Seven freelance websites for beginners

Are you looking for freelance websites where you can find jobs? You have come to the right place. Now sit back and enjoy your reading!

When you start off as a freelancer, the first thing you think of is having a lot of work to do. Yes! Many envision how they will be handling clients and all that kind of stuff. There are also others who get stuck on where to find freelance jobs as a beginner. There are lots of websites where freelancers can find work to do. Let’s look at some of them below.


This is the marketplace for freelance services. It helps to connect freelancers with employers. The good thing about this freelance website is that registration is free. You can offer a wide range of services by creating gigs. You can sell your gigs for $5 and above. Clients can also send you offers. Register here and start creating gigs now.

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Contentmart (closed down in 2018 )

This is among the top Indian bidding freelance websites where you can find work. The best thing about this website is that it is not as populated as the others. This means if you are sharp, it is easy to penetrate.

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I know you must have heard about this website. This site, unlike others, it is easy to navigate. Its registration process is not as hard as that of other websites. You only need to register and do a test. If you pass, you have access to jobs. But there are fewer jobs when at lower levels. The website has the option of registering as a client as well.

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Writelearnearn (WLE)

This is another website that many beginners find it hard to penetrate. But it is good for starters. Their editors are strict and to have your article approved that means you are a good writer. It offers a platform for freelancers to sell their pieces. You can get paid a lot depending on the quality of the article. I have sold many of my articles, and I can thus recommend it to any beginner. The site has since been closed.


freelance websites for beginners
best freelance websites

I haven’t sold any article on this website. But I can tell you it is another fantastic platform to gain experience as a starter. They have strict editorial guidelines. This means you must have excellent writing skills to have your article approved. I have some articles in the market on this website, though. dotwriter is one of the top freelance websites where you can sell your articles. If you want to seel articles on dotwriter, you can join using this link.


This website is a bidding site. The registration process is a bit strict than the above. You need to upload a copy of your utility bill for proof of identity. Once you pass the registration process, you have access to jobs. I have tried it, but I’m yet to succeed. Some of my friends found their clients through this platform.

6. Upwork

Upwork is another successful bidding website. The registration process is somehow restricting to freelancers from some countries. But if you follow the guidelines your profile gets accepted. For many freelancers out there, this is the best online job platform they have ever come across. Jobs here are plenty, and it is how you bid that determines your career success.

7. #Freelance websites: Truelancer

This is another Indian bidding website where you can register for free. The registration process is easy. Once you register and your details are verified, you get access to all jobs.

Many requesters and freelancers are Indians. So if you are joining the websites from a different country, it is a big plus for you. It is an excellent platform for article writers who wants to achieve his dreams.

Conclusion on freelance websites

Just like all other markets, there are scammers in freelancing. It is thus good to be careful and avoid greediness.  It can help evade such situations of getting conned several dollars.

What motivates you to write? Check Out!

What motivates you to write? You may have come across great writers who write amazing content that motivates you whenever you read. They all have their reasons why they are writing. They have that one thing that usually drives them to write. If you were to ask what motivates them to write, here are some of the answers you would get.

Future generation

We all have our dreams, I mean, that one thing we have always wanted to do. A history writer will tell you history has been his thing from childhood. The passion to write what he will leave behind for the generation to come.

A poet is not different either he will tell you his love for poems motivates him to write something to leave behind for the future generation.

Passion for writing

I must say that all through my life, I have always loved writing. You can agree with the saying that writing is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. Writing might sometimes involve a lot of strength in the and hard work but creates in you an addictive pleasure.

The passion for writing what makes my heart feel satisfied motivates me to write. I write since it is my passion.

Provoking people’s feelings

Writing is not all about making inspiring others it is all about stirring people’s feelings and minds. The idea of influencing other people’s perceptions through writing feels great. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be an influence?

Seeing many lives transformed, people inspired, the world change is the most incredible thing for any writer.

Write to earn

Not everyone writes because he was born a writer. Others write knowing when all is done, they will be smiling all the way to the bank. Wouldn’t that motivate you to write? Who doesn’t love to earn anyway?

Someone commended you

As much as I wouldn’t want to say this, there a few who write based on the fact that his English teacher once told him he had the potential. What he is now doing, is trying to force the potential into practical. See what motivates others?

The bottom line on what motivates you to write

There is nothing as good as doing what you love. If you find yourself trying to fit in what you are doing, then that is not your place. You may never find satisfaction.

Regardless of what motivates you to write, we all touch lives in different ways with the great content in books offline or online.

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Common communication blunders you should avoid

Perhaps you are wondering, what are communication blunders? Well, let us first know what communication is by asking this questions: What is communication? What is a blunder? Communication is the act of transferring information from one person or place to another. Communication can be verbal or non-verbal. A blunder is a silly mistake that can be made by a person. Having known that, let us see the top communication errors.

Using wrong communication means

On many occasions, using the corrupt media can be a big mistake and may chaos or a problem for you. Talking to a person who is deaf cannot make sense since the message intended for him cannot be received. It is nice to use sign language for people with hearing problems because that is the language they understand best. In situations like this consider every way to make the people you are addressing get the message.


If you are an office person, then you know this. If you work in an office where emails are the only means of communication, then there is a need to be extra careful with your emails. It can be embarrassing when you send your email to a wrong person or client only because you were in a hurry and did not check before submitting. Proofread your email before submitting. Many at times people tend to throw words carelessly without respect, and this can land you in trouble if one day you do that, and your mother-in-law is around. Be careful the way you communicate to others.


Emotions are part of people’s daily life, but they have their limits. A CEO who cries in front of his employees is a weakling. Learn to control yourself because you cannot express your deep feelings of sadness or love to everybody or anywhere since not everybody is understanding. Other places cannot take your tears.

Unnecessary jokes

Not all people are comfortable with being teased around as some tend to take everything seriously. That one joke you make to your mother can land you a lifetime curse. Know whom you make your jokes to and where. Making a joke to your boss can make you lose your precious job.

Taking Oaths

Take an oath that you are sure you will fulfill. Do not make a promise for the sake of doing so, and other oaths are more hunting than others. A child will always remind you of that oath you swore before her several years ago, and that can be embarrassing if he does that before your colleagues. You can also check this Being a Mother, My best profession and see how your communication affects a child’s character

Forcing a win in an argument

A conversation should never lead to an argument, and it is never a competition in any manner where the winner gets a crown. People always have conversations to solve particular issues or to reach an agreement. If you find out your point cannot be heard or taken the way you want it, do not force to win the argument as this may later turn out to be either a fight or one of you may bear a grudge for the rest of his life. Every person has his way of taking things. If you calm down in an argument, then you have ceased a strive that could have existed between you and your friends.

Being hardheaded-Communication blunders

Technology has come with its advantages but let us not forget it has disadvantages. Sometimes people make calls to wrong people, talk all their rubbish that was intended for the other person only to realize it later. Instead of saying I’m sorry, some may go ahead to continue nagging this person, why did you pick the call if was a wrong number? And many other silly questions. We are all human beings, believe me, the word sorry has power over anger rather than disturbing the person every now and again.

Not using people first language

People often refer to a person who cannot see as a blind person instead of the visually impaired person. This is one of the biggest communication blunders people make. Disability is not inability, they say. And yes, always remember putting people first language when referring to those with disabilities as a sign of respect and humanity.

A conclusion in common communication blunders

All in all, the way you communicate affects your relationship with your close friends, family, and even your boss. Avoiding the slightest mistake in your communication is paramount, and I hope this highlighted mistakes will help you communicate effectively.