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WordPress plugins help secure your site

What are WordPress plugins

Have you heard about WordPress Plugins? If you just created your website, I know you are wondering what next. Perhaps everyone is telling you to install the best WordPress plugins. If you are new, your obvious question is, what are WordPress plugins? If you haven’t noticed, plugins are an essential part of every WordPress website. When I set up my first website, I didn’t know the importance of the plugin not to mention what they are or were. Let me help you understand this quickly.

The code language may be hard for you understand if you are just new to website development. In simple terms, plugins are codes or mini-programs that are written either by a company or an individual, and you can install them on your site. Once you install the plugins, they affect the way your website works.

Many plugins are free, but they have an option to upgrade to a premium version that offers added functionality. While several are free, you can only use some of them after buying.  Others request you to donate something for their upkeep. If you are starting, I suggest that you do not bother yourself getting a paid version. You can access the commonly used ones for free.

Do you need WordPress plugins on your site?

As we said earlier, they are an essential part of a website. Therefore the answer is yes; you need them. But we still have a question how vital are they to your site? We are all aware that the internet works in coded language. It is so unlucky that many of us, including me, do not understand the code language.  And if you know the code language, it is not enough to do intricate things on the site.

But that is not the point!

Enhance the website functionality

The WordPress CMS (content management system) does not provide adequate functionality. That is why you need to use the coded language. You may decide to write the codes if you know how to or get an expert to carry it out. They, therefore, help to fill the gap while helping you to enhance the website and boosts its functionality.

Integrate the site with other platforms or tools

Different  WordPress plugins offer different features. Some of them are independent, and others rely on alternatives. The coded language comes in handy when you want to integrate your website with other platforms or tools. They make the tools and platforms to work smoothly on your site.  For example, you can link your WordPress site with Google Analytics to help you monitor the performance of your website and see everything right inside the admin area. You may also install MailChimp or Mailerlite for WordPress to collect subscriber from your WordPress site.


Hackers are increasing their attacks every day. That is why it is important to install security plugins. While this does not mean your site will be free of hackers, it is good to take security measures. Most website owners use Wordfence to secure their sites.

Even as they are necessary, it is vital to update them regularly, delete those plugins you do not use. Also, if you do not delete them, ensure they are regularly updated.


Having said all these, I’m sure you now understand what plugins are and why you need them on your site. Many of them can help you to enhance the experience of your site. Avoid installing several of them on your site as they may affect your site negatively that it regarding speed.


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