15 Side hustle ideas for moms

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Being a mom is hard work. From feeding the kids to keeping them entertained, there is always something that needs to be done. But don’t let your day job wear you out! Our blog post today will give you 15 side hustles for moms who want extra income on their off days. These are great ideas and can be done in any order or time frame!

Some of these ideas include: flipping items online, selling clothing, promoting websites, and hosting events at home with friends and family–the possibilities are endless! Keep reading for some more information about each idea below…and enjoy your free time with your little ones when they’re awake 🙂

15 Side hustle ideas for moms

Become a social media manager

side hustle ideas for moms

With the rise in digital technology, most people manage their businesses online. Most companies have realized the importance of social media in their leads and sales A social media manager is responsible for organizing a business’ social channels. They represent their company or businesses online through social media accounts. 

If you spend some good time on social media like Facebook or Interest, you know about these social platforms. you can use this knowledge to earn money as a social. This job is good for moms as you manage your schedule. 

The important task for a social media manager is to monitor, plan and moderate a company’s social media calendar and strategy. This shows that it isn’t a tough job. All you have to do for the company is:

  • Strategize and carry out digital marketing campaigns. You then gather data results from those campaigns and use them to benefit the business. 
  • Oversee the company’s social media accounts. 
  • Respond and engage with potential clients. 

Depending on the number of clients, you can easily make $1000 a month. Potential clients can be found on different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or even Instagram. The skills required for this job include:

  • Good communication skills. This is important as you would be speaking to potential clients and engaging with the company’s customers.
  • Creativity- to keep your followers hooked, you need to come up with brilliant and creative ideas.
  • Writing skills- although videos and images are mostly used, writing plays an important role. You should be able to write captivating headlines and articles that will attract followers.

Become a virtual assistant

According to research, virtual administration has become one of the most popular remote careers. It’s among the most preferred side hustle ideas for moms. So, what is a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant is simply a remote assistant. Virtual assistants provide support services to a business from a remote location. Most virtual assistants do administrative tasks but they may also assist with other elements required by the business. If you’re looking for a well-paying work-at-home job, then this is a good choice.

Each virtual assistant task is different as it depends on the client’s needs. There are, however, some similar elements. Virtual assistants can work as executive assistants, administrative assistants, personal assistants. This all depends on the client’s needs. Virtual assistant tasks can include the following:

  • Monitoring and organizing emails
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Scheduling calendars
  • Organizing files and documents
  • Writing and maintaining records
  • Evaluating potential clients, projects and partnerships
  • Maintaining and updating a client’s social media or professional profile.

To become a good virtual assistant, you should possess the following skills:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Open and transparent communication. You should always be available for the client. You can also report to the client what you’re doing. 
  • Good Time management and organization skills. You should be able to take charge of the situation and organize it for the benefit of the client.
  • Have some experience or knowledge in file sharing, password managers, and phone and video conferencing. 

A virtual assistant is a good job as you can work in the comfort of your own home. You can earn as much as $15 doing this job. This will depend on your level of skill, years of experience, the industry you’re in, and the clientele you have.

Become an Instacart shopper

Do you enjoy shopping and have a car? If yes, you can sign up as a shopper. As an Instacart shopper, you make money shopping for other people. You go to the grocery shop/store the way you usually do but in this case, you’re getting paid to shop for other people. Does this sound like something want to do? Head over to their website to sign up.

For you to become an Instacart shopper in the U.S., you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have legal authorization to work in the U.S.,
  • Have the ability to lift up to 40lbs without accommodation
  • Have access to a dependable car
  • Have a good smartphone that can run the Instacart Shopper application
  • Above all, you must pass a background check

The best thing about being an Instacart Shopper is that there are no set days or hours for doing this. Also, you can shop as little as or as much as you want, whenever you want.

