Landing page copy mistakes you should avoid

Creating a landing page copy that converts is not a joke. This is the issue that many marketers are struggling with. They end up creating a copy that gives their visitors several options and therefore, they leave without doing anything. Among the lead generation tools, you should have as a marketer or blogger, is a converting standalone page. 

If your landing page is not converting, you probably made the following mistakes. Have a look at them and how to fix them. 

Not getting direct to the point

This is one of the mistakes that you can make on your standalone page. Since you have a specific objective in mind, there is no need of taking your visitor rounds. Your reader can only take seconds to make a decision. Get to the point right away and let the visitors know what solution you are offering them.

Every human hates being taken rounds and then not gain anything in return. Tell your visitors how they will benefit from whatever services or product you are offering them.  Put your message across in a compelling manner. Ensure you stick to the point in a way that no reader will resist taking action.

Placing the CTA button at the wrong place

Even if you know that people always scroll below to the end of the page, you should place your CTA in the right place. Just keep in mind that when people visit your page, they are looking for information. Obviously, they will not go past half of the page. Let’s be realistic here, do you usually read landing pages or you just skim? I’m sure you know the answer to this. And that is what many people do; skim.

This only means that you shouldn’t put your CTA after writing a long block. Make your block brief and it should not go below the fold.

Disregarding the concerns of your audience

Even if you have a converting page copy, there are some buyer concerns that you shouldn’t overlook. It is hard for anyone to trust a brand or business he has just come across. Most people want to know who has worked with this brand and how was the experience. Some of the things buyers would be concerned to know about include:

  • Moneyback guarantee
  • Security and privacy
  • How to get in touch

These are some of the things that visitors are always concerned and want clarification before they buy your services. To avoid keeping your potential clients away, ensure you share some testimonials, feedback from customers, and awards you have received.

For example, if you are a writer, you can have testimonials from clients on the landing page. Also, reviews from clients can help your visitors feel that they can trust your services or product.

Your CTA is weak

The main reason why you are creating a landing page is to generate leads. The strength of your call to action will determine if you will convert the visitor into a client or not. The idea here is to create CTAs that inspire action. Your colors and fonts need to be attractive in a manner that they catch the interest of the reader. The should have a message that makes the reader see the significance of taking the action. For example, if I want people to download my e-book on the benefits of exercising, my CTA button will have something like;

  • Yes, send me the ebook
  • Yes, I want to know the benefits

Let me try and make this clear. For example, let’s take submit as your call to action message. This shows you are not serious. Use strong words that inspire action.

Not adding social sharing buttons

Most people fail to recognize the power of social sharing buttons. If you are one of those people, you better start including them on the thank you page. Your potential customers may want to share a valuable message with friends and family. This is an added advantage to you if they share. So, why not include them

Conclusion on landing page mistakes

One thing I have come to learn is that there is no mistake that is hard to make. All mistakes happen when you least expect especially when you are not careful. Before you start creating your landing page, think of the purpose, the striking colors, fonts, as well as a strong CTA.

Interview questions to ask a social media manager

What comes to your mind when you think of a social media manager? Social media managers take responsibility for your online behavior on all platforms. They are responsible for creating engaging and useful content, responding to comments and messages. 

Social media manager
Hiring a social media manager


For many years after the launch of Facebook, business owners did not see the use to include it in their marketing plan. But that is not the case anymore. Social media marketing is now part of the strategies used by businesses to reach their target audience. And that is where social media managers come in.

They are usually hired under the marketing department. Most of them opt to work from home but this depends on the agreement with the business owner. Apart from being in charge of your company’s social media presence, a social media manager can carry out duties like email marketing, blogging, and visual designing. Nearly everybody uses social media and this can make it hard to choose the right candidate for your business. If you are not a fan of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter it can be even harder to pick.

What to look for when choosing a social media manager

Just because the role of your community manager is to create content, respond to messages and comments, it doesn’t mean you should hire anyone who is on Facebook or Twitter. Let me explain this clearly. Yes, I can have a thousand followers, but I only share obscene content. This might not be appealing to your audience. Your intention is to get followers who will eventually turn into clients. Second, not everyone can engage people in a professional manner. Are you ready to hire someone who doesn’t know how to respond to negative messages or comments? Of course not.

