. They say time is money and some of us spend more time searching for the best title for their article. I found this blog topic generator by Hubspot awesome, and I will not have a hard time searching for my next topic. Enter the keywords, nouns, in the search box and click give me blog topics. The theme generator will give you some headlines to choose from.

Style and grammar writing tools

After you have your unique title, you will need to write content using the acceptable style. Let’s check out these tools.


Writing a blog post with grammatical errors is possible. You, thus, need a tool that can get rid of the grammar errors. Grammarly is one the best tools that every blogger should have. It offers several benefits. It checks the spelling errors, style, grammar, and also plagiarism. You can’t miss this excellent tool for freelancers. Grammarly makes sure you have everything in one place. If you need to have plagiarism free content, then this is your number one choice. Avoid those embarrassments and check your blog post before submitting.

You can write your content offline and paste it on Grammarly to check errors. It is worth mentioning that using this tool needs a constant internet connection.

Check this awesome tool


This is another fantastic tool for content writers. If you are that writer who creates content with reading difficulty, this tool is for you. The app checks the readability level of your article, use of adverbs, and passive voice. It helps you create content that is easy to read and also one with short sentences. Hemingway app assists you to avoid excessive use of adverbs and passive voice in your blog post.

With Hemingway, you can choose to write offline and paste into the app for editing, or you can write while checking.

Plagiarism checkers

Every writer wants to have unique content that readers will enjoy reading. Every writer needs to have plagiarism checking tools. This is to ensure none of your content is like your competitors. But, having plagiarism checking tools does not mean failing to write unique content. Let’s look at some of them below.

Plagiarism detect

Plagiarism is an offense in the academic world, but it is also worse when it comes to blogging. Avoid these mistakes that will have you in trouble with search engines like Google. Use Plagiarism detect and have extra ordinary content for your site. Use this plagiarism checking tool to find out if your content is original. When it comes to penalization, it doesn’t matter if you had intentions of doing so or not. So be careful!

Dupli checker

This is a free tool that will check your article if it’s original or not. You can either copy and paste your written content and or upload it for checking. It is the easiest tool to use if you are a beginner.


This is favorite plagiarism checking tool for most freelancers. To use its functions, you will have to go premium. It lets you check for duplicate content in your article. I love this tool. It helps you create banners on your site that warn others against stealing your content.


There are more tools that you can use to create content. With such tools, you can have exceptional content that will also drive traffic to your site. But, you will also have to be creative. This is to ensure you come up with something that will have your readers glued to your blog.

How to be top rated on Upwork

Top rated on Upwork
Get top rated on Upwork

To be top rated on Upwork feels great. But do you know how long and what it takes to become one? Well, relax! I’m here to help you out. If you are struggling to get on the top of other freelancers across the world, I have a secret to share with you.

I recently became one of the freelancers top rated on Upwork, and I can’t express how I feel. You can’t imagine getting what you have been yearning to have for several months. If you can envision that feeling, then that is what I feel right now. I always admired the top-rated profiles and wondered when Will have that badge on my profile as well. At last, I made it, and I am here to share my experience with you.


Want to be top rated on Upwork? Be patient

To be top rated on Upwork, you must exercise patience. They say patience pays. Yes, I can attest to that. To be victorious in any profession, you must have patience otherwise you might die a failure. When I say patience, I mean it. You can’t work with two clients and quit because your job success didn’t shoot up or you didn’t get top rated. Successful freelancers exercise patience even with the bad customers. I agree some clients are nothing but a headache. But will you handle them unprofessional and get a negative review on something you could have solved amicably? Don’t just quit because of one negative review.

There are times when you might not get hired. You submit proposals, and all you see is interviewing six, and the client ends up not hiring anyone. Here is what happened to me; I submitted several proposals, and in all of them, the clients didn’t hire. But this did not keep me off the platform. And on another scenario, I submitted like five proposals, and all I saw was the client is still interviewing two or four

It isn’t an overnight journey

To be to be rated on Upwork doesn’t mean waking up one morning and saying, “oh yes I want the badge.” It takes some time. While it took me one year and two months to get the badge for the top rated freelancer, it may take you less or more months. Many freelancers spend several years to get top-rated while others spend less than a year. What is the secret? It all depends on you and not the site.

