What is PLR Content?

What is PLR Content?

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PLR Content

Did you just start online marketing or have been in the business for some time now?  In either case, you are aware that online marketing thrives on content and not just content but great content. In fact, it is the freshness and good quality of your content that will determine the survival of your business. But generating such content can be expensive in terms of time and money. In case you feel frustrated by the cost of content creation, you need to cheer up. This is because PLR content may be the exact solution you need for your problem. What is PLR content? You ask!

What is PLR Content?

Before I tell you what PLR content is, I want to help you know what plr stands for. PLR is an acronym standing for Private Legal Rights. It’s a license that allows you to make changes to a specific product and handle it like your own.  There are three main types of PLR licenses namely;

  • Re-branding rights
  • Normal resell rights
  • Master resell rights.  

With a re-branding rights license, you are allowed to give the product your name for personal use. The normal resell rights give you the authority to modify the product and sell it as your own.  While, master resell rights give you the ultimate power to rebrand, modify and sell the product plus the rights to the product. This means that if you buy the master resell rights, you resell the rights to rebrand and resell to a third party.

With a PLR license, you can use the product/content as though it was yours; without having to give credits to the owner. Depending on the PLR license you bought, you can claim authorship of the content, rename, modify or put it up for resale.

PLR content, therefore, refers to all the information products that come with the PLR licenses. It includes various categories of ready or Done-For-You content in audio, video or in written format. This content can be used to market other products or be used to create sellable information products. Does that answer your question what is plr content now?

Benefits of PLR content

10 Day Online Course Challenge

Having told you what is plr content, I want to share the brighter side of this type of content. Why would I need readymade content for my business? You ask. Well, the answer is, it is a way to make your life easier in online marketing. For your online business to thrive, you need unique and quality content that meets the market’s demand. However, meeting this requirement is not a walk in the park; it needs a lot of time, expertise and money.

That is where private label rights content comes in handy to help you out. Quality private label rights content helps you meet the demands of your market with less strain. You can also check this article on how to make money with PLR content.

Advantages of PLR content

It is cost effective

To save money you should consider buying PLRs instead of hiring freelancers because it is cheaper. For example, to get an eBook you need anything between $320 and $500 if you hire a freelancer to write it. This is very expensive compared to a PLR eBook, which will cost you less   than$10. Let’s say your business is still picking, it means that you have to meet many costs like buying software and other stuff. On the other hand you need quality content. With all the expenses involved, opting to buy quality PLR content will help reduce your monetary burden.

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Private Label Rights content can be modified to meet different needs at different times within a given topic. It can also be used both online and offline. This flexibility allows the same content to be used to serve more than one purpose, which is an advantage to the buyer.  

It saves valuable time and energy

If you have the expertise needed, generating your own content may be the best option. But remember, you need to attend to other tasks too. Tasks like replying to clients and analyzing the market needs are equally important and can’t be ignored. Sometimes, getting balance on handling these tasks can be overwhelming. However, with PLR content you can save the time and energy you need to handle the other tasks. This is possible because it only needs editing which is less engaging compared to creating content from scratch.

It complements content creation

In most cases PLR content is of very good quality especially if it is created by experts.  It  can be very helpful to anyone who  lacks  the necessary skills needed to create content. Remember,  it is ok to lack some skills because nobody is good in everything. If you have the other relevant skills,your business can thrive with high quality  PLR  content in the gap. You only need to master basic writing and editing skills to have unique products from the PLR content.

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It keeps you actively publishing

Private Label Rights content helps you to remain up-to-date with changes in the demand by helping you to publish regularly. It is a fact that tastes and preferences of customers keep changing everyday. This noted,old content may be out of fashion and irrelevant, hence the need for new products. However, generating new content regularly for publishing is very demanding and running out of ideas is common.PLR content is particularly helpful in this situation because it provides new ideas that are necessary in publishing. Since it can be used as a basis for research, you have no worries about generating new ideas regularly. Rather, you will only need to develop the already provided ideas.

Disadvantages of PRL content

The major disadvantages of PLR content include the following;

Low quality

When I was answering the question on what is private label rights content, I said it’s done-for-you content. So, some of the PLR content out there lacks the basic quality. They contain a lot of grammatical errors and are poorly punctuated. This leads to spending a lot of time trying to rehabilitate them for use. To avoid this challenge, you need research well before settling on whom to buy PLR content from or spend time doing the corrections.

Duplication of content

Often PRL content lacks uniqueness because the sellers sell identical content to several buyers. This increases chances of finding content in other websites that is similar to the one you bought for your own website. However, PLR content sellers are trying to limit the number of licenses they sell so as to curb this problem. Besides, the content can be modified to stand out.

Types of PRL content

PRL content comes in various forms including the following:

 Special reports and eBooks

Special reports are long articles of about 8 to 20 pages that are based on one topic. They usually come as word documents or  text files  and may include cover graphics and other material.

PLR eBooks are a very popular and useful type of PLR content out there. They can be big or small but mostly, they are usually 20 to 50 pages that are divided into chapters. Most of these PLR eBooks have editable covers which makes it easy to make changes to them. EBooks can be converted into a series of articles that can be used as newsletters or blog posts for reselling. So, the next time someone asks you what is plr content, remember that ebook ou bought and resold it with full rights.


PLR articles are word documents or text file documents that address various topics. They come in packages containing 5 to 20 of them on the same topic or different topics. These articles may come in various forms including product review reports that indicate features pros & cons of popular products. They can be used as blog posts and website posts or be combined to make eBooks for resale.  Some articles are  used individually as blog posts or web posts.


These include WordPress plugins, site creation, listing building and many more. They help in setting up blogs, websites and online business by making them functional. They are fairly popular since their resale value is high and are convenient to use.