Start selling on Amazon FBA

Ever thought that Amazon FBA is among the many side hustle ideas for moms who need their working freedom? Well, it’s increasingly becoming one of the most popular ways to earn extra money online. Amazon is recognized as the best platform to start selling products or services. Fortunately, the Amazon market is large and it’s growing since most people are shifting to shopping online.

Amazon FBA simply means ‘fulfillment by Amazon. The process works by using the steps below:

  • You send your products to Amazon
  • They store them in their warehouse
  • When a customer orders one of your product, Amazon picks, packs, ships and tracks the order for you
  • They also handle returns and refunds. 

Most people selling on FBA make anywhere from $3000 to $40000 within a month of starting their business. This is after Amazon deducts the storage and fulfillment fees. So, is Amazon FBA still profitable? Yes.

Before you start selling products in your FBA business, you should follow the steps below:

  1. Create an Amazon seller account. Before you start selling products, you need to ensure you have a seller account with Amazon. Go to the Amazon website and register an account. 
  1. Pick your Niche. This is a crucial part of setting up the business. There are many niches for you to pick from. Pick one that you’re passionate about. Note down all the products you might sell in that area. Once you’re done, narrow it down to at least 3 areas that you like the most. For example, if you’re passionate about gardening, you could sell gardening tools. 
  1. Research the products. Though you might have a passion for your product, you need it to make money. You’ll need to conduct research on your product and find the best price to sell it. 

The best thing about selling on Amazon FBA is that you don’t need any experience. Once you find the specific products that you want to sell, you’ll only need to market yourself and start earning money.  

Become a Proofreader without experience


Do you feel bothered when you see an error in a sentence? If so, you might be a good proofreader. These days all online content like print, magazines, ads, pamphlets, and others need to be proofread. Most companies hire proofreaders to ensure their documents lack grammatical errors before they publish them.

Errors like misspellings and incorrect grammar can make a good business look incompetent.  And that’s why we have proofreading as one of the 15 Side hustle ideas for moms. Here is a free proofreading workshop that will help you to become a proofreader without a degree.

Most people confuse editing and proofreading. Editing happens before proofreading. It involves restructuring and ensuring the copy has a good flow. Proofreading, on the other hand, is when you go over written content looking for spelling or grammatical errors. It helps turn a final draft into a polished and ready content. Each company has specific requirements for its proofreader. The main role, however, remains to review a piece of writing and ensure it is perfect. 

Proofreaders earn at least $15 an hour. This however depends on factors like skills and experience. Companies that hire large numbers of proofreaders include newspapers, TV stations, and publishers. 

Against most beliefs, proofreading doesn’t require an English degree. If you, however, decide to become a professional proofreader and work for companies, then you’ll need a degree. A good proofreader should be a strong communicator and pay attention to detail. You should know about computers and their editing software. 

Start Transcribing

When it comes to flexible work, transcription offers great opportunities to work from home, on a schedule that works for you. If you have good grammar and an accurate typist, transcribing offers a great way to work at home. With little to no prior experience, you can start earning money from transcription. 

Transcription has dominated our world today. Almost everything is being transcribed today, from movies to legal audios. Transcribing jobs can be divided into 3 categories: general, medical, and legal categories. Medical and legal transcribing require work experience and a degree.

Transcribing is simply cashing audio files into written documents. To become a great transcriber, you will need the following skills:

  • Fast typing
  • Close attention to detail and accuracy
  • Accuracy 
  • Good listening skills.

If you’re starting, don’t get discouraged on your typing speed as it will improve as you progress in transcription. You could start doing general transcriptions. The job is easy but it may have its challenges. Sometimes, you may be required to transcribe poor quality audio making it difficult to transcribe. 

Pay in transcription can vary. A general transcriptionist can make at least $10 per audio file. Medical and legal transcribers can make more as these areas are technical. The rate can however increase once you gain more experience. When starting, register with popular companies like Rev and TranscribeMe to earn good rates. 

There are some tools like the Foot pedal which can make your work easier. Once you start getting money, invest in these tools as they can increase your speed and accuracy.

