Make 500 Fast With These Clever Ways

Make 500 Fast
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Are you in a situation where you want to make 500 fast or are saying I need money now? You are not alone in this. There are so many people out there who want to make $500 fast but don’t know how to do it. There are so many reasons why one might need instant cash. Sometimes you may want to parent, do some car repairs or attend to some medical emergencies.

It doesn’t matter the reason why you need a quick $500, what matter is that you get instant cash and solve your problem. If you have a 9-5, waiting for the payday can seem like waiting for years. But there is no need to worry because Writers & Spire has you covered. I know some people might tell you that it is impossible to make a quick $500. But hey, read this. It is possible to make 500 fast.

All we are saying here is that you can make quick and genuine money fast. What matters here is how you manage your resources and time. If you have good time management skills, you can make $500 fast and solve your problem. Are you ready to make quick money? Read on to find out how to make 5oo dollars fast.

Clever Ways to Make 500 Fast This Year

The first question that people ask when I tell them they can make 500 fast is; Am I going to move from one office to the other working? As usual, my answer is that you can make quick money working from home. I mean you can use your laptop or phone to earn money fast. Check some of my top preferred ways to make $500 fast.

Sell unwanted stuff

We all have those things that don’t use in our homes. It could b

Ways to make money online
Make 500 fast

e your clothes, wheelbarrow, or phone. Are you aware that those clothes that you don’t use could be worth $500? If you don’t know this, try arranging them for selling.

Just approximate the selling price you will see how you can easily make 500 fast. What about that phone that you don’t use? Instead of having idle stuff in your home, sell them and make instant cash. This will help solve the headache of having to borrow loans online. Always remember that selling one unwanted item cannot make you 500 fast. But if you have many items in your home that you don’t use, you can make more than that. You could even make $300 fast.

Get paid to write reviews

This is one of the easy ways to make quick cash. The idea here is for you to get paid to review websites. Here are some of the websites that will pay you to perform some simple tasks.

UserTesting: This website will pay you to review a website. You will earn $10 per review and you are paid via PayPal. Just test websites and give feedback. Here is how you do it;

  • You visit an app or website
  • Complete some tasks while sharing your thoughts out loud
  • Get paid your $10

The good thing with UserTesting is that there are times when you can have a chance to complete tasks that will earn you even $70.

Enroll: Apart from the User-Testing, Enroll is another website where you get paid to review websites. Enroll is a design development agency which is awesome to work with. They pay via PayPal and you can always use your phone, laptop, or desktop to carry out the tests. Jobs ate Enroll vary both in time and payment. Some tasks are short and may earn you less than $10. But it is worth your time.

UserFeel: This is another great website you should try and earn money fast. It pays you $10 for every test. Like

Make 500 fast
Writers Spire

other testing sites that I have mentioned, UserFeel requires you to apply. After that, you will do a sample test and if you pass you are one of them. After approval, you start receiving assignments via your email. Make sure you have a working PayPal account for receiving payment every week.

Validately: I am happy to share this website because you will find it useful. It is different from others since it provides tests in different ways. There is an easy five-minutes test worth $5. There are also live tests where you need to speak through phone and share a screen with your moderator.  With live tests, you will earn $25 for a task that takes around 30 minutes.

Once you are done, expect payment within five business days after completion. Sounds like something you want to try? What are you waiting for? Take action and make 500 fast.
Make 500 fast

Take online surveys

Make 500 fast by taking online surveys. This among the easiest ways to make money online. You don’t need to get out to take the surveys since they are sent to your email. Below are some of the sites that will pay you to take online surveys.

Survey Junkie: This is an online community that has more than 10 million members who are dedicated to making your voice heard. Survey Junkie helps to open the communication window between the brand your love and yourself. Register on Survey Junkie, take surveys and earn virtual points that you can redeem for gift card or PayPal.

The good thing about these surveys is that you only spend around ten to fifteen minutes handling them. Also, you can do them in your free time. When you sign up on Survey Junkie, ensure the information you provide including your email is correct. This is because the surveys are usually sent to your email.

Vindale Research: This is a free and reliable survey site for everyone willing to earn some dollar online. If you perform a politics-related survey, you will earn $10. With political surveys, you are required to answer questions on key political events and this takes around ten minutes. Other Vindale Research surveys include fashion and electronics surveys. This survey site pays via PayPal or check. Other survey sites to help you make 500 fast include the following;

  • Global Test Market
  • Swagbucks
  • Springboard America
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Opinion Outpost

Make 500 fast by selling your textbooks

Selling textbooks is one of the best ways to make fast cash. This is especially easy if you just finished college and have many textbooks lying around the house. There are so many ways to sell your textbooks. One of the ways is to sell them offline to friends who you know need books. You may also exchange them for the money at the book store.

