Landing page copy mistakes you should avoid

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The landing page copy is, arguably, the most important element of your landing page. It’s your sales pitch. It tells the reader why they should join your program, and why they should believe in you. It’s why a visitor should stick around, read the text, and hopefully sign up.

So, if you’re writing it yourself, you should get it right. Landing page copy mistakes are not an uncommon occurrence, and keeping your copy error-free, readable, and engaging can be challenging.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common landing page copy mistakes, and how to avoid them.

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Landing page copy mistakes you should avoid

If your landing page is not converting, you probably made the following mistakes. Have a look at them and how to fix them.
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Not getting direct to the point

This is one of the mistakes that you can make on your standalone page. Since you have a specific objective in mind, there is no need of taking your visitor rounds. Your reader can only take seconds to make a decision. Get to the point right away and let the visitors know what solution you are offering them.

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Every human hates being taken rounds and then not gain anything in return. Tell your visitors how they will benefit from whatever services or product you are offering them.  Put your message across in a compelling manner. Ensure you stick to the point in a way that no reader will resist taking action.

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Placing the CTA button at the wrong place

Even if you know that people always scroll below to the end of the page, you should place your CTA in the right place. Just keep in mind that when people visit your page, they are looking for information. Obviously, they will not go past half of the page. Let’s be realistic here, do you usually read landing pages or you just skim? I’m sure you know the answer to this. And that is what many people do; skim.

This only means that you shouldn’t put your CTA after writing a long block. Make your block brief and it should not go below the fold.

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Disregarding the concerns of your audience

Even if you have a converting page copy, there are some buyer concerns that you shouldn’t overlook. It is hard for anyone to trust a brand or business he has just come across. Most people want to know who has worked with this brand and how was the experience. Some of the things buyers would be concerned to know about include:

  • Moneyback guarantee
  • Security and privacy
  • How to get in touch

These are some of the things that visitors are always concerned and want clarification before they buy your services. To avoid keeping your potential clients away, ensure you share some testimonials, feedback from customers, and awards you have received.

For example, if you are a writer, you can have testimonials from clients on the landing page. Also, reviews from clients can help your visitors feel that they can trust your services or product.

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Your CTA is weak

The main reason why you are creating a landing page is to generate leads. The strength of your call to action will determine if you will convert the visitor into a client or not. The idea here is to create CTAs that inspire action. Your colors and fonts need to be attractive in a manner that catch the interest of the reader. The should have a message that makes the reader see the significance of taking the action. For example, if I want people to download my e-book on the benefits of exercising, my CTA button will have something like;

  • Yes, send me the ebook
  • Yes, I want to know the benefits

Let me try and make this clear. For example, let’s take submit as your call to action message. This shows you are not serious. Use strong words that inspire action.

Not adding social sharing buttons

Most people fail to recognize the power of social sharing buttons. If you are one of those people, you better start including them on the thank you page. Your potential customers may want to share a valuable message with friends and family. This is an added advantage to you if they share. So, why not include them

Conclusion on landing page copy

In conclusion, avoid these mistakes when writing a copy for your landing page. It’s better to spend a few extra minutes crafting perfect copy than having to spend time reformatting, cleaning up, or fixing your page later. landing pages can be an important tool in your online business. Your landing page must clearly communicate your message, answer your audience’s questions, and offer to create a solution. Keep in mind that a page should only have one primary goal, which is to get visitors to take action.
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