Be an Uber driver

Uber driving is the best way to become your boss and earn good money. Many people tend to underrate the amount of money you can make with this job. A study done by TechCrunch states that you can make up to $!9 per hour. 

This hustle is good as the only experience you need is driving. Most people are eligible to be uber drivers, even if they don’t have a car. To become an uber driver, you have to meet a few minimum requirements. They include:

  • Meet the minimum age to drive in your city
  • Have at least one year of licensed driving experience.
  • Have a valid driver’s license.
  • Use an eligible 4-door vehicle.

Before you can start driving, you have to provide the following legal documents:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • National identity card
  • Proof of vehicle insurance of your car
  • A driver profile photo

After signing up, you have to complete a screening online. This will review your driver history 

and see if you’re eligible.

Start affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online sales strategy that is simply an agreement between the product owner and the referrer. The affiliate increases sales of the product owner by informing their audience about the product. The affiliate then gets a commission for every sale the product owner has got from their audience. 

Affiliates can earn easy money on product sales of the product owner. If the owner allows sharing the products on social media platforms like Instagram and you have got a large following, you can share them and earn a commission when someone buys the product through your link. If you’re new to this, get yourself this Affiliate Marketing for Beginners guide to get started.

To participate in any affiliate marketing program, you’ll need to :

  1. Find and join an affiliate program
  2. Choose which product or service to promote
  3. Get a unique affiliate link for each product 
  4. Share those links on your social media platforms
  5. Earn a commission every time someone uses your link to purchase the product. 

These commission rates depend on the company. Some may pay as little as 5% per sale while others may pay 50%. It all depends on your agreement. It is important to note that the product you’re advertising should match your audience. If you’re a food blogger, you should promote items like kitchen appliances. Also, ensure you’re using the right platform for your product. Items like houses need to be advertised on platforms that support quality images like Instagram.

Affiliate marketing offers numerous benefits to the affiliates. Firstly, it has low risks as there’s no cost to join the program.  Search your niche to get the best-performing affiliate programs. Getting a commission on your first post can be tricky but once you build an audience and traffic, you can start earning good money from this program.

Side hustle ideas for moms: Become a bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is one of the highest-paying remote jobs. It is also a good choice for people who are passionate about finance but lack requirements for being an accountant. If you know finance and computer skills, this job is suitable for you. 

Bookkeepers are responsible for managing their clients’ daily financial activities. They provide accurate financial information about a business. They help maintain their clients’ financial status and stability. Bookkeepers can work for either companies or individuals. An average bookkeeper earns at least $17 per hour. These rates can increase with a great experience. 

Learn how to become a bookkeeper without experience.

As a bookkeeper, there are 2 routes you can take:

Work as an employee

Even if you work as an employee, you can still work at home and have some degree of freedom. You’ll be assigned certain tasks by your employer. This means that you wouldn’t have to look for clients or worry about marketing your business

Work as a freelance bookkeeper and start your own business

As a freelancer, you can set your rates and schedule. The only challenge is landing clients and you’ll be responsible for any costs

Become a Pinterest strategist

In the Pinterest management area, there are three levels of service providers; Pinterest VA’s, Pinterest Managers, and Pinterest strategies. Pinterest strategies are at the top level of expertise. It sounds like a tough job but it isn’t.

You can learn this skill by watching youtube videos and reading informative blog posts about it. Or you can read this article on how to make money on Pinterest without a blog.

A Pinterest strategist simply offers a strategy and a method developed to manage a Pinterest account and grow traffic to the account. They ensure that the client’s Pinterest page is generating more leads and sales. Since they are the most experienced, their prices tend to be higher than other Pinterest jobs. On average, a Pinterest strategist can charge at least $30 an hour.

Their work entails including things like algorithm changes, keywords, SEO, branding and so much more. All these items are used to ensure that the client’s page is usually at the top on Pinterest. 

