Influencer Marketing Mistakes to avoid

Last Updated on July 10, 2018 by Ludiah

Have you made any influencer marketing mistakes before? A vast wave of endorsing celebrities amongst other influencers to partake product promotion has hit the market. Some have a positive effect on the brand others are a performing circus and not worth the effort put in. How deep you look into your market and understand what you require out of your marketing strategy will push you a bar higher or bury you deep. I heard your heart skip a bit. Yes, let’s trigger the thinking. Want to know what to avoid in implementing influencer marketing, Read on ☺

Wrong Influencer Marketing choices

You see those gracing social media with the post, and automatically you like them. It happens to most of us too.


Not every successful marketing influencer is fit for your product and finding someone who can eventually translate potential clients into sales is a significant win. If you endorse an influencer due to their following other than engagement rate, you will have a less sized audience being addressed in the long run, and your marketing strategy will be null and void.

The Bossy Boss

Come on! This is the 21st century where dishing orders is a thing of the past. Leave that controlling trait back home when working with a team. Everyone’s opinion counts and pointing out how things should be done to an influencer leaving no room for their ideas will demoralize your team and inject a negative work attitude. An influencer will be puppet during the contract, do all you want (if they can at least stomach the orders), and the outcome will be undesired.

#Influencer marketing: Misplaced Goal Digging Mission

You might be probably thinking of jumping on the bandwagon. Wait! Sit back and reflect on influencer marketing importance to your brand, the value it brings along and expected the outcome. Do not expect an instant rocket in sales just because your influencer mimics so. If your goal is not aimed at reaching new target markets and increasing brand awareness that will later translate into sales, Re-strategize.

Lack of Proper Customer Understanding

How well do you know your audience? Do your services achieve your clients’ interest? The failure to create a marketing persona will deny you the chance to understand your client’s hiring habits, preferences, and pinpoints achieved through freelance interviews.

Understanding your target client will propel you towards a suitable marketing influencer who can relate well to your brand and outline who your clients are to them.

Opting for Cheaper Promotion

It is typical for humans to look for an opening to save an extra coin when it comes to weighing spending. Paying a low standing influencer marketing will only save cost but rest assured it will be expensive. You will need to match the tactics and carry out more promotional activities to get your product out to a dynamic market. A wise man once said you either ship in or shape out. You can promote your posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Expecting Instant Results

Patience! Patience! and Patience!

Allow your mode of marketing time to yield fruits. It can never give right back on an overnight venture as you have to convince your target client or audience on the brand effectiveness. The consumer will also need some time to organize their finances and purchase your services. This may include writing or social media management services.


You need to find what works well for you. Find an influencer marketing individual who matches and has a firm conviction of your services as a freelancer. Put enough workforce and finances and watch your brand grow. What is worth having is worth investing in.