How to promote your freelance services on social media

For How to promote your freelance services on social media
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If you are working in the digital world and offering freelancing services, then you need to understand the art of marketing. For maximizing your digital media presence, you should understand how to promote your freelance services on social media. In this post, you will learn how to promote your services on three major social media platforms. They include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

How to promote your freelance services on social media

There are several ways you can promote your services online. Most of the time, freelancers use freelance platforms like Upwork and forget social media channels such as Instagram. If you are one of them, this is for you. Check this out.

How to promote your Freelance services on Instagram

One thing I have learnt in my journey is that you need to present yourself as a brand. Don’t create a personal account; go with a business one. Your feed is like your portfolio, where you will highlight your work performances. Increase your followers and follow some like-minded people (other freelancers). Once your profile is up and running, here are some other ways to promote yourself.

Find Headhunters and Follow Them

Recruiters and headhunters are responsible for hiring people. They are always looking for new talent. A good tip here is to go to LinkedIn, locate a headhunter of a specific industry you are interested in) and then follow their Instagram. The purpose here is to create a network that lets you land on your dream freelancing job.

Once you find headhunters, actively engage with them. For this purpose, like their posts and leave some good comments. Be there when they are LIVE or share a story. Your aim is to get noticed, and it will be fulfilled with you well-engaged with them.

Use Service-Specific Hashtags 

Whether you are a graphic designer, virtual assistant, animator, or copywriter, make the most use of Hashtags. They tell others what your profile is about. You can also use a hashtag in your bio or profile so people who are searching for a graphic designer or freelance writer can find you quickly.

Try common hashtags such as #seo specialist #copywriter #graphicdesigner #webdeveloper #virtualassistant. Remember hashtags also work on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Be Consistent

If you want to get attention from clients, you must have a proper schedule of posting. Make a calendar and stick to it. You need to freshen up your feed with new posts and old/common hashtags.


One cool way to promote your freelance services on social media is to offer discounts and start a free giveaway. You can offer your services for free or in exchange for something like a testimonial. Besides, provide some special discounts on significant events like Halloween, Black Friday, New Year, etc. to attract your clients’ attention. 

You can try this technique on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. People take good interest in free items, so they don’t mind trying your services if it costs nothing.

How to Promote your Freelance Services on Facebook

Here are some strategies that allow you to market your freelance services on Facebook. First thing first, create your Facebook page and showcase your skills.

Run Ads on FB Page

Do you want to meet new clients? Add details to your page such as a portfolio. If possible, try and boost your post and page (not a must though). Choose your target audience and then run an ad. 

Guess what? You will not only get new followers, but some of them will turn into your client. However, you must have to showcase the best portfolio to attract clients on any social media. Give them a reason to want to follow of check out your services. That means, have a good advert copy.

Engage in Facebook Groups

Join freelance groups on Facebook. There are so many of them. Start with five groups with active group members. Before you join any group, read its guideline, and check some posts to gauge about its potential audience response. If you are a virtual assistant, you can join this group.

Now create a new post about your service, add a perfect visual image related to your freelance services like content writing, graphic designing, etc. and then share in a group. If you are a graphic designer and want to sell your freelance services on Facebook, get help from a copywriter who can create the best landing page for you. 

Share this page. I would suggest you share a link to your portfolio so that people can review your work quickly and connect with you if they get interested.

Our #1 Tip: Try to be a part of an active conversation in a big Facebook Freelancer group. Try to network with people before asking them to hire you. When you interact more and stay active. People will build trust in you, and they won’t mind trying your service.

How to Promote Your Freelance Services on LinkedIn

If you want to connect with professionals and companies, then LinkedIn is the right place. Create and optimize your profile if you wish to get noticed on this platform. The best thing about LinkedIn is that it offers job alerts, so you can check and apply quickly. When it comes to promoting your profile, you first need to add your work experience, education, website (portfolio), etc. Fill it with all our details including your job responsibilities. You can easily use LinkedIn to build your business online.

Research and Connect

Are you interested in getting a job in a specific company? Locate the headhunter and recruiter of that company and then connect with him. You need to write a cold email highlighting your freelancing services. Present yourself as the best candidate for the services you offer. Sell yourself but don’t force them to hire you. 

However, before you send any cold email, try to connect on a personal level. So, when they share a post, leave some interesting comments on it. Congratulate them and be a part of the company’s discussion. This way, you will get an interview call or order of your freelance services fast.

Try Direct Approach

People on LinkedIn always share a promotional post where they tell other people that they are available for a job. Whenever they see a job opening, they connect with the company and share comments about it. This direct approach of selling will work right if you can highlight your portfolio alongside a new post. Keep sharing and connecting on Linkedin, and it’s how you will attract new clients for your freelancing tasks.


Finally, you have got a clear idea of how to promote your freelance services on social media. Follow these methods and start getting orders from your clients non-stop.