Best Laptops for Writers on a Budget

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Some years ago, a laptop used to be a luxury for many. But that is not the case anymore. Most people use laptops for different purposes. But what are the best laptops for writers on a budget in 2021? Well, in this article, we explore some of the laptops that you can buy when you are on a budget this year. 

Choosing a laptop can be hectic especially if you are a new writer. That is why we are going to show you some of the things you should consider when shopping for a good laptop for writing work. Check some of the factors below.

Best laptops for writers on a budget

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop, 15.6″ Full HD IPS Display

With this laptop, you can work in any setting. If you are a writer, you can agree here that there are times you work till late in the night. But what happens when the lights get dim? Well, this laptop comes with a backlit keyboard that makes sure you can continue working regardless of the environment you are in.

Aspire 5 has a narrow-bezel design that helps to provide more practical amazing images. The wide range of ports that come with this machine ensures that you have extensive connectivity. You can enjoy a wireless connection where you are. 


The laptop you want to buy should not be that heavy. It should be lightweight so you can take it wherever you go. If you live in an area prone to power blackouts, a lightweight laptop can do since sometimes you will be working from the library or cafeteria. 


There is no doubt that you will be storing most of your files on this laptop. Ensure your laptop is at least 250 GB. If you can’t have more space, consider registering for cloud storage. These days, laptops are available two types of storage space. This includes HDD and SSD. Laptops with SSD provide speed performance as compared to those with HDD storage. However, laptops with SSD storage have limited storage space. The HDD laptops have ample storage space. Many of the SSD laptops feature a storage space of 512GB or 256GB. For HDD, the laptops have 1TB.


This is what you will be hitting all the time and you need to choose a laptop with the best keyboard. Ensure the keyboard is user-friendly and responsive. Some laptops have a keyboard that gets damaged after a few months of use. As a freelance writer, a good keyboard is your priority. If you don’t know how to identify a laptop with a good keyboard, take your friend along so he can help you should.

Laptop battery

A laptop without a battery is not a laptop. Before making that payment, make sure you check the battery life. A good laptop should have the ability to last you up to five or six hours after plugging it out from the charger. That means you can still work even when there is no power. There are some laptops that have a battery life of up to 14 hours on one charge.


What kind of display would you like your laptop to have? If I were to recommend a laptop to you, I would recommend a 13-inch display. If you choose anything below that, you will have a hard time working and this is not healthy for the eyes. You don’t need to strain to read. Get a display that you can easily read, However, if you need a bigger screen, you are free to choose. We only discourage going with anything smaller than 13 inches.

For the display, I suggest you go with the at least 13-inch display because smaller than that it’s not good for your eyes. A 15-inch display is an ideal size but you can go for a bigger one also it depends upon you.


This is another factor that will determine the kind of laptop you get. A laptop with 8GB RAM is a good one for any writer or blogger. Most of the time, writers find themselves multi-tasking. There are times when you have more than 5 tabs and two or three windows. This means you need a laptop with a good RAM amount to deal with all the work you have to do.

Below are the best laptops for writers on a budget in 2021 that you should consider purchasing. Remember to take all the factors mentioned here into consideration if you are out to get a good laptop.

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