But there is another excellent way to sell your textbooks after college and make 500 fast. It is through Bookscouter website. This website assists you to find a good price for the textbooks you are selling. Here is what you should do:

  • Check back of your book for the ISBN and enter it on the Bookscouter system
  • Using the ISBN you entered, Bookscouter will search its database for good offers from all booksellers across the world.

After that, this website will show you a list of buyers. You can either accept or reject the offers.

If you choose to accept the offer to sell them the book, you will receive a prepaid shipping label so- you can send your books. You will receive payment via PayPal within one or two days once the order is received.  Now that you know how to make 500 dollars fast by selling your books, sign up here and start selling.

Well, this is the easiest way on how to get 300 dollars fast a month without breaking a bank.

Make use of bonuses


Let me show you how to make 500 dollars fast with bonuses. But first, did you know that there are websites that give you a bonus once you sign up? Website owners are fully aware that people need quick money once in a while. That is why to use this technique to encourage people to sign up on their sites. Nobody wants to do worthless business. Everyone wants to make 500 fast and invest in a lucrative business. The reason why these companies offer you a bonus to sign up is that they believe that you will, in the end, find their products and services valuable. As a result, you will continue being their customer.

The best thing about bonuses is that they are yours after sign up even if you don’t plan to stick around. So, if you are want to make $100 fast, you should take advantage of these bonuses. Below are some of the websites where you can get paid to sign up and make 500 fast this month.

MyPoints: Get paid to sign up on this website and earn $10 as a welcome bonus now.

Ebates: This website will pay you $10 as a welcome bonus if you sign up today.

Swagbucks: Get paid $10 welcome bonus by signing up on Swagbucks today.

Ibotta: Earn a $10 welcome bonus by signing up on Ibotta website.

InboxDollars: Get paid to sign up with InboxDollars and earn a welcome bonus of $5. You can also earn get paid some dollars for completing small tasks like taking surveys, signing up for offers, and watching videos.

Survey Junkie: You will get a $2 bonus once you sign up with Survey Junkie and complete your profile creation procedure.

iDevAffiliate: Get a $25 bonus by signing up for iDevAffiliate program. After that, earn a 15% commission on every customer you refer to them and makes a purchase. Once you reach $100, you will get paid.

I can’t imagine this is just $72 from signing up on websites. The journey to make $500 fast keeps getting better and easy as we move on.

Make 500 fast with Fiverr
468x60 Fiverr Pro

Fiverr is the leading marketplace for freelancers. If you are looking to earn money fast, Fiverr should be top on your list. If you are good designing logos or writing ebooks, head over to Fiverr and create your profile to start selling now. Unlike other freelance platforms, Fiverr lets you decide your price. The least a gig can cost is $5. A gig takes less than ten minutes to set up. What are you good at? Sell your skills on Fiverr by registering now. 

With Fiverr, you will not only make 500 fast, but you might make up to $1000/month doing what you love.

Write and get paid instantly

write and get paid instantly
Write and get paid instantly

If you are currently saying I need money now, I have another way you can use to make money quickly. This is only applicable to you if you love writing and can write something informative and engaging. Some of the best places to sell your articles include dotWriter.

All you need is to come up with a hot topic and writer an article that is more than 300 words. Submit for review and once the article is approved, you will be on your way to making 500 fast. Do you have an idea that you want to write and get paid instantly? Head over to dotWriter and register for an account to start selling your articles.

Teach online

Are you a teacher? Do you teach English or any Language? Well, you can make easy money from teaching online. But this is not just for teachers but for everyone. If you are an expert on a certain topic, you can create a course and sell it online.

Let me explain this.

For example, you are a fitness expert and most people come to you for help or advice, you can set up a fitness course and sell online. Some of the platforms that you can use to sell your courses include;

Apart from the above platforms, you can use Fiverr to sell your course creation services. Another way to earn $500 fast from is to offer to at schools part-time. You can as well have students come over at your place for a one hour lesson on your preferred subject.

Let’s say you charge $20/hr per student. If you get 20 students taking your lessons every day, you will make 400 fast and on a daily basis. That means, in two days, you will make 500. Some of the things you can teach include:

  • How to play guitar
  • The Ultimate body weight workout
  • Swimming for beginners
  • How to become a proofreader

While you can train or create a course on any category, just make sure you know a lot about the topic. You should be the expert and not the other way around. Get this Create and Sell Online Courses Guide and make instant cash.

And that is how to make 500 fast using the skills you have.


What more evidence do you need to believe that you can make 500 fast and avert an emergency? Well, I hope this is enough to convince you that there are so many things you take part in and earn money instantly.

Some of those things are lying in your kitchen or bedroom. The next time you say to yourself I need money now, remember all the clever ways I mentioned above. Don’t forget you can write and get paid instantly by Writers & Spire as well. The next time someone asks you to show them how to make 500 dollars fast, refer them to read this article.