Be active on Upwork

If you want to be top rated on Upwork, then you need to be active by submitting proposals and keeping the clients you have. If you don’t have one, watch out for jobs that match your skills and submit proposals. You must as well have earned and accepted an invitation in the past 90 days. Upwork also considers the freelancer’s activity on the site when giving their rating. You can’t expect to get the top rated badge when you only visit the site after several two or three months.

Meet Upwork considerations

  • Upwork considers client satisfaction as one of the aspects of rating a freelancer. To be successful on Upwork you have to provide quality work to your customers. Do the job as if it was yours. A satisfied client means more customers are coming to you and more earnings. Satisfaction is not only for getting on top of other Upwork freelancers, but it also means a thriving freelance business. When clients leave positive reviews on your site, you edge closer to your badge.
  • Freelance earnings: Your Upwork earnings are another aspect of getting the top rated badge. I didn’t know about earnings until I got top-rated. Upwork states that you must have earned at least $1000 to be ranked as a top freelancer. Does this mean working day and night? Know it doesn’t. If you get high-paying clients, you might achieve this in just a few months.
  • Profile completeness: This is another headache for upcoming freelancers. They find it hard to have a 100% complete profile. However, those who registered when it was Elance, are okay if the profile is 90% complete.
  • Job success score: If you didn’t know, your job success score determines your rating. In this case, Upwork requires you to have a job success score equal to or higher than 90%. Or you should maintain a rising talent status for 13 weeks or more.

Bottom line

Getting top rated on Upwork is not a nightmare as we often regard it but rather an easy task if you take the above points into consideration. Once you are top rated, you get more benefits that boost your freelance business.

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Freelance scammers: How do you spot them?

Freelance scammers are among the many reasons why freelancers choose to work on platforms like Truelancer and Upwork. Although these sites charge some fee which sometimes may be higher, they are safer than choosing to work with someone directly.

If you have been working online, then you probably know what it means to spend hours transcribing or writing and not get paid. If you are thinking these are just myths; you will be surprised to be conned several dollars online because you weren’t keen. And if you are new to this online world, then here is how to spot freelance scammers.

How do freelance scammers look like?
This is the same question I used to ask when I was just a newbie. But ask yourself, can you describe how a thief looks like? Of course no! That is the same case here. Until you get to know someone is a thief that is when you can describe. In freelance also, it is until you are conned several dollars, that is when you begin noticing the difference.

Freelance scammers offer abnormal rates
When it comes to rates, these scammers know how to play their cards. They offer you abnormal rates. Their prices are tempting that you can’t even resist. For example, you will propose a rate of $10/hr, and he will offer you double of that.  Here is what happened to me.
Well, when the deal is so good, think twice.

Freelance scammers do not communicate
Communication is essential on any platform. If you have a client who gives work and disappears into thin air without notification or prior notice, then think twice. You will know a customer is a scammer if he offers you with work, then tells you to send through email after finishing and that marks the end of his communication. When you come across such client, just keep off.

Need you to buy something in return
You will spot freelance scammers by their conditions. They want you to purchase something like equipment or software so as to start working for them. They regard hiring you as a favor. If this client is a company, then it should have the necessary working equipment or software, and you shouldn’t be the one purchasing it.

Read this writer’s guide to learn more.

Let’s work directly
Online scammers do not want to work on any site. The moment they interview you either on Peopleperhour or Upwork, their first suggestion is to work directly with you. It doesn’t mean that everybody who wants to work directly is a scammer, but it is good to be cautious. When such a client request to move out of the freelancing site, you need to check his history to determine if he can be reliable. If he doesn’t have a client history, he might be one of the scammers.

Doesn’t want to pay upfront
When it comes to upfront payment, such customers are not willing to do so or discuss the payment method. If you are not working with a client on a reliable website, then upfront payment is your protection.

Our final word
The list on how to spot freelance scammers is endless, but you are the determinant.  Remember as technology continues to evolve, they tool continue to improvise new ways to trap you.