The right candidate for your job needs to have verifiable experience with online marketing campaigns. The person should have a deep knowledge of keyword research, SEO, and Google analytics. In fact, this person should be able to turn their imagination into useful tacts to sell your name. Got it?

Interview questions to ask a social media manager

Hiring a social media manager is challenging. It needs you to asses the resources that you have and adjust. As I mentioned earlier, it is a challenging process. I know this is not an easy task and that is why I’m sharing some of the questions you should ask the candidate. They will help you get someone who will help take your business to the next level.

What is one crucial thing you will be doing for my company?

This is one way of finding out if the candidate is aware of the main role. You should expect the candidate to talk about monitoring and listening to the fans within the social medium of the brand. The candidate should also state that regular engagement with followers and fans is part of the main thing any social media manager should do. The engagement tells the audience that the company or business is there and ready to listen to and answer all their queries.

Which channel would you recommend for us to use?

The response the candidate gives you will tell you how much knowledge and experience she has with social media platforms. It will also tell you if this candidate has conducted some research about your business or not. If he has done some research, this is a serious candidate who knows her job well. Furthermore, the response will tell you the general strategy he or she intends to use.

Have you managed any pages before?

This is a critical question you shouldn’t forget to ask. In any job interview, people share their past experience. It will also be good to know what the candidate has done before. What was her role? Don’t be excited if the candidate tells you he can only create pages or profiles. Some say they are social media managers because they can create profiles. Well, that task everyone can do. The right manager should have the capability to create unique content and engage with the audience. Make sure you pay close attention to the answer because might end up hiring a social media user and a nit a manager.

What tools do you use?

I once asked this question to a friend who was parading himself as a community manager and the answer I got will shock you. Do not expect the candidate to use the tools you use or know. Some may be using free tools. Just ask them to state why they love the tool and not the one you use. Who knows? You might end up liking their tool.

How do you handle negative messages or comments?

No matter what we do, there will always be haters or people to think negative about our project. Even if the social media manager has not encountered any experience of this kind before, he or she should at least demonstrate some ability to handle the situation properly and win the customer back. 

Is it okay to run a free contest on Facebook?

An expert social media manager should be acquainted with all the guidelines of every platform. For example, Facebook does not allow clickbait post which encourages sharing and liking of posts. Being aware of what Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram approves is important.


In an organization, this is a position that should be taken seriously and it should not be viewed as a junior position. A social media manager speaks on behalf of the company to the online community. In this regard choose someone who is a position to build the company reputation to the clients and other stakeholders. Hire someone who is creative and engaging.💕💕 

Eight ways to increase audience engagement on Twitter

Have you been struggling with increasing your audience engagement on Twitter? Twitter is one of the best platforms when it comes to connecting people, customers, and forming a solid clientele base in this technological era. Through Twitter, you can easily ask questions, share your thoughts on a particular issue, and attract potential clients.

Increase audience engagement on Twitter
Increase audience engagement on Twitter

It is good to note that you have to engage people on any social media platform. If not, there is no need to be there. Twitter has a set of rules that should be religiously followed. Here are some helpful tips and insightful tips that could help you get more engagement on Twitter.

Tweet during weekends and public holidays

If you wish to take a break on Twitter, then the weekends are not the best days to do so. This is occasioned by the fact that most people on weekends and public holidays are relaxing at home and have more time to be on twitter. I engagements are usually high during weekends and public holidays.  If you want the topic of the day to trend, tweet on weekends.

Number of tweets in a day

The number of tweets you send in a day will determine the level of engagement with the Twitter users. Always remember to change the content in a day since posting many twitters with same content may result in people lacking interest in your twitters and hence leading to poor engagement. I am of the school of thought that believes that the more you tweet, the more the participation because if you tweet less most people might not come across your tweet. To play it safe it would be best to tweet around four to five times in a day and monitor how they perform before increasing or reducing the number of times you tweet in a day.

Include links to increase audience engagement

When tweeting it is worth noting that you can include links in your tweets to keep the audience more engaged. Tweets with links have higher or increased viewership. Do you want to increase audience engagement on Twitter? Ensure to include links to some informative content that can help solve the problems your audience is facing. It makes the bond between you and your target audience strong. The best way to know what to include in your tweets is to check the profiles of your followers. It will help you know what they are struggling with so you can create content to solve it. 

