Tips on writing a killer landing page copy that sells

Having a killer landing page copy is one of the first steps to converting visitors into leads. It is one of the ways to capture the attention of your visitors and assure them that oooh yes, I can! It is also a way to grow both your online and offline business. This is a unique space that needs special consideration.

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Killer landing page copy
Tips on writing a killer landing page copy that sells

You will have to think carefully about what to place there that your audience would like. Well, I know you are here because you want to give your audience a reason to come back again or buy from you.  I have some great ideas that will help you write a quality landing page that converts. Try some of these landing page copy templates here.

Write a captivating headline

Most of the time, the article or stories you read have an appealing headline that you cannot resist. Think of the stories that go viral. What makes them viral? Your answer is as right as mine, the headline. You need to invest some time in getting a killer head to use for your landing page. Will the headline make the audience curious so they would want to read it?

If you must know, the title or heading is what makes people read your post. In fact, it has to capture your attention. Think of it in this manner, if you had seen the headline on a different landing page, would you have opened to read? If so, use it.

Use your experience

Copywriters and marketers are working hard to improve their art of writing selling copies. If you do a quick search on Google about the best landing pages, you will come up with many results.

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Have a look at them, and they will inspire you to go on. Look at what worked in the past and how you can improve it to match your audience. What did people like about your previous page? Did they give some comments? If so, use those comments to improve your copy.

Email Copywriting Essentials

Use the chatty approach

Most businesses usually confuse formal and professional communication. Think about that company that you worked for and you dressed as you all wanted. I mean it was not a must that everyone dresses formal. Similarly, you don’t have to be formal to convert visitors into leads. We are in the world of the internet; any many users prefer it when you use the informal or causal approach.

It assists in relating to the audience effortlessly. Imagine your lead invited you for coffee, would you use the formal jargon or just a friendly tone? What would work for both of you? The answer is only with you, we all love it when we associate with people who are friendly and can speak what we can relate. Here are a few things to do in your writing:

  • Write naturally, like you are talking to someone face to face
  • Avoid using complex words
  • Keep the sentences short
  • You can break the rules of grammar to achieve your intention
  • Make it entertaining
  • Use the first person.

Find yourself

Before your visitors decide to buy your services or product, you need to do the following:

  • Identify who you are
  • The services or product you are offering
  • The solution you are providing your visitors

It is the most challenging task, and if you find the answer, you have completed the most laborious task.

Do you want a killer landing page copy? Use testimonials

Among the best techniques for having a converting landing page copy is the use of customer feedback. This means you let the happy clients be to part of your transcript. Your customer can write you a piece that will convert beyond your imaginations. Feedback is persuasive since telling your potential client what to expect from your service or product. You may have an image of your happy client together with his quote.

Stress on the gains

One of the things I have learned about marketing products and services online is that your potential clients do not care about the product or solution. Your potential client is only interested in knowing how they will benefit from your service or product. Even as you write your killer landing page copy, focus on telling the client how he will benefit from the service.

Just to mention, your clients know the solution. All they want to know is how they will benefit from your services.

Ask for action

You have written your killer landing page copy; it is time to ask the reader or the visitor to take action. Have an expert call-to-action. Most people place their orders when they see the button buy now. Remember your landing page intends to have conversions. The page should, in the end, give you impressive results. Use some words that can compel the lead to proceed with the purchase.


A killer landing page copy is all you need if you want to make some cash as you sleep. Once you have a quality copy, you may use it to generate leads and have control over your online presence.

When writing a copy, it is critical to keep in kind that capturing the emotions of your audience and speaking to their hearts may turn them into leads. Having a selling landing page is what differentiates you from other freelancers or businesses. Now, hit that button and share how you write your landing page copy.

5 Reasons Cloud Storage is Important to Your Business

cloud storage
Cloud storage prevents data loss

A few years ago, cloud storage was not as important as it is now. But times have changed, and it is now the solution to data loss. We all know what it feels to lose valuable data in a flash. Many businesses know the importance of having a back of their information, but some are still employing the outdated methods. The world of business continues to develop in the digital era, and it is inescapable to acclimatize to new traditions of doing business.