Video PRLs are becoming more and more common. They often contain tutorials on marketing and other business strategies. With good video editing skills, you can get high quality video content for your marketing prospects. Video PLRs are used for  video blogging or for resale.

Email sequences

These are a series of emails on various topics. Usually, they include 5 to 10 messages in a given topic and are delivered as text files. They can be used as free webinars or even be combined to create e-courses or eBooks.


Graphic packs include; headers. Testimonial boxes, they may also contain buttons like the add-to -cart buttons, order or buy buttons and many more. You can use PLR graphic packs on your site or resell them after editing.


Recipes are also available as PLR content usually, at the cooking sites. They are useful in developing cooking courses. You can combine the recipes and integrate them with others to develop cooking eBooks that can be sold for profit.

Social media updates

PLR content may come in the form of social media updates. They may accompany other content like eBooks and blog posts or stand alone to fill the gaps that may have been left in the scheduler’s calendar. Some updates  come in the form while others are text documents  graphics.


PLR audio packs are usually music tracks, tutorials, training, and hypnotherapy among others. These can be rebranded and offered as audio courses. Audio editing can also help customize them into suitable content for resale


A template is a term used in word processing software to mean sample documents which have some detail set up. PLR templates include; squeeze pages, sales letters, landing pages among others. With templates, it is easy to develop the needed content with ease unlike having to start from scratch.

How to Use PLR content

Someone recently asked me what is Plr content and how do I use it? Well, you can use PLR content to draw customers to your website, business or company. This can be achieved through blog posts, daily tips emails and many more. It can also be recreated or enhanced to generate sellable products. Additionally, it can be used to supplement and complement the main content on offer.

To make the most out of PLR content, you must first alter it; this is actually, the main idea behind it. It is meant for the buyer to put in their personal touch and the business’ character before using it. The following ways can be used to achieve the uniqueness and quality needed;


This means changing the name of the content into yours or your company’s.  By doing so, you claim ownership of the content. A simple renaming of PLR content can be a great step to take before using it.

The rebranded content can be used as gifts for visitors who opt to sign in to your email list. However you need to ensure that the rebranded content is appealing enough. This is because it can help you achieve more sales. Once potential clients find the free content appealing they will be willing to pay for your products hoping to get even more value. Rebranded digital goods like e-courses, software and coaching resources can be sold and you get to keep 100% profit.

Integrate with other content

PLR content, like articles or email sequences, can be combined to make a larger pack like an eBook, or an online course. This integration of content helps to make the content stand out and become a useful tool in generating money.

Rewrite the content

To get even better results, you can modify the PLR content by rewriting it. Rewriting involves modifying it in such a way that it not only fits your style but also your brand and personality. This can be achieved through injecting personal stories, examples, commentaries and case studies into it. By doing this the content becomes almost unrecognizable when compared to the original. Rewriting content saves you the embarrassment of using identical content with your competitor and makes it fit in your business perfectly.

Break it down

You can use some PLR content profitably by breaking down large content like eBooks and long videos. This can be done carefully along a specific topic to produce several pieces. The small pieces of content are not only useful in running webinars, but also in daily tips on Facebook and other social media.

Use as a basis for more research

In cases where you intend to carry out research on any area, PLR content can be one of your main resources. All you need to do is carry out more research on the same topic. With this you can successfully create invaluable information products.

Change the format

Audio and video PLR content can be converted into text and vice versa to meet different client needs. This kind of modification creates totally new content that is unique and suitable to meet specific needs.

Popular PLR Sellers

It is always important to buy PLR content from trusted sellers.  This will help you get the high quality content you need. Some of the popular sellers include the following;

Content sparks

At content Sparks you can get highly professional and quality done-for-you content. Their ready for use courses are useful for all businesses, coaches, consultants, small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

This rebrandable content is based on hot current topics in categories like sales and marketing and professional development, among others. Related products are usually put together in packages that can be combined to create a curriculum. Some of the courses can be combined to form larger ones or even form a longer mail series.

Niche PLR Starter Packs

They offer content covering a number of topics including; self improvement, gardening, health, and lifestyle & family among others. They offer good quality content at reasonable prices, regular special deals in April and special seasonal packs.

Kitchen Bloggers

Kitchen bloggers, as their name suggests, specialize in topics like food, health & wellness, recipes, lifestyle and food gardening. Their content includes recipes and food blog content. The recipes come with photos which make it ideal to use on social media. Kitchen Bloggers have free PLRs which you can always check out before purchasing any content.

White Label Packs

They mainly deal with business related and other self- help content. These PLRs may come in bundles of blog, printable and graphic content. Their offers include mini packs and monthly subscriptions for those who want a regular stream of quality content.

Piggy Makes Bank

These sellers offer content on a wide range of topics including business, self-help & wellness and affiliate marketing. The content comes either as one- off packs or regular content for registered members. They also offer a range of free downloadable packs for their potential customers.

Hello Helpful

The sellers offer PLR content on various niches. Usually, their websites have content that can be converted to get customized printable content.

Make money with private label rights content

Now that you know what is plr content, the types, and how to use it, why not start making money with it? Content creation does not have to be tedious and expensive always. With PLR content your marketing duties online become easy. Once you buy most PLR content you only need to download, edit it and there, your content is ready. No need to crack your head for new ideas or sit long hours trying to create content from scratch. You also don’t need to break the bank in order to buy quality content. PLR content will enable you to publish often since they are usually updated thus giving you new ideas to publish on.


The fact that PLR content can be altered makes it flexible and suitable to use for marketing or on your website. You only need to be careful when buying PLR content so that you get good quality from real experts. What are you waiting for? Try PLR content today and solve your marketing problems. Go to websites like Content Sparks to get yours now.