Tweet during the day

According to a research conducted recently, Twitter users are mostly active at during the day between 10.00 a.m – 1.00p.m. This is the time most people have settled in their offices or work, and they have set the ball rolling for the day. Tweeting during the day also may vary, depending on your target audience and what time they are likely to be active on Twitter.

In short, this means that you have to adjust your timing depending on your target audience. For instance, if you are targeting students in higher learning institutions, they will be mostly found on twitter after the mid-morning break and lunch breaks which falls between the 10-1.00 p.m. Based on your target group and their location, it is good to keep in mind the different time zones in the world and tweet accordingly.

Eye-catching #hashtags and generate human-related tweets

As a social media specialist always endeavor to be humorous so you can increase audience engagement on Twitter. Make the tweets so compelling and attractive. It makes people reading your tweets retweet automatically without you requesting them to retweet back. It is always prudent to respond when someone tweets or responds to your tweet.

Be realistic and authentic

When tweeting. do not post information that you are not aware of their origin or unable to substantiate. This is because they can quickly land you in trouble with law enforcers. Always address comments on twitter with empathy and gratitude. Avoid engaging with bullies or those people who decided to troll you for one reason or another. Always strive to be humane in the way you communicate and create or come up with ideas that seek to solve some social problems. This will result in increased and positive engagement with your audience.

Detailed biodata of yourself

If you want to get increase audience engagement on Twitter, include your detailed information on your profile. Use the keywords in your bio so people could find you easily. Always remember to put keywords in your biodata that will prompt people on twitter to be interested in your tweets. In your biodata, you could include a striking profile photo that is clear and well captioned.

Retweet or share

It feels good when you tweet and you come back to thousands of retweets and comments. Mak your audience feel you value them by liking and retweeting their content. And of course, do not forget to only retweet tweets that are relevant to your audience.


Use these eight ways to increase audience engagement on Twitter and gain more followers than never before. Did we leave anything out? Don’t forget to share in the comments below. 

Seven ways to make money online

Are you looking for ways to make money online? There are sure, tried, and tested ways that you can venture in to make cash online. Most of the time when dealing with online ways of making money it will depend on your passion. I believe making dollars online is not for the faint-hearted. It requires good customer care skills that will enable you to handle all sorts of clients.

Ways to make money online
Make money online

In addition to that, you will need to be in a position to separate genuine and scams. It will help you avoid wasting your energy on a task you will not get paid for. Discipline is also vital since you are doing it on your own, no one is there to supervise you. Therefore, you should deliver the services on time and in accordance to your client needs. On the same breath, it’s difficult to make a dime on online without discipline.

It is worth noting that making money online is not a get rich quick scheme. But most of them can pay your bills like rent and groceries and in the long run, can transform your life and developing your finances in the long term. Here are some of the ways to make money online

Affiliate marketing

This is whereby as an online entrepreneur you have or own a blog where you can display ads. In this type of marketing, you look for a niche that attracts more clients. This means that you should offer informative, important content, and marketing messages that you feel your prospective clients will need to know.

When customers click on the link to make a purchase, they are directed to the affiliate partners’ site to complete the transaction. By so doing you get  a commission from the purchase made


E-commerce is one of the best ways to make money online. As an e-commerce trader, you can sell your own products on your website. This is made possible by setting up a website or a blog that will enable you to reach your potential customers. If you have just joined e-commerce it could be prudent to have a website and a hosting account. After this, you are required to design the site and create email marketing. To assist you in coming up with the website you will need e-commerce software and traffic to stream to your blog. This means you have to come up with adverts on the social media like Facebook.


If you are very serious about making money online, you could easily turn your passion of writing into a money-making machine. Blogging is easier to begin and the most sustainable venture, this is made possible by setting up the blog for the right audience. For instance, if you are good with fashion design you can start a fashion blog. It would be of great help to you as an entrepreneur to target the required group of persons by carrying out market segmentation. This is so that you do not target the wrong audience.

Article writing Training
Article writing Training

Allow me to hold your hands so you can write like a pro by registering for this Article Writing Training for only $10

In blogging, there are many things that one can easily sell. For example, if you target students you can start selling them course notes and even e-books.  From blogging, you can come up with offers that can attract other internet entrepreneurs who wish to advertise their products and when they advertise on your blog you earn some cash. This is one of the ways to make money online that is not expensive.