Cloud storage being one of the new ways to store important data in this digital era, it is taking businesses to new levels. As you might have noticed, cloud storage is becoming popular day by day. But as its popularity continues to grow, is there a reason to use cloud storage for your business? Let’s find out below.

Importance of cloud storage

Disaster protection

I am sure this could be the first reason to make cloud storage part of your business. And yes, you are right. According to research, it is only 6% of businesses that undergo substantial data loss that survive over five years after the loss. This is where cloud storage comes in handy.

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It assists in preventing data loss that can be as a result of the server malfunction, natural disasters, and staff mistakes. Having this in mind, you don’t have a reason to panic when there is a malfunction of the server. It doesn’t matter the kind of business that you do. Whether you are a freelancer or doing your business offline, you need to protect your data.

Additional storage

When compared to in-house servers, cloud storage needs less space. This means you can save lots of information. Some of the cloud storage systems like DropBox, iCloud, Google Drive, and OneDrive, do not limit how much data you save on their servers.

You are also free to purchase additional space at a reasonable cost. You don’t need to set a new server to have extra space. If you are a freelancer, you can store as many articles as you want on your Google Drive or whichever system you prefer.

It is affordable

Another importance of cloud storage is that it is affordable. When it comes to physical servers, you probably spend several dollars to maintain them every month. But that is different with these digital storage systems. You buy the space you need or get the basic space that is free.  This sounds great, right? When your business grows from a small business to big one, you may upgrade to business space.

Integration is easy

If you are a virtual assistant, you know what it means to be able to share your files easily across all channels. Cloud systems easily integrate with other systems like project management and CRM. This means, if you manage projects, you can integrate the cloud system you use to share your files without the need to change anything quickly.

You can access data from anywhere

Whether you work from home or have a 9-5 job, you want to obtain client information any time you need it. Cloud storage offers you this flexibility. Whether a client calls at night and wants you to share some info on a project, you don’t promise about going to the office tomorrow and fetching the files.

All you need is to log in to the system and share the data. Clients can log in and check the progress of their project or see the number of articles you have uploaded.

Importance of cloud storage conclusion

With cloud storage, you are assured of accessing your data regardless of what happens to your computer.  Whether your machine breaks down or your office gets on fire, there is still a guarantee that you will access all your files without losing anything.

Importance of WordPress Plugins for a Website

What are WordPress plugins?

Have you heard about WordPress Plugins? If you just created your website, I know you are wondering what next. Perhaps everyone is telling you to install the best WordPress plugins. If you are new, your obvious question is, what are WordPress plugins?

WordPress Plugins
WordPress Plugins are Important

If you haven’t noticed, plugins are an essential part of every WordPress website. When I set up my first website, I didn’t know the importance of the plugin not to mention what they are or were. Let me help you understand this quickly.

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The code language may be hard for you to understand if you are just new to website development. In simple terms, plugins are codes or mini-programs that are written either by a company or an individual, and you can install them on your site. Once you install the plugins, they affect the way your website works.

Many plugins are free, but they have an option to upgrade to a premium version that offers added functionality. While several are free, you can only use some of them after buying.  Others request you to donate something for their upkeep. If you are just starting out, I suggest that you do not bother yourself getting a paid version. You can access the commonly used ones for free.

Do you need WordPress plugins on your site?

As we said earlier, they are an essential part of a website. Therefore the answer is yes; you need them. But we still have a question how vital are they to your site? We are all aware that the internet works in coded language. It is so unlucky that many of us, including me, do not understand the code language.  And if you know the code language, it is not enough to do intricate things on the site.

But that is not the point! All we just to share here is the importance of these plugins to your WordPress website. However, this does not mean you overload your website with plugins. If you do that, its performance will be affected. With many plugins, your website is likely to load slowly. Read this to find out more: WP Engine – How Site Speed Affects Your Business

Enhance the website functionality

The WordPress CMS (content management system) does not provide adequate functionality. That is why you need to use the coded language. You may decide to write the codes if you know how to or get an expert to carry it out. They, therefore, help to fill the gap while helping you to enhance the website and boosts its functionality.

