Instafamous – hard work or success overnight?

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Instafamous, a status that many social media users worldwide are conation for. But among the millions of posts that end up in the feed every day, only a few stand out from the crowd and generate followers. Numerous blogs have already taken up the topic and given their readers tips on how they can increase their social influence on Instagram. 

We took a closer look at these tips and subsequently presented the most effective methods to help you become Instafamous. But keep in mind overnight success is rare.

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Instafamous tips no one tells you

A flawless profile

Instafamous secrets revealed
Writers & Spire Solutions

Before you start gambol in the depths of the social network, you should first take a look at your own profile. Instagram is all about visual stimulation and inspiration. Therefore, take your profile and make the best of it: Post regularly and pay attention to uniform imagery, immaculate quality and a traveling story that in the best case offers your users added value and makes them curious about more. Yes, right, the description function is not just decoration but should be used actively. 

Tell your followers exactly this story, which is hidden behind a photo, ask your followers questions or tell them what is on your mind. Show your life in all its facets and always be honest with it. If you are interested in becoming an Instagram model and make money, you need to be real.

Interact with your future audience

Followers don’t just want to admire their idols from a distance. Close contact with your favorite Instagrammers is therefore extremely important to them. Therefore, try to be regularly socially active right from the start. No matter if you have 10, 50, 400 or thousands of followers. Every small number counts. Show them that you care about them. 

Leave comments below your photos, follow them or other Instagram owners you would like to get in touch with, like posts by other users and post yourself regularly, then you will be guaranteed the attention of other users.

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Become Instafamous by commenting

Especially commenting on posts has proven to be helpful in generating more followers on Instagram. Not only the person who posted the photo you commented on, but also the entire followers of this user. But be careful! Avoid carelessly clapped comments that consist of only one or two words. Contribute to the conversation! Provide new information, tell a suitable story that comes to mind about the picture or answer a question that the user may have asked in his picture description. In short: Show other Instagramers that you are genuinely interested in them, then they will be interested in you too.

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Follow other users

Search for people whose Instagram profiles appeal to you. By following this person alone, they will already be aware of you. If this other user also likes what you publish on your profile, chances are that he will also follow you. However, avoid typical beginner mistakes like these ones below:

Do not follow every Instagrammer. The person should be interested in things similar to yourself, otherwise, it will be difficult to inspire the other person for you. Not every Instafamous pro is worth following.

Target smaller Instagrammer, because it is unlikely that a user with a high number of subscribers will follow you if he himself is linked with only a few other members on the platform.

Do not follow other Instagramers exclusively because you want them to track you. It may well take longer for the person to notice you, they didn’t notice you in the crowd of their own followers, or they simply aren’t interested. That’s okay, accept it and just stay tuned.

Follow Instagramers permanently and don’t immediately unfollow them again when you see that they are paying no attention to you. It just doesn’t work out. An Instafamous pro doesn’t do that.

The world of hashtags

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Want to become Instafamous? Hashtags are the fastest way to find suitable and interesting articles and profiles. If you don’t know what kind of hashtags are common, check out the hashtags of another user who is in the same niche as you. If someone is made aware of your post by a certain hashtag, then there is a high probability that they will also be interested in your other photos and follow you. This is also a good trick for anyone who wants to increase Twitter engagement.

Be aware of the competition

Competition is everywhere Including Instagram. Ask any Instafamous pro and he will tell you competition is real. For example, the best photos on a topic are awarded “Photo of the day,” This is the most famous contest of this kind. Here, a photo is selected daily and linked to the user’s profile. If you select your photo, you have the chance of several thousand likes and you get countless new followers in just one day. 

To participate, all you have to do is equip your picture with the hashtag #photooftheday and you’re good to go. Of course, there are many other competitions, such as #pictureoftheday or #bestoftheday. Instafamous means hard work and it’s not for the lazy

Keep going

Those who follow these steps will find that success is possible, but it does not happen overnight. The motto here is to remain realistic and just do your thing. It is incredibly important to stay tuned, not to be intimidated and to continue working hard to generate more followers. Just because it may be slow and leisurely at the beginning does not mean that the breakthrough is not just around the corner.


Well, there are also numerous unfair methods such as using bots or buying Instagram followers. However, this is not advisable. If you are honest with yourself and do what you love and carry it out into the world, sooner or later you will reap the fruits of your work. Even if it does not happen overnight, you will eventually, become an Instafamous pro. These tips surely help you how you become famous on Instagram and increase your product visibility. In reward, you can get high value and response. There you have it. Go ahead and use these tips to become an Instafamous of all time.