Selling e-books

As a sole internet entrepreneur, you can sell your own articles or other publishers work online at a fee. In this case, you do not need a lot of capital outlay to venture into this type of business. You can sell the books directly from your website. All you need to do is upload the eBooks on your website and then publicize by sharing it on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and even your email list and the blog your own blog.

YouTube channel

In this era, you can easily make thousands of dollars a month using a YouTube channel. This is due to the fact that many people are embracing the technological advancement. For instance, instead of buying and storing bulk CD’s to watch from the house, it is easier to log onto YouTube channel and watch the videos. This saves you of the storage space.

On YouTube, you can come up with valuable videos that are likely to entice people to watch like fashion designs, music videos, tours and travel and comedy videos among others.

To set up a YouTube that will generate money for you here is what you should do:

  • Set up the channel on which you will be placing your live videos
  • Remain relevant, by always uploading the videos consistently and describe the content to the best of your knowledge such that viewers can understand them easily. Always make sure that the videos are of good quality and contain relevant information on the topic of the day. Make them as entertaining as no one would not like to look at boring stuff on youtube.
  • After setting up the videos and ensuring they are okay, advertise or share them on your social media platforms like twitter, facebook, and Instagram. You can also share the videos on your blog.
  • Whenever the viewers bring up issues or ask the question, respond to the questions calmly and show knowledge and understanding of the topic you were tackling. In so doing you attract a large fan base.
  • In order to maximize and monetize the YouTube always include adverts such that when viewers click on the ad, Google will reward you. Kindly note when viewers click on the adverts your account is credited and this means, with more views you get more revenue.

Online tutor

You can do this by coming up with notes in particular areas and uploading them. This best suits those who have a passion for teaching, this can be done online or offline. When it comes to online, you teach your students using platforms like Skype, zoom or teleconferencing. Offline prepare the audios and visual notes to share with the students.

Virtual Assistant

There are several ways to make money online. Being a virtual assistant is one of them. Working as a Virtual Assistant basically revolves around working remotely for other people who are far away from you. The following are some of the skills you need when you want to work as a Virtual Assistant:

  • Thorough knowledge of the topic at hand so that you are able to give 100% of the clients’ expectations.
  • Thorough knowledge of relevant computer packages. This depends on your specialization. For instance, if you are dealing with statistics you will need to have a thorough knowledge of statistical packages.
  • In addition to the skills a Virtual Assistant should possess the following qualities:
  • He or she should be able to handle the customers/clients expectations.
  • You need to have excellent communication skills. This is vital as you are working remotely
  • You should be reliable. This means, whenever a client needs your services, you should be a call away.
  • You must possess good time management skills. This is important since as a Virtual Assistant you are the manager of your business. At the same time make sure you deliver your clients work on time.
  • You ought to demonstrate that you are going to add value to his or her business or company. Lack of this virtue will cause to lose a lot of clients.

Ways to make money online: Conclusion

Now that you know the seven ways to make money online, it is time to take action. I believe we all have that one thing that we love doing and I’m sure you know what it is. What do you want to venture into? I can’t wait to read in the comments.


How to Ace a Skype Interview

How to nail your next Skype interview

I was recently invited for a Skype interview for the position of a social media manager. I was thrilled because there were over 50 contestants who had an interest in this position. I used to think that remote interviews are a child’s play. But they are the same as one-on-one interviews.

Skype interview
Nail your Skype interview like a pro

Future employers are found from anywhere in the universe. Although there can be some limitations, professionals who prepare well for the skype interviews, increase their chances of giving the interviewer a good impression.  Preparing well for the interview helps you to stand out from the rest. Here is how to make a significant impact from a distance.

Do not make excuses

When asked to do a Skype interview, do not say you have a bad internet connection or you would rather have a phone interview. The worst excuse is to say that you do not have Skype. The reason you applied for the job it is because you need it. Therefore, you should not make any excuse but find ways to make it work.

Have a professional username

Choose a name which is easy to read or does not resemble a foul meaning, to avoid making an awful first impression. As much as it might be boring, use your name. After all, our names are all unique.

Wear official

Even though you are not on site, it does not warrant you to wear what you want. This interview is practical and may see you if it is a video interview. Ensure you dress up as if you are going to an office. You still need to dress from the waist up even if the interviewer does not see below your waist. You do not have to wear a suit, but dress up as if you are going for an office interview. Check on the company’s Twitter or Facebook page to see how their staff dress. When you dress up, it makes you feel great while sweatpants make one think halfway set for the interview.