Integrate the site with other platforms or tools

Different  WordPress plugins offer different features. Some of them are independent, and others rely on alternatives. The coded language comes in handy when you want to integrate your website with other platforms or tools. They make the tools and platforms to work smoothly on your site.

For example, you can link your WordPress site with Google Analytics to help you monitor the performance of your website and see everything right inside the admin area. You can use them to collect subscribers from your WordPress site. Some of those plugins that you can integrate with your WordPress include the following:


Hackers are increasing their attacks every day. That is why it is important to install security plugins. While this does not mean your site will be free of hackers, it is good to take security measures. Most website owners use Wordfence to secure their sites. Even as they are necessary, it is vital to update them regularly, delete those plugins you do not use. Also, if you do not delete them, ensure they are regularly updated. Some of the security plugins you should have on your website include;

What does your password say about you? Read it here:
Unmasked: What 10 million passwords reveal about the people who choose them


Having said all these, I’m sure you now understand what plugins are and why you need them on your site. Many of them can help you to enhance the experience of your site. Avoid installing several of them on your site as they may affect your site negatively that it regarding speed.

Test your website speed here.

Things to know before buying courses

Buying courses
Before buying courses, consider the time you have to learn.


Buying courses have become popular these days. Every time you want to learn something new, you either head over to Udemy or any other course selling platform that you know. As you might have noticed, most of these courses are not expensive. But you do not want to purchase an e-course that will not benefit you. Even if the course goes for a $ ensure you know these things before you make payment.

Do you have enough time?

Even if this is not a one on one training, you still need to have adequate time to go through the course. If you aren’t careful with time, you will realize that the access period has elapsed and you have learned a thing. If t is an issue, inform the tutor or have a schedule beforehand. Other e-courses give you unlimited access to the even after you complete the course study period.

Before you invest in any course, ensure you know the amount of time you need to complete it. Ensure time is also on your side. If you don’t have time, buying the e-course is useless. Not only will you feel you wasted the cash, but the creator will also feel like he conned you.

e-Course benefits

Ask yourself, will I gain anything from the course? Just by enrolling it doesn’t mean you will benefit from the course. There is more to it than buying the content. Most people fall into the trap of buying courses because someone praised it. Well, do not be one of these people. Only purchase a course you think will benefit you or you will be an unsatisfied client.

Most people feel unsatisfied with the products they purchase because they fail to realize how they will benefit from the start of it all. Before you invest in any e-course, identify what and how you will gain.

Useful resource: Create and Sell Online Courses Guide

You will put in more effort

Just because the course has the content you need, it doesn’t mean you will not do additional research on some issues. If you are not ready to put more effort into this, then don’t waste your time. My high school teacher used to say his work is to give us 25% and 75% is for us. I believe that is the same case with courses. The tutor gives you content on what you didn’t know and opens the forum for you to dig deep even better than him.

I’m not defending any e-course here. But what I’m saying is that for you to benefit from the course you just bought, you need to invest more effort and time. The course will not profit you because you purchased the content but because you will implement what you learned.

Cost of buying courses

I agree you have the time and you are willing to put your effort to ensure you benefit from the course but can you afford it? There are several course creators; perhaps you should check other sites to see how much the same course costs. Even if it is expensive, ask yourself, is the course worth the price? Most creators offer an overview of their curriculum. If it is expensive for you, that is not for you. Spend your money on something else.

Things you will learn

This is the first question that you should ask the creator of the course. Is there something new in the course? What is new for you may not be new for your friend. Before you buy the course, first, find out if the e-course is going to teach you something new. If you want to learn about social media management, you need to be sure that you are not going to purchase a course only to learn what you already know. It is obvious you are buying courses because you want to- learn something new. In that case, do your research about the course you are about to spend money on.


Most of the time, before I buy anything, I check their site to see the customer feedback. If 75% is negative, then that means the products are not good. That is the same thing with the courses. Even if the creator of the course will not publish any negative reviews, you will find them on the internet. You might find them on their social media accounts. And if you know someone who purchased the content, ask them privately to find out what you should expect. Some people will give you their honest feedback when you contact them confidentially. If the course is new, find out if you are the first person to purchase it.


