Tips on writing a killer landing page copy that sells

Tips on writing a killer landing page copy that sells

Last Updated on March 2, 2020 by Ludiah

Having a killer landing page copy is one of the first steps to converting visitors into leads. It is one

Killer landing page copy
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of the ways to capture the attention of your visitors and assure them that oooh yes, I can! It is also a way to grow both your online and offline business. This is a unique space that needs special consideration. Can’t write a killer landing page copy? Hire a copywriter now.

You will have to think carefully about what to place there that your audience would like. Well, I know you are here because you want to give your audience a reason to come back again or buy from you.  I have some great ideas that will help you write a quality landing page that converts. Try some of these landing page copy templates here.

Write a captivating headline


Most of the time, the article or stories you read have an appealing headline that you cannot resist. Think of the stories that go viral. What makes them viral? Your answer is as right as mine, the headline. You need to invest some time in getting a killer head to use for your landing page. Will the headline make the audience curious so they would want to read it?

If you must know, the title or heading is what makes people read your post. In fact, it has to capture your attention. Think of it in this manner, if you had seen the headline on a different landing page, would you have opened to read? If so, use it.

Use your experience

Copywriters and marketers are working hard to improve their art of writing selling copies. If you do a quick search on Google about the best landing pages, you will come up with many results.

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Have a look at them, and they will inspire you to go on. Look at what worked in the past and how you can improve it to match your audience. What did people like about your previous page? Did they give some comments? If so, use those comments to improve your copy.

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Use the chatty approach

Most businesses usually confuse formal and professional communication. Think about that company that you worked for and you dressed as you all wanted. I mean it was not a must that everyone dresses formal. Similarly, you don’t have to be formal to convert visitors into leads. We are in the world of the internet; any many users prefer it when you use the informal or causal approach.

It assists in relating to the audience effortlessly. Imagine your lead invited you for coffee, would you use the formal jargon or just a friendly tone? What would work for both of you? The answer is only with you, we all love it when we associate with people who are friendly and can speak what we can relate. Here are a few things to do in your writing:

  • Write naturally, like you are talking to someone face to face
  • Avoid using complex words
  • Keep the sentences short
  • You can break the rules of grammar to achieve your intention
  • Make it entertaining
  • Use the first person.

Find yourself

Before your visitors decide to buy your services or product, you need to do the following:

  • Identify who you are
  • The services or product you are offering
  • The solution you are providing your visitors

It is the most challenging task, and if you find the answer, you have completed the most laborious task.

Do you want a killer landing page copy? Use testimonials

Among the best techniques for having a converting landing page copy is the use of customer feedback. This means you let the happy clients be to part of your transcript. Your customer can write you a piece that will convert beyond your imaginations. Feedback is persuasive since telling your potential client what to expect from your service or product. You may have an image of your happy client together with his quote.

Stress on the gains

One of the things I have learned about marketing products and services online is that your potential clients do not care about the product or solution. Your potential client is only interested in knowing how they will benefit from your service or product. Even as you write your killer landing page copy, focus on telling the client how he will benefit from the service.

Just to mention, your clients know the solution. All they want to know is how they will benefit from your services.

Ask for action

You have written your killer landing page copy; it is time to ask the reader or the visitor to take action. Have an expert call-to-action. Most people place their orders when they see the button buy now. Remember your landing page intends to have conversions. The page should, in the end, give you impressive results. Use some words that can compel the lead to proceed with the purchase.


A killer landing page copy is all you need if you want to make some cash as you sleep. Once you have a quality copy, you may use it to generate leads and have control over your online presence.

When writing a copy, it is critical to keep in kind that capturing the emotions of your audience and speaking to their hearts may turn them into leads. Having a selling landing page is what differentiates you from other freelancers or businesses. Now, hit that button and share how you write your landing page copy.