Think of your location

Whatever background there it matters in a Skype interview. Prepare a neutral, clean environment with great lighting. Unless you want to seem like someone protecting his/her identification, basements and sitting in front of windows should be avoided. Unless you do not have home internet, get away from public spaces. In case you do not have internet and have to take the Skype interview in a coffee shop, tell your interviewer so, to acknowledge that the place is noisy.

Make use of a headset

A lot of people might refuse to go by this point, though, if you possess a headphone set together with a talk-piece, as most phone and iPod headphones have, use it mainly in public space. A computer picks lots of background noise. Through the use of a headset, the interviewing personnel will be able to hear you precisely and with no distracting sounds.

Engage the interviewer

Amongst the main differences between an interview through Skype and face to face one, is the engagement between your hiring manager and you. How do you keep them interested when there is just a computer screen between yourselves. First of all, is the body language – give a firm nod to the interviewer. This gesture shows acknowledgment of their presence and notifies them of your readiness to speak. Next, make eye contact – which can be tricky if you are not aware of which part of the screen to look. The client will feel the connection with you and notice your dedication towards the interview when you look into the lens of the camera.

Be yourself

Although you are not physically situated directly with your interviewer, social cues will still be looked at to see how great you are in interaction with other people. You, therefore, need to relax and become yourself, with this, the hiring personnel will see personality characteristics which show you as a fantastic fit for the business and team. When you are yourself and professional, you have the potential of going to the next round of potential candidates.

Find facts about the client

The worst mistake you can make during an interview is not knowing much about your interviewer. Ensure you do research on the client and his business. Check his social media pages and website to see what he does and how you will be useful to him if hired. Some clients will ask you, “what do you know about me?” Ensure you are aware of all the facts as regards to his business. This will help you to identify a gap in his business that needs a freelancer fill. And that is where you come in. Because you know much about him, propose some changes or things that you can do to take his business to the next level.

Compliment the client

As I mentioned, you need to research the client. Tell the client his website looks great or Facebook page. It makes the client feel you care more about his business. Tell him you loved his work that you saw somewhere. I’m sure you too love compliments.

Conclusion on nailing a skype interview

The main thing is to treat a Skype interview like you would do in an in-person interview. Show that you are actively listening and ask thoughtful questions. Give a thoughtful thank you note after the meeting. Ensure the potential client gets out of the interview knowing you are passionate about the position and his business. Try these tips and thank me later.

Tips on writing a killer landing page copy that sells

Having a killer landing page copy is one of the first steps to converting visitors into leads. It is one of the ways to capture the attention of your visitors and assure them that oooh yes, I can! It is also a way to grow both your online and offline business. This is a unique space that needs special consideration. You will have to think carefully about what to place there that your audience would like. Well, I know you are here because you want to give your audience a reason to come back again or buy from you.  I have some great ideas that will help you write a quality landing page that converts.

Killer landing page copy
Tips on writing a killer landing page copy that sells

Write a captivating headline

Most of the time, the article or stories you read have an appealing headline that you cannot resist. Think of the stories that go viral. What makes them viral? Your answer is as right as mine, the headline. You need to invest some time in getting a killer head to use for your landing page. Will the headline make the audience curious so they would want to read it? If you must know, the title or heading is what makes people read your post. In fact, it has to capture your attention. Think of it in this manner, if you had seen the headline on a different landing page, would you have opened to read? If so, use it.

Use your experience

Copywriters and marketers are working hard to improve their art of writing selling copies. If you do a quick search on Google about the best landing pages, you will come up with many results. Have a look at them, and they will inspire you to go on. Look at what worked in the past and how you can improve it to match your audience. What did people like about your previous page? Did they give some comments? If so, use those comments to improve your copy.

Use the chatty approach

Most businesses usually confuse formal and professional communication. Think about that company that you worked for and you dressed as you all wanted. I mean it was not a must that everyone dresses formal. Similarly, you don’t have to be formal to convert visitors into leads. We are in the world of the internet; any many users prefer it when you use the informal or causal approach. It assists in relating to the audience effortlessly. Imagine your lead invited you for coffee, would you use the formal jargon or just a friendly tone? What would work for the both of you? The answer is only with you, we all love it when we associate with people who are friendly and can speak what we can relate. Here are a few things to do in your writing:

  • Write naturally, like you are talking to someone face to face
  • Avoid using complex words
  • Keep the sentences short
  • You can break the rules of grammar to achieve your intention
  • Make it entertaining
  • Use the first person.