Buying courses is not a guarantee you will benefit from it. It all depends on you. It is useless to purchase the learning content and never try to implement whatever you learn. If you cannot apply what you learned in the course, you are wasting your money purchasing it.

Influencer Marketing Mistakes to avoid

Have you made any influencer marketing mistakes before? A vast wave of endorsing celebrities amongst other influencers to partake product promotion has hit the market. Some have a positive effect on the brand others are a performing circus and not worth the effort put in. How deep you look into your market and understand what you require out of your marketing strategy will push you a bar higher or bury you deep. I heard your heart skip a bit. Yes, let’s trigger the thinking. Want to know what to avoid in implementing influencer marketing, Read on ☺

Wrong Influencer Marketing choices

You see those gracing social media with the post, and automatically you like them. It happens to most of us too.


Not every successful marketing influencer is fit for your product and finding someone who can eventually translate potential clients into sales is a significant win. If you endorse an influencer due to their following other than engagement rate, you will have a less sized audience being addressed in the long run, and your marketing strategy will be null and void.

The Bossy Boss

Come on! This is the 21st century where dishing orders is a thing of the past. Leave that controlling trait back home when working with a team. Everyone’s opinion counts and pointing out how things should be done to an influencer leaving no room for their ideas will demoralize your team and inject a negative work attitude. An influencer will be puppet during the contract, do all you want (if they can at least stomach the orders), and the outcome will be undesired.

#Influencer marketing: Misplaced Goal Digging Mission

You might be probably thinking of jumping on the bandwagon. Wait! Sit back and reflect on influencer marketing importance to your brand, the value it brings along and expected the outcome. Do not expect an instant rocket in sales just because your influencer mimics so. If your goal is not aimed at reaching new target markets and increasing brand awareness that will later translate into sales, Re-strategize.

Lack of Proper Customer Understanding

How well do you know your audience? Do your services achieve your clients’ interest? The failure to create a marketing persona will deny you the chance to understand your client’s hiring habits, preferences, and pinpoints achieved through freelance interviews.

Understanding your target client will propel you towards a suitable marketing influencer who can relate well to your brand and outline who your clients are to them.

Opting for Cheaper Promotion

It is typical for humans to look for an opening to save an extra coin when it comes to weighing spending. Paying a low standing influencer marketing will only save cost but rest assured it will be expensive. You will need to match the tactics and carry out more promotional activities to get your product out to a dynamic market. A wise man once said you either ship in or shape out. You can promote your posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Expecting Instant Results

Patience! Patience! and Patience!

Allow your mode of marketing time to yield fruits. It can never give right back on an overnight venture as you have to convince your target client or audience on the brand effectiveness. The consumer will also need some time to organize their finances and purchase your services. This may include writing or social media management services.


You need to find what works well for you. Find an influencer marketing individual who matches and has a firm conviction of your services as a freelancer. Put enough workforce and finances and watch your brand grow. What is worth having is worth investing in.

Tools bloggers use to increase lead generation

Blogging is one powerful tool that can benefit all types of businesses, but many people struggle to increase lead generation. Creating your brand awareness, increasing the mailing list, and using social media, is one of the many ways to put your business out there. Apart from updating your blog content and giving it a new look, you need to benefit your business by increasing lead generation. This cannot be easy without the help of some tools that I’m about to mention. Below are some of the tools that you can use to increase sign up conversions and mailing list.


It possible for some people to come to your website for the first and never come back. Why you may have quality and informative content, there so many blogs out there that share the same info as yours. That is why you need OptinMonster. This is a powerful WordPress plugin can assist you to convert the first-time visitors into loyal subscribers. OptinMonster is one of the most innovative marketing plugins for bloggers.


For your information, a visitor is different from a lead. It matters how long one stays on your website. Use LeadPages to create a converting landing page that captures the attention of your visitor. Not only does the landing page attract the customer to you but it makes him want to learn more about your company, services, and the products you offer. LeadPages offer you the simplest way to create a landing page.


