Pinterest Best Practices

Pinterest Best Practices

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In a recent Tailwind webinar, Pinterest’s Partnership Manager Lucy Matthews said that fresh content or pins are more likely to get a higher priority in distribution. That is why in this post, I want to share the Pinterest best practices that will help you gain more visibility. But before that, I want to share why Pinterest is the best marketing platform for business.

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What makes Pinterest the best marketing platform?

While it has been underrated for some time, this platform is growing quickly with more people moving into it. Here are some of the reasons why you should start using Pinterest;

Best Pinterest Best Practices
Best Pinterest Best Practices
  • Approximately 67 percent of Pinterest pinners are shoppers while 86 percent of pinners have visited Pinterest to search for something they want to purchase.
  • An estimate of over 300 people use Pinterest every month. This makes it a good platform for brands and all kinds of businesses. 
  • Approximately 83 percent of the active users on Pinterest prefer to follow brands as compared to notable celebs. 
  • While a good number of Pinterest users are female, the use of Pinterest by men is growing quickly.
  • Most people use Pinterest on their phones and this makes it easy to reach your audience as they browse while resting or doing other things.

Pinterest is more than a social media platform and there is a lot more to expect. If you or your business is considering Pinterest in its marketing strategies, here are the best Pinterest practices to help you grow your business.

Pinterest Best Practices

Before I talk about Pinterest best practices, here are some of the keywords you will encounter on Pinterest especially if you are new. But if you are a regular pinner looking to learn something new, skip to your sub-topic.

  • Pins: This is any video or image that you add to Pinterest straight from your website or computer or application.
  • A pinner: This is a person or someone who adds images to Pinterest or in general terms. It’s someone who uses Pinterest.
  • Boards: This is a collection of different pins as categorized by the pinner or user
  • A RePin: This is when you pin a post that you did not create to one of your boards or it is when another person pins a post they did not create to their board. 
  • Rich pins: These are pins that offer more information about the pin. 
  • Tailwind Tribes: This a group of people or bloggers that you connect with so you can share pins from each other on a preferred topic. If you have a Tailwind account, you know the importance of these Tribes. 

Now that you know these terms, here are the Pinterest best practices for business.

Create high quality, fresh pins

If you are a blogger or writer, you know what it means to have high-quality content on your site. I just started using Pinterest and I love the guidance I get from Tailwind. In February, Tailwind announced Pinterest best practices after Pinterest’s big announcement. These new algorithms affect how you use Pinterest and that is why you should always create fresh pins. 

So, what are fresh pins? 

Pinterest defines fresh pins as videos or images that have not been shared or pinned to Pinterest before. This means, any new image or video for your new or existing blog post, product listing or page is a fresh pin. You can create many images for one product for your online shop. You may also create many pins for one blog post for your website.

Creating new or fresh pins helps to encourage pinners to interact with your pin, click and visit the site. Fresh pins also encourage pinners to save the image to their boards. The best way to do this is to use Tailwind to schedule your pins. This is because it helps you to save time. 

By using Tailwind to schedule your pins, you also get access to several Tribes where you can share your content with your target audience. 

A fresh pin means:

A new image that triggers a completely new experience in pinners. However, this doesn’t mean changing the position of your logo. The image should give Pinterest users an urge to check out your blog post or save the pin.

Pinterest prioritizes fresh pins and that is where using Tailwind to schedule or post your pins comes in. Tailwind notifies you instantly if you have shared the same URL and image to the same board. This is what I like about Tailwind.

See example????

You should also add pins from other users to your boards. This should be pins your audience will be happy to save or click on. The pins should be relevant. 

Avoid duplicate pins

Did you know Pinterest can close your account if it terms your profile as spam? Just like other platforms, Pinterest hates spam. Duplicate pins are those pins that you share and they have the same image and URL that leads to the same page or post. Pinterest dictates that you share not more than 15 or 25 pins in a day. Exceeding this limit puts your account at risk. Check Tailwind’s SmartGuide article.

Best practices for Pinterest encourage that you share fresh pins more as this helps you to get more exposure to your content. In fact, fresh contents perform well than duplicate pins. 

For Pinterest Best Practices

Can I reshare duplicate pins?

Yes, you can but here is the rule; You may share duplicate pins that lead to your website. However, this should be no more than two times a year. If you want to share pins pointing to the same URL frequently, create new images.

You should also avoid pinning one image frequently and excessive pinning in a single day as this may affect your distribution. If creating more pins and pinning to Pinterest is overwhelming, use Tailwind to schedule pins.

Additionally, the newest Pinterest best practices suggest that you do not share the same pin to over ten different boards. Why? This lessens its effectiveness and its potential reach is possible restricted. 

What is the best tool to help implement Pinterest’s best practices?

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As I mentioned earlier, Tailwind is a Pinterest partner and it is the best tool that you can use to make your Pinterest marketing easy. With the recent Pinterest practices taking effect, Tailwind went ahead to create a SmartGuide feature to helps you easily navigate the changes 


For Pinterest Practices
Writers & Spire Solutions

I know the first question you are asking here is what is SmartGuide? Well, this is an assistant feature in Tailwind that assists to enhance your marketing results. The feature does this by suggesting the best practices. This ensures that you do not put your account at risk in any way. 

SmartGuide starts you off by keeping track of your pinning and it then notifies you so you are aware if your frequency of pinning is likely to reduce your general reach. It also notifies you if your current pinning frequency could risk your account. As a result, you get to stay within the approved practices. 

How to get Tailwind

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If you are like me, you might have had doubts at the beginning about Tailwind. Well, I just started using Tailwind and I must say I love it. I’m hopeful that I will achieve the best results soon. 

If you are ready to register with Tailwind, you can start with the Tailwind free trial. Keep in mind, the trial is not based on time as other Pinterest schedulers do. They offer you 30 scheduled Instagram posts for trial or 100 Pinterest pins. So once you exhaust this, your trial is over.

How much does tailwind cost

While you may think that this scheduler is expensive, it’s not. After the Tailwind  free trial is over you choose to go with the Plus plan or the Tailwind Unlimited Bundle.

What is the cost of the Plus Plan?

Here is the cost of the Plus plan by Tailwind and what you get:

  • If you choose to go for monthly payments, you will be charged $15/month for one social media account. Remember Tailwind supports posting to Instagram as well. For example, if you have two Pinterest accounts, you will pay $30/month for the two accounts. For me, I have one Pinterest account and thus I pay $15/month.

If you also choose to pay yearly, you will be charged $119/year for one social media account. Other features include:

  • 250 SmartLoops posts: This is calculated as one pin to one board. For instance, I add the same pin image to three boards, it means I have done three SmartLoop posts. If you want to have more than 250 SmartLoop posts and Tribes, consider purchasing more through PowerUps. You also check more about the pricing here.

Please note that Pinterest and Instagram are separate paid subscriptions on Tailwind.

Tailwind Unlimited Bundle

This plan offers you the following:

All features in the Plus Plan, SmartLoop PowerUps, and Unlimited Tribes. It costs  $479/ year. You don’t need to buy anything extra. If you are a Tailwind power user, this is your plan.  

Are there people who have achieved great results?

The answer is yes.

“Tailwind publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind for Pinterest/Instagram Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members.” Check these typical results for Tailwind for Pinterest members.  


These recent practices announced by Pinterest are likely to change the pinning schedule of most people. However, if you follow the practices, you will enjoy your pinning and grow your visibility.

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