Find yourself

Before your visitors decide to buy your services or product, you need to do the following:

  • Identify who you are
  • The services or product you are offering
  • The solution you are providing your visitors

It is the most challenging task, and if you find the answer, you have completed the most laborious task.

Do you want killer landing page copy? Use testimonials

Among the best techniques for having a converting landing page copy is the use of customer feedback. This means you let the happy clients be to part of your transcript. Your customer can write you a piece that will convert beyond your imaginations. Feedback is persuasive since telling your potential client what to expect from your service or product. You may have an image of your happy client together with his quote.

Stress on the gains

One of the things I have learned about marketing products and services online is that your potential clients do not care about the product or solution. Your potential client is only interested in knowing how they will benefit from your service or product. Even as you write your killer landing page copy, focus on telling the client how he will benefit from the service.

Just to mention, your clients know the solution. All they want to know is how they will benefit from your services.

Ask for action

You have written your killer landing page copy; it is time to ask the reader or the visitor to take action. Have an expert call-to-action. Most people place their orders when they see the button buy now. Remember your landing page intends to have conversions. The page should, in the end, give you impressive results. Use some words that can compel the lead to proceed with the purchase.


A killer landing page copy is all you need if you want to make some cash as you sleep. Once you have a quality copy, you may use it to generate leads and have control over your online presence. When writing a copy, it is critical to keep in kind that capturing the emotions of your audience and speaking to their hearts may turn them into leads. Having a selling landing page is what differentiates you from other freelancers or businesses. Now, hit that button and share how you write your landing page copy.

5 Reasons Cloud Storage is Important to Your Business

Cloud storage
Cloud storage prevents data loss

A few years ago, cloud storage was not as important as it is now. But times have changed, and it is now the solution to data loss. We all know what it feels to lose valuable data in a flash. Many businesses know the importance of having a back of their information, but some are still employing the outdated methods. The world of business continues to develop in the digital era, and it is inescapable to acclimatize to new traditions of doing business.

Cloud storage being one of the new ways to store important data in this digital era, it is taking businesses to new levels. As you might have noticed, cloud storage is becoming popular day by day. But as its popularity continues to grow, is there a reason to use cloud storage for your business? Let’s find out below.

Importance of cloud storage

Disaster protection

I am sure this could be the first reason to make cloud storage part of your business. And yes, you are right. According to research, it is only 6% of businesses that undergo substantial data loss that survive over five years after the loss. This is where cloud storage comes in handy. It assists in preventing data loss that can be as a result of the server malfunction, natural disasters, and staff mistakes. Having this in mind, you don’t have a reason to panic when there is a malfunction of the server. It doesn’t matter the kind of business that you do. Whether you are a freelancer or doing your business offline, you need to protect your data.

Additional storage

When compared to in-house servers, cloud storage needs less space. This means you can save lots of information. Some of the cloud storage systems like DropBox, iCloud, Google Drive, and OneDrive, do not limit how much data you save on their servers. You are also free to purchase additional space at a reasonable cost. You don’t need to set a new server to have extra space. If you are a freelancer, you can store as many articles as you want on your Google Drive or whichever system you prefer.

It is affordable

Another importance of cloud storage is that it is affordable. When it comes to physical servers, you probably spend several dollars to maintain them every month. But that is different with these digital storage systems. You buy the space you need or get the basic space that is free.  This sounds great, right? When your business grows from a small business to big one, you may upgrade to business space.

Integration is easy

If you are a virtual assistant, you know what it means to be able to share your files easily across all channels. Cloud systems easily integrate with other systems like project management and CRM. This means, if you manage projects, you can integrate the cloud system you use to share your files without the need to change anything quickly.


You can access data from anywhere

Whether you work from home or have a 9-5 job, you want to obtain client information any time you need it. Cloud storage offers you this flexibility. Whether a client calls at night and wants you to share some info on a project, you don’t promise about going to the office tomorrow and fetching the files. All you need is to log in to the system and share the data. Clients can log in and check the progress of their project or see the number of articles you have uploaded.