This is another tool that will you increase lead generation. It assists you to keep your marketing and sales team on track. It is essential to ensure that the leads you convert into customers are also satisfied. This can’t be possible if you are not tracking the process from the start to the end. You can use HubSpot to track the process so can identify the weak areas that make your visitors or customers leave the site. Once you identify this, you will without a doubt correct the mistakes and create an effective campaign.


Just as the name suggests, you have to keep your campaign lively. This awesome tool allows you to monitor each interaction of a lead on your website. This helps you to make the next move in your email marketing campaign. If you have been having a hard time converting leads into customers, Active Campaign is your best bet.


If you want to increase lead generation, Sumo is your tool. It offers various features; slide-in popups, and popups. Sumo also provides you with an alternative to a floating social sharing bar. It also gives you maps that help you know where visitors are clicking on your site. It offers both free and paid membership plans.

Lead generation conclusion

Blogging can offer many benefits to your business if you also use these tools to help increase lead generation. Creating content is not the only way to capture the attention of your visitors. Different tools offer different features, it is up to you to choose a tool that meets your business need. Please share some of the tools that you use to increase lead generation on your blog.

Eight proven ways to get traffic to your blog

How to get traffic to your blog
How to get traffic to your blog

What are the best and easiest ways to get traffic to your blog? This is the question every blog owner is asking. Every business is moving to online, and everyone wants to have a blog. But what no one tells you is that building a successful blog is not as simple as creating a website. Anyone who has had a blog can tell you the frustration experienced when trying to grow readership. Yes! You can quickly get frustrated and surrender on blogging.

But after you experience the advantages, you will know that your website can have an incredible effect on your freelance business. This is by drawing traffic to your blog and helping you grow your social media audience. While we would all like it if our readers came magically to us, the honesty here is, it takes hard work to grow an audience. There is a strategy for increasing a website traffic. Even though what works for me may not work for you, one or two of these ways should be relevant and useful. Below are eight proven ways to increase traffic to your website.

Identify your Niche

First things first! You are not going to blog about anything that closes your mind. Identify your niche first. It is easy to confuse your readers if your content does not follow a precise topic. Decide your target audience, what they would be interested in reading and the type of message you want to pass across.  Whether your niche is weight loss, health or baby, there is always an audience for you.

Write Eye-Catching Titles

How many times have we read a blog because the title was too catchy for us to ignore? Think about the viral content. What makes it go viral? It is the titles of course. The blog titles are as important as the post itself. The title of your blog can make your potential readers to either click on your link or ignore. From your title, the reader is assured of the solution he wants to have. When writing your blog post, write titles that entice your readers. After all, no one would want to read your article if the title is boring. Catchy titles are the best and simple ways to get traffic to your website.

Use SEO as One of The Ways to Get Traffic to your Blog

One of the best ways to get traffic to your website is to write content that is search engine friendly. Using SEO to drive traffic to your blog does not mean staffing your blog post with keywords. The best way is to optimize the article for a single term. You can include the keywords in the title and one or two subtitles. Include the keywords naturally in your post. Use the terms that your readers are likely to use to find your blog. If you use platforms such as WordPress, SEO is simple. Search engines like it when visitors find exactly what they want. If you use it well, you will gain more traffic from search engines as they use your optimized keywords to understand what your blog post is all about.

Include Photos

Even before we go far, we all know many people love taking photos. Similarly, they would enjoy seeing them in your posts. Incorporating photos in posts is among the proven ways to get traffic to your blog.  A Facebook post with a picture gets more attention than a text post. Images make a post visually tempting. You can boost readership if you include the phrases in the Alt Image text of the photo. But it is important to note that you cannot use any image from Google. Instead, use royalty-free images.

Promote your Blog Post on Social Media

This is one of the critical ways to get traffic to your blog. If you are looking to increase traffic to your website, it is vital to promote your blog on social media. Add social share buttons to your posts to make it easier for anyone to share. If you share informative and engaging content on your social media platforms, you can get more traffic to your blog. Promoting your articles on Twitter and Facebook is one of the easiest ways to get to traffic to your blog.

