Comprehensive guide: How to get more leads quickly

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Social media is one of the best places that provide you an opportunity to boost your brand. It is such an easy way to connect with your customers. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for this purpose. Using the right and the best approach will definitely help you to increase sales that you want. Most people still don’t know how to get more leads using social media. 

When we talk about lead generation on social media we mean using a cost-effective way. It also requires validation form contact to get on your mailing list. It is a more strategic term for data gathering. If you are looking to learn how to get more leads and sales from social media, continue reading below to find out more. 

How to get more leads quickly

Suitable Content

If you want to use social media to generate leads, then it means you need to have a blog. Your blog or website needs to have informative content. Once you have a blog, you can share on social media. When your leads land on your page then there must be interesting and educational content that can get their attention. There must be information that solves their problem. 

Now the question is what kind of content will it be? So, the simple answer is; your  content must be informative and engaging. The content must answer or solve your leads’ problem. If you have optimized content then be sure your leads will turn into customers so much faster than you think.

The major point that you must keep in mind when using social media for lead generation, there is no best perfect method to get done. It only depends on continuous effort, reviews, and evaluation. And that is how to get more leads faster.

How to get more leads: Use of SlideShare

Wondering how to get more leads fast with Slideshare? Well, Slideshare is a biggest platform and marketers can get the advantage of this by using it in front of the business to business. You can post your content no matter what description it has and it can also be reformatted. 

The best feature is that it allows cross-sharing. Therefore, you can share your content on any other platform by just using a simple button. If you want to track your analytics then you can also do this by Leadshare. This is an edge for you in lead generation. 

How to get more leads
Writers & Spire Solutions

Use of landing Pages

There is a common mistake that everyone does; pasting homepage links in their content instead of leading to the original page where you want to redirect your consumers. That is now how to get more leads immediately. If you avoid this mistake then it will help if you use landing pages.

Keep in mind the web provides millions of options to users. You need to paste and redirect viewers on the original page that can generate leads and fulfill user’s requirements. This will optimize your sales also. 

Webinars and Hangouts

You can also host a webinar in your area of the expert. You can use the best and easy setup like Facebook Live or use Zoom. You don’t need any special skills to do this. 

For example, you could host a webinar on how to more get leads. You just only need contacts on your list who are interested and let them know when you will be live. The best benefit of using this strategy is that people who accept your invite are already interested. 

Your invitation must specify your theme or subject line. When someone accepts your invite, it shows their interest. You may not build a huge list when starting out, but it is better in building castles in the air. 

Don’t forget to add your content to YouTube when the webinar is over. You can also embed the live link of content in your product description that will show your YouTube presence. 

You can also send them an appreciation message after the webinar is over. Include the links that can be also their interest in your message. Offer them answer to any question they might have asked before. This all will help you gain more leads than you expect. 

A great tool for hosting webinars is GetResponse. This is not just an email marketing software, but good also for webinars. It has a feature that you can use to send invites and host webinars effectively.

Run a Contest

Running a contest can also help any business to generate leads and increase sales. When you run a contest then you are opening a door on your social media pages to crop new email subscribers. 

The expending way of contest would be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. This is one sure way to increase your followers on your social media profiles. This depends on you that how you design your contest. You can answer a few questions or post some unique images that are a very common approach. 

Another thing, contests have more chances of success when you run it on a platform where you have more following and the response rate can be guaranteed. 

Gated Content

Gated content is an approach which means when visitors land on content then there is an action required for them to access your content. It may be an email subscription, fill a form or an image repost. 

To use this approach, you must have a good idea about your post and the best time to post when it can engage more people. Once you determined all this, publish your gated content link at such time. 

When you post at such a time then it will assure to get more results. So keep in mind this approach each time when you are going to schedule your post. 

Make a Reputation in Niche Sites

If you make a reputation in your niche websites and forums, then it will help prove to others that you are an expert in this matter. This is the reason people use sites like Quora, LinkedIn, and others to stamp their authority.

Use of Vimeo, YouTube, and Metacafe

Some people also think that other sites like YouTube, Vimeo and many more are beneficial as social media. When you have a highly ranked page and search visibility then it brings more hits on your links. Check my YouTube channel here and feel free to subscribe.

YouTube can be used for driving traffic for several pages and can generate leads. You can do this by adding your website URL in your video description. People who check your video are likely to follow the link and see what you have on the other side of the world. Once they land on your site and they like what you do, they will submit their emails for more updates.

Use of Pinterest 

Pinterest is also a big and famous platform where you can post links like fashion, cuisine, and lifestyle. This has become a boost of lead generation and many businesses are using it. 

Having more followers can also help you to grow. If you don’t, you can check buy instagram followers uk for more details. 

Your exciting posts can get the attention of a huge audience and this will be a smart move. If you publish daily news or e-journal then you can transfer all these into infographics and show them here. You can also make a live archive of your material on this site so that they may serve as a reference and can generate leads. 


You don’t need so many tools to generate leads. You just need to learn the easy way to do it. One of them is to have great and informative content to share. Ensure you capture the attention of your audience because without this, you can get them to subscribe to your blog.