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The Impact of AI on Copywriting and Marketing: Insights from a Marketing Agency Broker

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Bee, the founder of CJam Marketing, on my podcast, The Freelancer’s Mic. CJam Marketing is a marketing agency broker that connects businesses with the right marketing partners. In this wide-ranging discussion, Behdad shared insightful perspectives on copywriting, email marketing, contracts for freelancers, finding the right partners, marketing services, SEO, and more.

A sneak peek at the end

Key highlights from the interview: – AI is replacing average copywriters, so specialists with expertise still have value. Creative roles like design are less impacted currently.

– Email marketing is not dead if you provide value to subscribers. Build relationships rather than blasting irrelevant emails.

– Freelancer contracts put everyone on the same page about scope, compensation, IP ownership etc. But cross-border contract disputes are hard.

– When partnering, ensure similar values, skills, work ethic and motivations. Test on projects first before a full partnership.

– There are no shortcuts to solid SEO. It requires ongoing investments in content, backlinks, authority building etc.

– Video marketing follows similar rules as copywriting – solve your audience’s problems and pains.

– Businesses and agencies have personalities – you need to match personalities for successful partnerships.

There were many other golden nuggets that entrepreneurs, freelancers and marketers can learn from this amazing episode. You can listen to the full interview by visiting this link or searching for The Freelancer’s Mic on your favorite podcast app.

I highly recommend tuning in to hear Bee’s insightful responses on the above topics and more around marketing services and working with clients.

Feel free to also connect with Bee on LinkedIn at Behdad Jamshidi.

Here is a sneak peek of what’s in the interview:

Is copywriting going to be replaced by ai