Post Regularly

When it comes to Google, it tends to give priority to websites with fresh content. According to studies, blogs that are updated regularly receive more traffic than those that are not frequently updated. The more you write, the more the topics for people to check on your blog. It is also good to update your blog at least twice in a week. If you have a schedule in place, your readers will always be checking back because they know when to anticipate for new content on your website. There are no other unique ways to get traffic to your blog than using the usual tactics.

Comment on Other Blogs

Find blogs within your niche comment. Otherwise who will know your blog exists if you do not get out there?  Comment something that will add value to the post and not just for the sake of linking back to increase traffic to your website. Make the author want to have you commenting every now and again. If you do not do commenting the right way, your comment may be considered spam and deleted.

Answer Questions on Q&A sites

You have probably come across quora when searching for some writing tips. Those answers you read last time were too beneficial to you. But did you know you can gain more traffic to your website by answering questions in your niche? There are many Q&A sites on the web, use them to increase traffic to your blog. The questions and the answers get millions of views, and some would love to read the original post you linked to (on your blog). This way, you get to increase traffic to your blog without struggling.


If you are looking for the easiest ways to get traffic to your blog, you now have eight of them. Try these techniques and build a successful blog. Please don’t forget to share the strategies you use to increase traffic to your website in the comment section below.

Best books every freelancer should read this year

Freelancing is like any job and requires you to have patience. But there are books that every

Books every freelancer should read
Books every freelancer should read

freelancer should read to get inspiration. I mean, we all have our ups and downs, moments that we feel we need someone to inspire us.



During that time you should read these books to get motivation. Additionally, reading books is a great way to get some new ideas while getting the feeling of pressing on to achieve your goal. Sounds good, right? Let’s check out some of these books every freelancer should read this year.

Books every freelancer should read

1. Internet Marketing by Jon Leland

I used to think freelancing is only about writing. But I was wrong. There are many things you can do online including internet marketing. This book by Jon Leland is one of the best books every freelancer should read to get some tips on internet marketing. This book shares eight internet marketing concepts you should know. The 85 pages book gives you simple and easily understandable ideas. If you are questioning where to begin and where to get the ideas this book is for you. This internet marketing book is not only for newbies but for everyone who wants to succeed in internet marketing. It is very inspiring especially when Leland talks about building reliable, sustainable virtual relations.

2. Think And Grow Rich by  Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich – Audiobook Download – $9.97

from: AudiobooksNow

This is also among the good books every freelancer should read. We all have our reasons why we are in business or doing what we do year in year out. Perhaps you want to be the richest person in your area or the entire world and don’t know how to go about it. You can easily relate to this book since it was written during the Great Depression. The book Think And Grow Rich helps you understand that; to be a successful individual, you need to set your goals and pursue them. Learn about the success stories of famous people and get inspired to get what you want. As a freelancer, you need this book to beat all the freelancing challenges that come between you and your success.

3.Richest Man in Babylon: Books every freelancer should read

The Richest Man in Babylon: The Success Secrets of the Ancients – Audiobook Download – $7.99

from: AudiobooksNow

You don’t want to miss reading this book if you want to know how to manage your finances. It can be hard to manage finances for your freelance business especially when they come from every side. Even if you don’t have difficulties managing your finances, this book has more ideas that you might not have. Just as the title implies, you also can be that richest man if you manage your finances properly.  The Richest Man in Babylon is an exceptional book by George Samuel Clason. The author shares some personal wealth secrets by use of parables from the old Babylon.

My take: #Books every freelancer must read

One thing I admire about this writing is that you should invest in that business that you understand best. The Richest Man in Babylon takes you back to the years and helps connect the two. Are you freelancing for money or you love and know this business? From time management to managing finances, every business person ought to focus and stick to his schedule. Although it was written in the 1920s, you can apply it in today’s world.

4. How to Win Friends and Influence People

How To Win Friends And Influence People – Audiobook Download – $11.97

from: AudiobooksNow

This writing is one of the best books every freelancer should read. We are in a world of social media, and the internet seems to take over everything from communication to marketing. We all want to be associated with the online influencers even on our blog posts. Some people make friends by manipulating them, but this book teaches you how to make friends without manipulating or making them feel so. If you are that freelancer who doesn’t know how to deal with people, this book is for you. In freelancing, we meet all sorts of people some are rude and others polite. You need this book to handle all kinds of individuals.

