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Let me ask you. How many friends do you have? I bet you have many. If your list is as endless as mine, then relax you got money. When you look at your friend, just know you are looking at cash. You can earn $20 per referral or even more, depending on the website. Get paid per referral sign up and make money while maintaining your friendship. I know you won’t believe this. But this is true.

Get Paid per referral signup
Get Paid per referral signup

There are sites that are ready to pay you to refer a friend to sign up on their

website or make a purchase. Just imagine having 30 friends, you refer them to a website that pays you $5. That amounts to $150 in a month. Sounds great, right?

We have a list of sites that will pay you per referral sign up. However, the payment method will vary from site to site. Also, the kind of task you perform to get paid may vary. Friend referral is one of the easiest ways to make money online. But there is another way; get paid to proofread.

Are you ready to start earning money through friend referrals? Let’s get started.

Get paid per referral sign up


This third-party affiliate network gives you access to several websites or advertisers. If you are looking to be a publisher for sites like AliExpress, consider registering here. For every blogger or publisher you refer to this website, it pays you $0.75.


This company offers several ways for freelancers and online businesses to get paid online by their international clients. If you registered for an account just for receiving money, I have good news for you. You can refer a friend to sign up on Payoneer and get paid $25 once your friend transacts $1000.

This amount is easy to receive via Payoneer especially when you have online businesses. So, if you have not registered for Payoneer or looking for ways to earn money online, use my link to sign up now.


Looking to earn extra money? Viglink is your number one choice to get that cash. This affiliate program will pay you a 30% commission for referring your friend. You will get paid this for the first year. If you are a publisher you will have access to many merchants as well. Viglink id a good affiliate program.


468x60 Get More Done, Together

This is the top freelance marketplace. Registering on this freelance site is free. Once you register, you can get the affiliate link that you can share with friends and earn a commission. For Fiverr, you can register both as a client and freelancer and still get the affiliate link. Don’t have an account? Sign up here to get the affiliate link and start earning.


Get paid per referral sign up

This automation and email marketing service provider will pay you a 30% commission every month from every friend or family that you refer to them. What does this mean? For instance, you refer them an account that is worth $99 per month, it means ConvertKit will pay you $30 each month. Sounds like something you want to do? Sign up now.


Big Discounts for Domains, Hosting, SSL and more

This IT Service Management Company is willing to pay you to refer friends to register or host their domains with them. For every friend you refer to them and performs domain transfer or registration through them, you earn a 20% commission. If the person goes ahead and orders their web hosting services, you will get a 35 percent commission. Do you see? You can earn $20 per referral. Don’t have a domain name? Register one here.


ShareASale 234x60 A

This affiliate marketing network is willing to pay you to refer a friend to sign up for their affiliate program. Here is what happens. Once the friend signs up using your link, you will get $30 once the person generates at least $20 in commission. That sounds like a great deal, right? With ShareASale’s referral program, you don’t just earn $20 per referral but $10 more. What are you waiting for? Join, Earn Cash!

So, if you have a blog and wish to earn extra cash, consider joining this program. Not only will you earn per referral but you will also find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content. through


This money transfer service will pay you £50 for referrals you make. Here is how it works. Once three of your invited buddies make a qualifying transaction or payment of not less than £200 each. The good thing is that your friend also will get a discount on their initial transfer. With TransferWise, your friend receives the money within two or 24 hours depending on the method used. No more waiting. Register here for free. I wrote about everything you need to know about TransferWise here.


This is the leading marketplace for SEO. This website will pay you a commission of 10% for every purchase or order that your referral makes.


Transcription jobs

This is a transcription website where freelancers go to find work. If you can turn speech into text you can make money here. But once you register, you can refer a friend and earn a commission 10% from clients and 1% from freelancers who join the site. Use my link to register. In case you don’t know how to transcribe, consider enrolling in Transcription Anywhere course to learn more. I reviewed the course here.


SendOwl is ready to pay you a 20% of the subscription of your referral. For example, if you refer them a customer who subscribes to their package of $24, you will be paid $4.80.  Does this sound like something that you want to check out? Join using this link.

Writers & Spire

Get more

I started this program, Writers & Spire affiliate, to help you earn money while we help others learn how to work online. Here is the deal. You will earn a 20% commission on every sale you make. For every trainee who registers for my course using your link, you will earn a commission of 20%. You also get a signup bonus of $10. If you are interested in the Writers & Spire Affiliate program, join here.

Apart from paying you a commission for every referral. we pay you $10 to write about Writers & Spire Affiliate Program and post on your website. This means we pay you to write on your website.


Try AWeber
Best email marketing software

This is a good tool if you are looking for one for email marketing. They are kind enough to offer you a free trial of 30 days. Also, it is one of my best sites when it comes to referring a friend and earn per referral sign up? Here are the reasons why I would recommend that you enroll as their affiliate and earn money from the comfort of your sofa. With AWeber, you have recurring revenue as long as the friend you referred to them continues to use his account.

For example, you refer Emily to them and she registers for the $19/m plan. So, each month Emily uses AWeber, you will receive or earn $5.70. In short, you get a 30 percent recurring commission. What will you have in one year from a single referral? Well, that is around $68.40. Think how much money you will earn if Emily remains AWeber customer for five years. Try AWeber Email Marketing FREE For 30 Days!image 9005568 13550044

Advert: Enroll in this course and get more clients in 30 days.

virtual assistant course

Get paid per referral sign up with MyPoints 


First, when you join my points, you receive a bonus of $10. MyPoints also gives you 10% of your referrals’ points. What does this mean? It means that when your referrals spend at least $20 shopping at their favorite stores, both of you will earn additional points, 750 points. You can shop at any of the top retailers like Home Depot, Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart stores. If you want to earn $10 to sign up or earn points on each dollar you spend, you can sign up here.


If you are looking to earn extra income, then you should join GetResponse’s affiliate program. Joining this program is free. For every referral signup that comes from your side and subscribes to one of GetReponse’s products, you get 33% commission. And every time your referral pays their monthly subscription, you receive the 33% commission.  Apart from that, you can choose to get receive a one-time payment of $100 on every paid referral sign up. This is one of the best ways to get paid per referral signup. Do you want to try GetResponse? Sign up here.

Get paid per referral sign up with Groupon

This popular deals site will offer you a Groupon gift card worth $10 when you refer someone and buys a Groupon in 72 hours. While ten dollars might appear like something smaller, this will go a long way into saving your day.



This is the easiest of them all.  Registering on this website is free and easy. It offers you rewarding opportunities that include research and paid surveys. You can as well earn from this website by registering as an affiliate. Once you do that, you will earn a commission per referral sign up or registration that comes from you.  You can join here to be a member of PanelPlace and explore the opportunities available.

Flex Offers

FlexRev Share Banners2 slice 41

This is another good way to get paid per referral sign up. First, Flex offers gives access to several affiliate programs that you can join and start earning. Second, you can refer a friend an earn a commission. With their refer a friend program, you can send your friend an invite to their mailbox or place the link and banners on your website.

Once your friend registers, Flex Offers will review the application and approve or reject it. You will see your referrals under Status of Invites. He is what happens, the more people you refer, the more money. If your referral earns a lot, you will earn more. So, refer as many friends as you wish and get paid per referral sign up.

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