Importance of cloud storage conclusion

With cloud storage, you are assured of accessing your data regardless of what happens to your computer.  Whether your machine breaks down or your office gets on fire, there is still a guarantee that you will access all your files without losing anything.

Importance of WordPress plugins for a website

WordPress Plugins
WordPress plugins help secure your site

What are WordPress plugins

Have you heard about WordPress Plugins? If you just created your website, I know you are wondering what next. Perhaps everyone is telling you to install the best WordPress plugins. If you are new, your obvious question is, what are WordPress plugins? If you haven’t noticed, plugins are an essential part of every WordPress website. When I set up my first website, I didn’t know the importance of the plugin not to mention what they are or were. Let me help you understand this quickly.

The code language may be hard for you understand if you are just new to website development. In simple terms, plugins are codes or mini-programs that are written either by a company or an individual, and you can install them on your site. Once you install the plugins, they affect the way your website works.

Many plugins are free, but they have an option to upgrade to a premium version that offers added functionality. While several are free, you can only use some of them after buying.  Others request you to donate something for their upkeep. If you are starting, I suggest that you do not bother yourself getting a paid version. You can access the commonly used ones for free.

Do you need WordPress plugins on your site?

As we said earlier, they are an essential part of a website. Therefore the answer is yes; you need them. But we still have a question how vital are they to your site? We are all aware that the internet works in coded language. It is so unlucky that many of us, including me, do not understand the code language.  And if you know the code language, it is not enough to do intricate things on the site.

But that is not the point!

Enhance the website functionality

The WordPress CMS (content management system) does not provide adequate functionality. That is why you need to use the coded language. You may decide to write the codes if you know how to or get an expert to carry it out. They, therefore, help to fill the gap while helping you to enhance the website and boosts its functionality.

Integrate the site with other platforms or tools

Different  WordPress plugins offer different features. Some of them are independent, and others rely on alternatives. The coded language comes in handy when you want to integrate your website with other platforms or tools. They make the tools and platforms to work smoothly on your site.  For example, you can link your WordPress site with Google Analytics to help you monitor the performance of your website and see everything right inside the admin area. You may also install MailChimp or Mailerlite for WordPress to collect subscriber from your WordPress site.


Hackers are increasing their attacks every day. That is why it is important to install security plugins. While this does not mean your site will be free of hackers, it is good to take security measures. Most website owners use Wordfence to secure their sites.

Even as they are necessary, it is vital to update them regularly, delete those plugins you do not use. Also, if you do not delete them, ensure they are regularly updated.


Having said all these, I’m sure you now understand what plugins are and why you need them on your site. Many of them can help you to enhance the experience of your site. Avoid installing several of them on your site as they may affect your site negatively that it regarding speed.


Things to know before buying courses

Buying courses
Before buying courses, consider the time you have to learn.


Buying courses have become popular these days. Every time you want to learn something new, you either head over to Udemy or any other course selling platform that you know. As you might have noticed, most of these courses are not expensive. But you do not want to purchase an e-course that will not benefit you. Even if the course goes for a $ ensure you know these things before you make payment.

Do you have enough time?

Even if this is not a one on one training, you still need to have adequate time to go through the course. If you aren’t careful with time, you will realize that the access period has elapsed and you have learned a thing. If t is an issue, inform the tutor or have a schedule beforehand. Other e-courses give you unlimited access to the even after you complete the course study period.

Before you invest in any course, ensure you know the amount of time you need to complete it. Ensure time is also on your side. If you don’t have time, buying the e-course is useless. Not only will you feel you wasted the cash, but the creator will also feel like he conned you.

e-Course benefits

Ask yourself, will I gain anything from the course? Just by enrolling it doesn’t mean you will benefit from the course. There is more to it than buying the content. Most people fall into the trap of buying courses because someone praised it. Well, do not be one of these people. Only purchase a course you think will benefit you or you will be an unsatisfied client.

Most people feel unsatisfied with products they purchase because they fail to realize how they will benefit from the start of it all. Before you invest in any e-course, identify what and how you will gain.

Article writing Training
Article writing Training

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You will put in more effort

Just because the course has the content you need, it doesn’t mean you will not do additional research on some issues. If you are not ready to put more effort into this, then don’t waste your time. My high school teacher used to say his work is to give us 25% and 75% is for us. I believe that is the same case with courses. The tutor gives you content on what you didn’t know and opens the forum for you to dig deep even better than him.

