How to make $50 online today

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Are you looking for ways on how to make $50 online today? Did you just lose your job and are seeking to make a living by working online? Or are you looking for a side hustle to boost your monthly income? Whatever your reason is, you have come to the right place.

The online industry has grown greatly and now offers numerous opportunities for you to make money. I have compiled a list of practical ways on how to make $50 a day online today. I hope you enjoy the read.

How to make $50 online today

I’m going to show you legitimate ways to make $50 a day online. You will be shocked to learn that you’ve opportunities right under your nose.


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 Blogging is a good way to make $50 online. There are several people making good money out of blogging. If you enjoy writing and have good writing skill consider starting a blog.

For how to make $50 online today
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To start a blog you need the following:

  • Basic writing skills
  • A passion for writing
  • An area of interest on a given area like lifestyle, financial management, relationships etc
  • Set up your hosting and domain (this will cost you a few dollars). You can get your free domain and hosting from Bluehost
  • Learn how to create high-quality posts within your area of interest regularly

That s not enough if you need to make $100 online or more. Here are some of the steps that you follow to start earning from your blog.

  • Advertise your own products and services this will increase your sales and income
  • Display affiliate products and add links to your content. You will get a commission once someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link.
  • You can get paid to mention businesses and other organizations in your blog posts. However, you need to have good traffic for you to get such gigs.

Get paid to write

Do you love writing? If yes, you can get paid to write stuff like eBooks, blog posts, web content, publications etc. If this sounds like something you want to do, here are the steps to follow.

Steps to follow

  • Polish your writing skills to meet the clients’ standards. You can do this by getting this training here.
  • Upgrade your self-marketing skills to attract as many clients as possible.
  • Work on your research skills to ensure you produce quality work.
  • Discipline yourself enough so that you are able to meet your clients’ timelines.
  • Join freelance websites like Upwork, Fivver, Peopleperhour among others
  • Bid for jobs consistently,

Once you get your gig, write it as per the client’s specifications, submit and get paid.

 So, is this how to make $50 a day? However, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to deliver quality work on your end. Clients are willing to premium rates for quality work. For example, if you charge $0.06 per word, you just need one 1000-word article to make more $50. And that’s how to make $50 online today.

Selling Ebooks

Another method that one can use to make money online is to sell eBooks. If you have a dream of writing a book you have an opportunity online. It may be; a novel, a spiritual content book, a technical content book, or any other choice. All these books have a market online through sites like Amazon and eBay among others.

What you need to do:

  • Pick a niche and know your audience well
  • Write a catchy eBook on any topic within your niche. Interesting content will make your clients want to come back for more.
  • Register on sites like Amazon Kindle
  • Price the ebook
  • Publish your eBook
  • Don’t forget to proofread your ebook.

Write relevant books to your target audience and write them well. Additionally, you will need to promote your ebook aggressively at different online platforms to maximize your sales. Keep writing new ebooks to maintain relevance.

You can make $50 online today by selling eBooks but this depends on how you price your digital products. If one ebook cost $30, you will need to sell only two to make $50 a day. Also, you can make money by selling your used books. Flipping books is a great way to make a full-time income.  

Affiliate marketing

This is for you if you are skilled in marketing. It involves helping other people sell their products by promoting them. The promotion can be done through various platforms such as on our website and social media platforms. If someone purchases a product or a service using our link, you earn a commission. The commission is usually a percentage of the price of the goods sold. It could also be a fixed amount depending on the product or company.

How to go about it;

Build a website. Start a blog or just set up any other relevant account online that attracts a lot of traffic.  However, your traffic can only translate to sales if you target the right audience.

  • Choose what you are willing to advertise and the organization you want to advertise for.
  • Check the commission amount they are willing to pay for the advertisement.
  • Sign up with relevant affiliate marketing programs based on your niche. Some of the popular programs include Amazon, CJ, and Flexoffers. But you could promote other things like hosting services on your website.
  • Create relevant content and add your affiliate link so that you can get a commission when someone makes a purchase.

It may take some time before you start earning from affiliate marketing. However, once it is established, you will have your passive income. It largely depends on what the affiliate program you are promoting. With affiliate marketing, you can earn more than $50 a day.

Be an online English teacher

If you happen to be an individual that is highly motivated and experienced, then you can use that to earn money online. You can pass your knowledge to your clients virtually. For example, you can coach a client on nutrition and fitness. Each session is paid for by your client.

What you need to do;

  • Be qualified. You must be qualified to offer online coaching services on your area of interest.
  • Organize your content creatively such that it is simple for your client to follow.
  • Register on sites like Udemy and Amazon for easy connection to clients.
  • You also use your website to offer your coaching program.

Teaching English online needs one to have a one on one session which may take about 25 minutes. Usually, an online coach gets to receive about $20 per session. This means that with 3 sessions a day, an online coach can make, up to $60 a day. Sites, where you can get teaching job, include VIPKID, Qkids, and Gogokid.

Create an online course

Are you an expert in any topic? If you said yes, you can make $50 a day selling a course on your area of expertise Creative and experts are earning big selling courses online. If you’ve been searching for how to make $50 online today and you need money now, here are the steps.

