Reasons to Build a Membership Website

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Reasons to Build a membership website
Build a membership website

Can you build a membership website and earn from it? The answer is yes! Most bloggers have websites because they love blogging about the topic. But when it becomes hard to manage it and pay its hosting fees, that’s when they realize they should add something. Apart from doing what you love, there are bills to pay.

Investing time and money without good returns is useless. But if you have a blog that has lots of traffic and has dedicated readers, having a membership site can be the best way to monetize it. Contrary to opinions, people are showing some love to membership sites and many are changing their perceptions towards them. In fact, most bloggers considering creating one. Reason? it is a learning generation. People want to keep learning more and more.

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But before I tell you why you should build a membership website, let me make you understand what it means first.

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What is a membership site?

This is a site with a restricted access section of your blog or online business and only those who are allowed or have paid the fee can get access to the content. Got it?

For example, I offer social media manager training and I want only people who have subscribed to the training to access it. What I will do is create a section with the content that they only can access. This can be made possible by using membership plugins or add-ons such as iThemes Exchange Membership Add-on. I will talk about membership plugins in another post. 

Let me explain.

It is like starting to train coaches on how to use Facebook groups to generate leads. See, this content only targets coaches so I will create a section on my website where they pay to access the content. Are we reading from the same page?

There are many benefits you can get from having a membership website. One, you can use to grow your customer and following base. You may also use your membership website to support your current clients with videos on how to do things. You can build the website from scratch by purchasing a domain name from Namecheap.

Let’s see why you should incorporate a membership site to your business.

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Reasons to build a membership website

There are many reasons why you should start a membership site. If you have a topic you love or have expert knowledge about, do not hesitate to create a restricted section and help someone. Here is why.

Showcase your skills

Everything has its ups and downs. There are times when you feel that you are in the wrong place. Well, if you can relate to this, you have a reason to smile. You can build a membership start and show your skills to the world. Do not allow your current job or role restrict you from showcasing your skills. Did you know that your skill could help solve someone’s business problem?

First, there is no restriction as to the type of skill you should have to start a membership website. It all depends on you. Which topics are you the expert and you want to share the knowledge with the people in your niche?

If you are a marketer, take advantage of your marketing skills and post a video on how to do marketing like a pro. Make it exclusive to people who pay to watch the video only. But ensure the content is indeed exclusive or else members might request and refund and destroy your online reputation.

While you have all the freedom to post what you want, it is crucial that you share content regularly. Above all, it should give members value for their money. It hurts to see people canceling their membership a day after their registration.

Recurring revenue

Another reason to start a membership website is that you get recurring income. Having a membership website ensures that you are guaranteed of anticipated but regular income. Unlike the one-time off payment, this type of site takes away your worries of the next payment. This is because you have a list of repeat clients that supply you with a steady stream of income.

The best thing is that once you build a membership site, you start getting slow but steady growth. It eliminates the worries of when your next client will come.

But wait!

Is it a walk in the park?

No! If you need that steady income, you have to invest time and money. It takes months even years to build a strong members base. But it all depends on the content you offer and your marketing skills. If you offer content with value to your current members, they will surely refer their friends and family. This guarantees you of steady revenue. Sounds good, right?

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Position yourself as an expert

Before I tell you why it helps you to position yourself as an expert, allow me to ask two questions.

Do you have a business? Do you know all about it? Well, 80% of you will say they are still learning. But learning is an unending process.  In case you received professional training and have spent years perfecting your skills, it means you have something to share with others.

The interesting thing about the current generation is that people are hungry for information. This, in return, creates a market for knowledgeable people like you.  Creating a membership site is a good way to position yourself as an expert on a niche.

Look here; you have been a marketer for the last two years. You have seen the company grow its employees and profits, what stops you from using the skills to create a restricted-access site and educate others? Nothing!

You love dogs and dog breeding has been your job for the last ten years. You know the ins and outs of breeding and can identify a sick from a healthy dog. It is time to educate dog lovers that you can earn while showing love to your dogs. Well go ahead and build a membership website targeting dog lovers.

What I’m saying here is that the benefits that come with being a master in your niche can’t be traded with anything. This can offer a big boost to your business. A membership site can give you a business factor that reinforces your expertise and offers you something solid to sell.

You increase the impact of the message

Have you ever been given something for free? How did you handle the item or the resource? I know you have received a free item once or twice. But have you noticed that it is easy to lose a free item than the once you purchased with your cash? I know there are some who may not agree with me on this but it is true. You will always take good care of something you bought with your money as compared to something that someone gave you for free. But why? It might not be intentional but it happens.

This is the same case with offering your course or information for free. People will always pay close attention when they know they paid to access the course. Imagine training someone who doesn’t pay attention to your sessions. You feel like you are speaking to stones and wish they could turn into humans.

A membership website helps to increase the impact of your message. It gives the members an additional reason to invest as much time as the money they have invested in the membership. This is because they know they are giving something in return. As a result, they get to benefit and you feel like a hero.

Build a membership website conclusion

If you are looking for ways to have recurring revenue you should build a membership website. However, ensure that you are providing the members value for their money. People want to get to learn something new and unique. So, ensure every day or month, according to your calendar you have valuable content.


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