I’m not defending any e-course here. But what I’m saying is that for you to benefit from the course you just bought, you need to invest more effort and time. The course will not profit you because you purchased the content but because you will implement what you learned.

Cost of buying courses

I agree you have the time and you are willing to put your effort to ensure you benefit from the course but can you afford it? There are several course creators; perhaps you should check other sites to see how much the same course costs. Even if it is expensive, ask yourself, is the course worth the price? Most creators offer an overview of their curriculum. If it is expensive for you, that is not for you. Spend your money on something else.

Things you will learn

This is the first question that you should ask the creator of the course. Is there something new in the course? What is new for you may not be new for your friend. Before you buy the course, first, find out if the e-course is going to teach you something new. If you want to learn social media management, you need to be sure that you are not going to purchase a course only to learn what you already know. It is obvious you are buying courses because you want to- learn something new. In that case, do your research about the course you are about to spend money on.


Most of the time, before I buy anything, I check their site to see the customer feedback. If 75% is negative, then that means the products are not good. That is the same thing with courses. Even if the creator of the course will not publish any negative reviews, you will find them on the internet. You might find them on their social media accounts. And if you know someone who purchased the content, ask them privately to find out what you should expect. Some people will give you their honest feedback when you contact them confidentially. If the course is new, find out if you are the first person to purchase it.


Buying courses is not a guarantee you will benefit from it. It all depends on you. It is useless to purchase the learning content and never try to implement whatever you learn. If you cannot apply what you learned in the course, you are wasting your money purchasing it.

Influencer Marketing Mistakes to avoid

Have you made any influencer marketing mistakes before? A vast wave of endorsing celebrities amongst other influencers to partake product promotion has hit the market. Some have a positive effect on the brand others are a performing circus and not worth the effort put in. How deep you look into your market and understand what you require out of your marketing strategy will push you a bar higher or bury you deep. I heard your heart skip a bit. Yes, let’s trigger the thinking. Want to know what to avoid in implementing influencer marketing, Read on ☺

Wrong Influencer Marketing choices

You see those gracing social media with the post, and automatically you like them. It happens to most of us too.


Not every successful marketing influencer is fit for your product and finding someone who can eventually translate potential clients into sales is a significant win. If you endorse an influencer due to their following other than engagement rate, you will have a less sized audience being addressed in the long run, and your marketing strategy will be null and void.

The Bossy Boss

Come on! This is the 21st century where dishing orders is a thing of the past. Leave that controlling trait back home when working with a team. Everyone’s opinion counts and pointing out how things should be done to an influencer leaving no room for their ideas will demoralize your team and inject a negative work attitude. An influencer will be puppet during the contract, do all you want (if they can at least stomach the orders), and the outcome will be undesired.

#Influencer marketing: Misplaced Goal Digging Mission

You might be probably thinking of jumping on the bandwagon. Wait! Sit back and reflect on influencer marketing importance to your brand, the value it brings along and expected the outcome. Do not expect an instant rocket in sales just because your influencer mimics so. If your goal is not aimed at reaching new target markets and increasing brand awareness that will later translate into sales, Re-strategize.

Lack of Proper Customer Understanding

How well do you know your audience? Do your services achieve your clients’ interest? The failure to create a marketing persona will deny you the chance to understand your client’s hiring habits, preferences, and pinpoints achieved through freelance interviews.

Understanding your target client will propel you towards a suitable marketing influencer who can relate well to your brand and outline who your clients are to them.

Opting for Cheaper Promotion

It is typical for humans to look for an opening to save an extra coin when it comes to weighing spending. Paying a low standing influencer marketing will only save cost but rest assured it will be expensive. You will need to match the tactics and carry out more promotional activities to get your product out to a dynamic market. A wise man once said you either ship in or shape out. You can promote your posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Expecting Instant Results

Patience! Patience! and Patience!

Allow your mode of marketing time to yield fruits. It can never give right back on an overnight venture as you have to convince your target client or audience on the brand effectiveness. The consumer will also need some time to organize their finances and purchase your services. This may include writing or social media management services.


You need to find what works well for you. Find an influencer marketing individual who matches and has a firm conviction of your services as a freelancer. Put enough workforce and finances and watch your brand grow. What is worth having is worth investing in.