How To Boost Conversions With Announcement Bars

For How To Boost Conversions With Announcement Bars
Announcement Bars

If you have ever said to yourself I need to increase conversions on my WooCommerce or Shopify website, you’ve come to the right place. The best way to boost conversions is to use announcement bars. While some could argue that SEO and other methods can help to increase conversions, there is another way. In this post, I’m going to share on how to boost conversions with announcement bars in your store.

Before I go deeper into this, let me help you understand what are announcement bars.

How To Boost Conversions With Announcement Bars

What are announcement bars?

For How To Boost Conversions With Announcement Bars
Announcement Bars

This is a user-friendly feature that achieves great results and can be utilized in several ways. In simple terms, a notification bar is a banner notification. This banner can be placed at the bottom or top of the website’s page to provide the audience with useful information.

The best thing about notification bars is that your audience will not need to scroll to the bottom to find that crucial content. 

Among the useful information that a notification bar can relay includes the following:

  • Special offers
  • New product or content
  • Free shipping
  • Grow your email list

There are many plugins out there that you can use to create notification bars. However, OptinMonster is the best. Before I share with you how to install it on WooCommerce, here is what you need to do; head over to OptinMonster and register for an account and login.

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How to install OptinMonster announcement bars in Woocommerce

Congratulations, you are on your way to boosting your conversions. After you complete reading this article, you will have an idea on How To Boost Conversions With Announcement Bars. You will not regret your time here.

Create an OptinMonster account and login

OM Banner3 1

Once you are logged into your account, the next thing is to start creating a campaign. The type of campaign you will create will vary from one announcement to the other. There are different campaigns that you can create and they include:

  • Floating bar
  • Inline
  • Fullscreen
  • Popup
  • Gamified
  • Slide in

Experts recommend that you create a campaign with your campaign requirements in mind. For instance, since you are creating a notification bar in WooCommerce, we suggest you create your announcement bar using the floating bar.Unlike other plugins, OptinMonster has over 50 pre-created templates that fully responsive.

For How To Boost Conversions With Announcement Bars in WooCommerce
Image source: OptinMonster

You may choose from the many template which include;

  • Alert
  • Charted
  • Basic
  • Split
  • Basic
  • Donate

And in every step of your creation, remember your objective of the announcement comes.

For How To Boost Conversions With Announcement Bars in WooCommerce
Image source: OptinMonster

Although there are many template, we will choose the alert template. This is because we can customize it match whichever situation or goal that we want. In the event you don’t see a template that you want for your campaign, consider creating one and customising it to match needs.

That is not the end. The next thing is to give your campaign a name, link it with your WooCommerce website, then hit that button that says start building.

For announcement bars
Image source: OptinMoster

Design your campaign

This is the stage where you use your design skills like applying your brand colors. You can change the message of the notification bar to your liking so as to pass your intended message across. Editing our notification bar is easy. All you have to do is to click the part you want to edit and you are good to go. You can do it as seen in the image below.

For announcement bars
Image source: OptinMonster

You may change the background of your bar, the color of the font, the color and font of your button text, and much more. The goal here is to have a notification bar that meets your brand needs and your goal. If you have already decided where the bar will display, enable the toggle button to load the floating bar at the bottom or top of the page.

Congratulations! You’ve created an awesome WooCommerce Announcement Bar. That is the first step on how to boost conversions with notification bars in WooCommerce.

Announcement Bar Display Rules

The aim here is to ensure that your announcement is at a place where your store visitor will see it immediately after visiting the store. You can set rules like when to display. For example, you may want your notification bar to display on specific pages, this is where you decide on the page you want to appear. Sometimes you want to promote a specific product. That means you will create a rule for the notification bar to display at that particular page and not the others.

For How To Boost Conversions With Announcement Bars in WooCommerce

Choose where you specifically want the bars and keep in mind, it should not be annoying. When the announcement bars are little, there is a possibility of high conversion rates. You may also schedule the announcement bar or have it show always.


Now that you know that announcement bars can boost your conversions, it’s time you started building your campaign. If you don’t have an OptinMonster account, go here to create one. Start boosting your conversions and feel free to share your feedback.