Why I love about this book: #Books every freelancer must read

The book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, will help you make clients feel they are as important to you as the cash they pay for the services you provide. We like pointing fingers at others. After reading this book, you will understand that it is imperative to discuss your shortcomings before you discuss that of the other person. It is a great book to read.

5. The Power of Broke

If you have read the power of love, then you understand what that power can do. Daymond John’s book is an exceptional and inspiring one that you should read. When I was young, I used to think everything was bought; from kids to food. I proved the idea wrong as I grew. This book demonstrates the same. Even you had all the money in the world; you can’t buy everything. Not strength, not power. Daymond describes the power of broke as a mindset.

What makes the difference? #Books every freelancer should read

If you thought the money you have is all that can make a difference, you are wrong. The money you need is what can make a difference. Daymond says that the power of broke is that one reason that keeps you going. I think you and I have faced or are in this situation. Whether it is your child or it is the goals you are targeting, that is the power of broke. This power exists in everyone. This book will help you see what makes a difference in your life.


6. The Power to Get Things Done

The Power to Get Things Done: (Whether You Feel Like It or Not) – Audiobook Download – $6.25

from: AudiobooksNow

The power in us can do or make us do many things. Whether it is the power of love or the power of broke, something always comes out of it. This book by Chris Cooper and Steve Levinson shares some tips you can easily implement to do what needs to be done. Being a freelancer can be hectic since you are the marketer, the boss, the supervisor and everything. Sometimes you find out you want to do something but don’t know what is preventing you from achieving the goals. Well, you need this book to get the inspiration.

What stops you?

The Power to Get Things Done is one of the books freelancers should be reading. It shares strategies that help you understand how you can prioritize your tasks and have a prosperous day while achieving your set goals. Life can be rough at times, but there are things we can’t avoid doing. Read this book to learn how to make things happen even when you don’t want to, and they seem too hard.

7.The Freelancer’s Bible

I know these days people have Bible apps and it is hard to find one person with the Black Book. There is always a starting time for everything. Being a freelance newbie can be hectic. You need this book to understand this freelancing world. This book will help you get advice on how to go about doing freelance. When it comes to working from home, learning never ends. Different clients have different needs. If you are just starting out, this is one of the books every freelancer should be reading, and you should ensure you get it.

Our verdict

The list of the books freelancers should be reading is endless. This only means that you keep on reading and reading to learn new ways to do things and implement them. Nothing is hard after all we all have that one thing that motivates us to do what we do. Do the research and find out which books freelancers should be reading.

Ways Freelancers can Keep Warm in Winter

Ways freelancers can keep warm in winter that will surprise you

Working from home can be exciting but how do you keep warm in winter?  Staying warm in winter is one of the things that worry most freelancers. If you work from home, don’t let the cold months come between you and your clients. Though you can’t ignore the cold season, you can still work and complete your projects successfully. There are several ways you can stay warm in winter, and we have covered some of them below. Check out.

Use infrared heaters

The winter season can be hard to deal with especially for freelancers. Use of infrared heaters is one of the most recent technologies you can use to heat up your room. I know many freelancers would prefer using the traditional radiator method to infrared heaters. Using heaters is one of the safest and cost-effective alternatives.

One thing you will like about infrared heating is that it provides warmth to the body rather than heating up the area air. The infrared heater warms up your body or the furniture thereby ensuring an even spread of heat all over the room. They are also easy to install.

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Wear socks to keep warm in winter

What crosses your mind when someone tells you to wear socks? If you are like me, it is possible that you remember your high school days. Also, if you have been wearing socks just to protect your legs, you now have more reasons to wear winter or thermal socks. Wearing thermal socks can help provide insulation and thus keeping you warm as you work. However, not every type of socks is suitable for winter.

For example, cotton socks are not ideal for the winter season is that their insulation value is little and they take up and hold wetness. The best socks you can wear are the ones made of Iso Wool, wool, fleece and shearling. This is because they do not lose their insulation value even with excessive foot perspiration.

