How to Save Money From Salary

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Do you feel that you cannot save because the money is not enough? Are you looking for tips on How to Save Money From Salary? I want to convince you that everyone can do it, even when earning the minimum. Sometimes we try to save but there are always many excuses such as:

The money is not enough, I have many expenses,

Life is very expensive

School fees went up …

Among them is also a widely used excuse: “I can’t save because I earn only the minimum wage.” You can do it. But, Leticia, how do I save money when I only earn the minimum wage? I juggle so that it reaches me for everything, and now you talk to me about saving? !! How can I save money on a small salary or income? 

Yes, you heard me right! You can save money from your salary! And it is precisely, because it is not enough, that I want to show you how to save money from your salary or income so that you do not have to live on the minimum wage for the rest of your life.

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How to Save Money From Salary

Set a destination for your money

When we don’t define the amount of money for each thing, we end up spending on what we don’t need. You can do it using your budget, in an excel sheet or on a sheet of paper. There is also the option of envelopes, which practically consist of separating your money into several labelled envelopes. For example, you have savings, needs, and wishes.

Allocate your savings first

When you get your income or salary, what is the money you set aside first? Sure you are thinking about the rent, energy payment, and school fee, right? Everything before saving, if there is anything left over, then I save it.

It is normal for you to think like this, most of us make this mistake. From now on you no longer have an excuse to keep making this mistake. I have shown you How to Save Money From Salary.

The first thing we must set aside is our savings, this must be at least 10%. The 10%? Impossible, it’s a lot of money, I can’t do it. Okay, so start saving 2%, next month increase it to 3%, and so on until you get into the habit of saving and hit 10% or more. Ever heard of the 52 weeks saving challenge? Try it! That’s the easiest I can tell you on how to save money fast.

Use the pre-save

If even giving you the previous options you feel that you will not be able to do it. Don’t worry, I’m going to give you one more tip on How to Save Money From Salary.

Buy things on deals

If you are asking how can I save money on a small salary, I have another option for you. Never use your savings to purchase costly products. Always look for discount coupons to avail of maximum savings purchasing online. In this way, you can easily save a lot of money. 

What does pre-saving consist of?

Basically, it is to create a new account in your bank and authorize that a percentage of your salary is automatically transferred to this account. Once this is done, you need to tear up your retirement card and forget about this money. You can make use of it only if you have an investment purpose.

If money is your biggest temptation and it is inevitable to buy that blouse that you like so much, or the last cell phone that came onto the market, this option is surely for you.

Set goals for savings

When we are in the process of acquiring this habit, we must seek inspiration. Writing down your savings purpose is one of them. If you have dreamed of that cruise, opening a business, buying your house, buy a car … Make a dream picture, paste pictures of how you visualize yourself, if possible, set a deadline to save the money you need.

Save by taking care of what you already have

Oddly enough, this is one way to save. Take care of your personal and real estate. This way you will avoid running to get your savings to spend on repairs or to buy something that is damaged. Yes, I know that things will get damaged sooner or later. But taking care of them can last us much longer. Time in which you can increase your savings.

Invest your savings

Do not leave your money alone, saved. You need to make it work. It is a way to increase your savings little by little until you make a small fortune.

What if I have a very small amount? You can also do it. There are businesses that you can start with very little money. For example, a food sale on weekends or an online product review site. The money you earn is not to be spent on your whims. You need to reinvest it into something else.

Are you going to make it?

I trust that these tips will help you achieve the life you desire so much. There are people out there who earn little money but have big thoughts.  They have made it. Be one of them and dare to make a difference in your life. But before you can start saving, ‘m sure you are looking to start making money online, check out this post.


  1. Indeed, we need to set goals for our savings and set goals for fulfilling out future desires. I completely agree with ya.
    Thanks a lot for sharing. I sincerely hope to start some savings, though it seems a bit difficult knowing the kind of person I am but still I’ll surely try now.

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