How To Easily Grow Your Email List with Content Locking

How To Easily Grow Your Email List with Content Locking

Is list building giving you a hard time? If you said yes, this article is specifically for you. There are so many ways that you can use to grow your email list pretty quickly. One of them is content locking. In this post, I want to show you How to Quickly Grow Your Email List with Content Locking. This especially if you want to have a large list within a short period of time.

What is Content Locking?

This is a great strategy that you can use to help block content to the readers for them to complete a certain action like email sign up or social share.

This is a great strategy that you can use to help block content to the readers for them to complete a certain action like email sign up or social share. If you have an ecommerce store, you may use content gating to reveal the coupon codes to your potential customers.


Some of the scenarios where you may use content gating include the following:

  • When giving away a free ebook
  • Offering a discount
  • Free course
  • Long-form articles

While you might use content locking for different purposes, we want to focus on list building.

To lock content, you need software that will help you keep it active on your blog. One reliable software you can use is OptinMonster.

What is OptinMonster?

For How To Quickly Grow Your Email List with Content Locking
OptinMonster Content Locking

OptinMonster is a lead generation tool. You can use it in creating and integrating email Optin forms, content lockers, and list segments, among other things. This software helps webmasters and bloggers to grow their mail lists, which in turn increases conversions and sales. If you want to start locking your content and increase sales, check OptinMonster now.

Features of OptinMonster

OptinMonster has the following features that make it just what you need to grow your email lists and boost sales:

Perfect Integration

In addition to  allowing you to create highly adaptive email campaigns, it can be integrated smoothly with WordPress sites and third party email programs. This means that you can send personalized, segmented or even targeted mails to ensure effectiveness.    

Campaign Triggers

It’s smart triggers will help you to display the relevant campaigns to your web or blog visitors. By determining the behavior of your visitors first, you will be able to give them the right content at the right time.  These triggers include: the scroll trigger, inactivity sensors and campaign scheduling among others.

Drag -Drop Builder

 This helps you in creating forms for email subscription easily.  You can drag an element, for example; a button, a form or text and drop them by only one click.

Specific Actionable insights

With OptinMonster you can increase your conversion ratio more easily. This is precisely because it offers insights that are practical and the tools you need. It gives you a platform to test new ideas and reliable data to help you make decisions on future strategies.

Different Campaign Types

For How to Easily Boost Your Email List with Content Locking
OptinMonster campaign types

There is a variety of campaign types including; floating bars, light box pop up, content locker among others. With so many types you can choose the best campaign to maximize conversions.

Targeted Campaigns

It offers specific target options including; page-level targeting, geo-targeting, device-based targeting among others. Targeted campaigns effectively attract many subscribers who often, end up as buyers and as such, are invaluable.  

How much does OptinMonster cost?

With all the valuable features it offers, OptinMonster is quite affordable. You can access it through any of the following four plans.

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Basic Plan for $9.00 monthly

This is suitable for starters who wish to use it majorly for learning purposes. This plan allows you to do the following;

  • Create various campaign types
  • Generate unlimited campaigns
  • Perform list segmentation
  • Perform basic third party integrations

 The Plus Plan for $19 monthly

It is suitable for users who already have some experience and wish to go the extra mile, use more tools and features to increase leads. This  plan offers all  that the basic plan offers plus the following;

  • Content locking
  • Full reporting
  • Monster sounds
  • Advanced integration
  • Device-based targeting
  • Inactivity sensor
  • Integrated A/B Testing
  • Attention activation
  • 2 sites

Pro Plan at $29 monthly

This is best for marketers and businesses that are growing. The features that are offered under Pro Plan include all in Plus plan and:

  • Mobile-specific campaigns
  • Pro Integrations…
  • Yes/ No forms
  • MonsterLinks
  • Countdown Timers
  • Exit Intent Technology
  • Referrer Detection
  • Campaign scheduling
  • UTM targeting
  • Smart tags
  • 3 sites

Growth Plan at $49 per month

Growth plan is ideal for pro users that are looking for more leads and all the tools they need to increase their conversions. it offers all that is offered in the Pro plan, plus the following;

  • Onsite retargeting
  • Real-Time Personalization  
  • Geolocation Targeting
  • Follow-up Campaigns
  • Coupon Wheel Campaigns
  • ManyChat Integration
  • Success Scripts
  • Adblock Detection
  • Custom branding
  • Behavior Automation
  • 5 Sites
  • Custom branding
  • Unlimited sub-accounts

In all the plans, billing is done annually and once you buy OptinMonster, you get access to OptinMonster University. The university is a library which offers expert courses, video training and valuable digital content.


 Adding Content Lock in OptinMonster

You need to follow the steps below:

 Installation and activation of OptinMonster.

Ensure you have the latest version of the OptinMonster downloaded, installed and activated on your website.

Log in to your OptinMonster account.

 Creation of an Option to lock your content

At your WordPress site, go to the dashboard and click on OptinMonster.

You will see options displayed, click on Campaigns followed by  create a new campaign.

Next, click on Inline campaign and then choose your preferred campaign template.

Give your campaign a name,  and select the website to which you wish to engage the content locker. After selecting the website, click on start building.

You will see a new window which allows editing. Check the options available on the left hand side of the editor. Here you can customize the Optin colour and make other necessary changes according to your preference.

At the top  of the page, click on Design tab followed by inline settings.

Options will be displayed.

To activate content lock, toggle the button.

For How to Easily Boost Your Email List with Content Locking

 Two options will be displayed after you activate the content lock as seen above:

  • Obfuscation which works by  blurring all the content below the Optin 
  • Removal which removes all the content occurring below the Optin.

Select your preferred optin.

Link the form to your preferred email marketing  provider for the email collection purpose.

By clicking on the analysis tab, you will link your Google Analytics account with OptinMonster.  Select the website you wish to track then click on integration. A drop down option will be displayed.  Choose your preferred email marketing provider.

Once you finish making the changes, click on the publish. After that, set your campaign to live by toggling the button next to the status tab. This will enable the content locker to be displayed on the relevant website.

Click on OptinMonster from your  WordPress dashboard. The campaigns created for your website will appear there. On the content locker campaigns, click on edit output settings. A new screen will appear. Confirm that the option ” enable campaign on site” is enabled. After copying the shortcode, click on save settings.

Paste the shortcode on the page or post where you wish to have it displayed. This will display the content locker. Click on publish, the post will be displayed live and you will have the content locker active.

Conclusion on content locking

That is How to Easily Boost Your Email List with Content Locking. The best way is to OptinMonster. It could be the game-changer you need to grow your email list and boost sales.