Move to the kitchen

This is why it is not good to surprise a freelance because we work from anywhere and anytime. You can keep warm in winter by moving to the kitchen. This means making the kitchen your office. This is because the kitchen is easier to warm up than your sitting room.

You can even turn on the gas burners for a moment to warm it fast. This especially can be easier if you use a laptop to do your work such as social media management. It means you are mobile and do not have any difficulties moving with your machine.

Drink hot coffee to keep warm in winter

If you work while shivering, it is evident that you will not produce quality work. It is necessary that you take a cup of hot coffee as you work. This ensures that you are warm even as you go on with your tasks. Apart from drinking coffee to warm up yourself, it has several health benefits that will profit you. According to research, drinking coffee can help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes as well as improve your brain function. You will, therefore, stay not only warm but also healthy.

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Exercising to keep warm in winter

We all attribute exercising to weight loss. But if you thought exercise is meant for people who have certain ailments or conditions, you are wrong. Spending ten to fifteen minutes doing exercises can help to keep you warm. There are simple exercises that you can do in your house without having to out and can contribute to keeping you warm.

If doing exercises in the house seems a bit hard, you can choose to go out and running within the compound. Another way to exercise is to spend a few minutes riding an exercise bike indoors. Some of the exercise bikes you can use indoors include;

  • Xterra fitness fb150 folding exercise bike
  • Schwinn 270
  • Exerpeutic gold 500 xls
  • Nautilus u614

When it comes to exercise bikes, you should also know your height. For example, if you are tall, get an exercise bike for tall people.

Also, when you feel too cold, you can dance a little bit to warm up yourself before you continue with work. Not only will you keep warm but also healthy. Experts say that dancing is good for your health.

 Our verdict

There are several ways freelancers can keep warm in winter from using infrared heaters to exercising without having to stress themselves. Working from home means you are the boss. You decide how to work and since you don’t have to wear official, wearing heavy clothes can help to protect yourself from the cold.

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Five reasons to have a freelance website

Doing freelance without a website is like staying in the dark and expecting to be noticed. That is one of the many reasons to have a freelance website. You may have come across some big names on different websites and in different sectors. Well, if you must know, they did not just wake up one morning to get their names up there. They had a plan for growing their businesses.

Freelancing is just like any other business where you as the owner, need to have a strategy. This is so you can have your name on the top of the world. That of course, is the quality of work that you provide to your clients. You also need to have a website as part of the strategy. Why? Below are some of the reasons why freelancers need personal websites.

For building a brand

You must have seen many people quitting their full-time jobs to do freelancing. But, what makes you different from every other freelancer who offers his services at the cost of $30 or $60 per hour? Every successful product in the market today has a brand. What is your brand? What is your face? Having a website is the only way you can stand out from others.

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A website is the best place for your clients to see what you can do. It is a better place to showcase your capabilities. Some client might not take you seriously if you don’t have one. This is also among the reasons to have a freelance website.

Feedback and queries

To be successful, you need to accept feedback whether negative or positive. But where will you get this if you do not have a website? Your website is the best platform for your target audience to share their views and thus helping you to grow. It also provides the easiest way for your audience to access you with their queries.

People get to know you better

You don’t like speaking to strangers, right? That is the case with everybody else in this field. People hire services from people they know better and can trust. This can be an excellent approach for you to earn the trust of the online world. You can share the positive feedback on your site as well as the testimonials the happy clients leave for you.

A way to get direct clients

You may enjoy the privilege of getting customers on sites such as People Per Hour, but that is not enough. A website can help you to get high-paying clients. They just request to have your services, and this gives you the privilege to ask for higher rates. Remember you are your boss, and this is a way to help you grow.

Earn more from your website

There are lots of opportunities online. Once you earn the trust of people, you will see more opportunities coming your way. It is time to make money and diversify. Learn new things every day. A website that attracts more traffic daily is a great source of income. Your website visitors or just readers of your blog can turn into long-time clients.


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If you haven’t gotten any reasons to have a freelance website, then I don’t know what else could convince you. There are many other grounds for you to have a website. All you need is just to pick your examples from successful companies or freelancers. They did something to get where they are. Focused freelancers not only earn, but they work towards their success.