  • Identify an area in which you are expertise in
  • Build a website that can allow you to sell online courses. You can also join platforms like Thinkific to Create and Sell Online Courses Guide.
  • Purchase the necessary equipment like a good microphone, camera and lighting among others.
  • Create your course.
  • Price your course depending on the value of what you are offering the people and the demand. The price is usually one time but can be split. The split price is usually higher than the one- time price.
  • Advertise the course in different platforms like Facebook groups, Instagram, Quora etc

Online courses are quite lucrative because in some cases, a single course goes for or more than $50.

Conduct online surveys

This is among the easiest ways to make money online because it does not require any special skills. Survey platforms like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie pay people to fill out questionnaires online.

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What you need;

  • Time to answer the questions.
  • Willingness to give your opinions on various issues and organizations.
  • Sign up with survey organizations. Ensure they are legitimate before signing up because some are a scam.
  • Wait to be notified when a survey is going on, and answer the questions.

Once you complete a survey, you get paid according to the terms agreed on. Surveys pay little ranging between $ 0.5 to $1.25 per survey on average. You need to take part in a number of them to make $50 a day.

Sell pictures online

Yes, you got it right. If you like photography, here is how to make $50 online today;

  • Polish your photography skills
  • Purchase a camera that can take high-quality photographs.
  • Take nice pictures of different phenomena in different scenes.
  • Sign up on sites that buy and sell images like Shutterstock and Gettyimages. These sites usually buy and sell images, virtual content, graphic designs, and videos among others.
  • Do research on the prices of pictures similar to yours
  • Price your pictures and sell them online.

To make $50 a day, target to sell a given number of pictures. If for example, you are selling one picture for $2.5 you need to sell 20 of them to make $50.

Ecommerce store

This is another simple way through which people are making money online. This involves the selling of goods in a virtual store. You don’t need a physical store or physical sell your products. This kind of business is made successful through dropshipping.

In dropshipping you need to do the following;

  • Build a virtual store on sites like Wix. It will cost you a few dollars per month
  • Identify the products you intend to sell
  • Create ads for the product
  • Advertise the product in different forums like Quora, Instagram, Tiktok
  • Sell the goods online. Ensure you price them well enough that you can make a profit.

And that how to make $50 online today with your eCommerce store. You can sell as many products as needed based on the traffic your website has.


For those who are experts in some areas, for example, the medical, health, finance, you can use this to make $50 a day. You start offering consultation services to people who need help in these areas. You can set up a free profile or page on Facebook, people will find you and book sessions and pay you for.

Rent out property

Do you have a spare room or house in an area frequented by tourists? You can easily make money from this property by renting it out.

What you need to do:

  • List your property with sites like Airbnb.

Once the property is listed, the people interested will book or hire it for use when touring the area. The payments they make for the property will boost your daily income by more or less $50 depending on factors like, its size, state, location among others.

Become a virtual assistant

virtual assistant course

 Just like any other personal assistant, you get to make life easier for the person you are assisting. Your duties may range from managing their social media, to producing content for them, among other activities.

What you need;

  • Organization, communication, and interpersonal skills among others, you can also make money online today.
  • Ability to use modern technology availed platforms. This is because your work is majorly online and you need to arrange meetings, communicate effectively, etc. all these require you to be techno-savvy.

Virtual assistants are in demand and some make between $10/hr and $50 per hour depending on the services you offer experience. This means that in just 5 hours, a virtual assistant makes $50 or more.

Take an example you’re offering podcast management and you charge $55 per audiogram. That is, you select and edit out a short snippet from a client’s episode and produce it into an audiogram (for the client to share on social media). You already got your $50 a day.

Start a YouTube channel.

  This is simply video blogging. Just like the other blogs, you can use a youtube channel to make money online. If you are interested in this and don’t know how here is a complete guide to YouTube.

You need to do the following;

  • Ensure you are tech-savvy
  • Plan your content and make sure it is quality.
  • Acquire the tools of work like cameras voice recorders, lighting etc
  • Build your channel following all the regulations set by YouTube
  • Compare notes with other YouTube bloggers to learn and get inspiration
  • Post content regularly.
  • Advertise your channel on all your networks like social media forums and others.
  • Add AdSense and other advertising networks

A youtube channel earns money through paid mentions, sponsored posts ads among others. The more viewers it attracts the more the money it makes. Vbloggers usually make more than $50 a day promoting affiliate products. But you need lots of followers and views to get promotional offers. And that is how to make money with YouTube.

Offer driving/delivery services


If you have some time to spare and a free car or bike, you can offer chauffeur or delivery services for money. You only need to find opportunities online through apps like Uber that will connect you with your clients. For instance, you could deliver food using Uber Eats or DoorDash.

What you need;

  • Professional documents, in this case, a driver’s licence.
  • Registration with relevant online bodies for example uber and Lyft.
  • Free time
  • Tools of your trade, for example, a car or a bike.

You will be paid to for delivering these services services. The  Pay per ride  on average is $5 which is usually a few minutes when there is less road traffic to make

In a nutshell

Online opportunities are endless. But you need to have they can use them to earn money online. Anyone that is committed, consistent and aggressive will always find something to do online for the money. The key thing to do if you want to start earning online today is to identify your area of interest and work hard at it!


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