To become a successful Pinterest strategist, you must have some of the following:

  • Technological skills- Since you’ll be working on a social media platform, you need to know your way around and the dos and don’ts. You need to be comfortable with using technology.
  • An eye for design- You have created captivating designs to increase your client’s audience. You need to work with images, fonts, and colors that will make the client’s page attractive 
  • A great communicator- since you’’ are explaining your strategies to people who have little idea of what you’re doing, you should be able to explain to them clearly and briefly. 

Become an online Translator

If you know more than one language, this is your gig. Despite all the translating apps available, there is still a high demand for translators who can deliver clear and accurate translations. Research done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics report show that the demand is likely to increase. This means new positions would be opening up soon. Regardless of the language, you choose to translate, ensure you have the accurate qualifications and skills. 

Most people confuse translating and interpreting. While both jobs require knowledge of at least two different languages, interpreting is spoken while translating is written. Translators work in various industries. From the government to medicine to education. 

On average, a translator can make at least $19 an hour. This however depends on the country you’re in and the language combination. Some countries pay translators a good amount compared to others. The need for translation services continues to grow worldwide. Recently, Chinese is the highest-paid language, especially in International business. German comes at a close second in demand. This is due to the complexity of language and the growing economy in the country. 

Successful translators must have string and writing skills to be able to read and understand the document. The translation isn’t about knowing words. You must have high levels of cultural awareness. You should also have a general business to communicate and work with clients. 

Write a book and sell

Are people always interested in listening to your stories? If so, then you could be a great author. Writing has become a lifelong dream for many people. According to research, 80% of Americans have wanted to write and sell a book but only 0.1% have managed to do it. The big question is what is the big secret to writing a book and selling it. 

Due to the internet, selling a book has become easier than before. independent and self-published writers can get their books to be read. You can choose whether you’d want to sell your book online or at a local bookstore.  

Some of the skills required to write a book include:

  1. Communication skills- your reader should be able to get a clear message from your book. During marketing your book, you also need to communicate with people to increase your sales
  2. Organizational skills- You should organize your creativity. Let your words flow to pique the interest of the readers. 

If you don’t where to start writing your book, get this ebook to learn more on How to Write Your Expert Book

Become a professional organizer

This job is becoming high in demand. Many people get paid to organize other people. Professional organizers are diverse, both in their professional and personal backgrounds and in what they can offer you. Some organizers work with a specific group of people like the elderly or the deaf. Others specialize in areas like paper management, home office organization, or downsizing. According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, 97% of their members are female. This clearly shows that this job is mom-friendly. 

A professional organizer enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and transferring organizing skills. They help individuals take control of their time, surroundings, paper, and their systems of life. This work needs various skills including multi-tasking and an adaptable attitude.

Some of the benefits of becoming a professional organizer include:

  • You don’t need any specific training or education. It is self-explanatory.
  • You can have a larger clientele
  • You gain a sense of accomplishment for helping someone get organized and teaching them how to do it. 

The average wage for a professional organizer is $20 per hour. There are, however, different earning levels. Certified professional organizers can earn up to $58 per hour. This also depends on the experience gained. 

For you to be taken seriously and more clients, you need to get certified as a professional organizer. With this certificate, you can stand out from the competition and increase your chances of getting hired. The requirements for getting the certificate include:

  • Have a minimum of high school diploma or an equivalent
  • Provide documentation of 1500 hours of paid work experience
  • Agree to adhere to the code of ethics as reflected in the code of ethics for Professional Organizers
  • Pass the certification exam.

Offer zoom moderation

This is managing participants in a zoom meeting. It requires experience in computers and some features like zoom. The work of a zoom moderator is to :

  • Manage  participants
  • Record the meeting, if asked to
  • Moderating chats in the meeting.

They simply ensure that the zoom meeting runs smoothly without disruptions. On average, a zoom moderator can make at least $15 per hour. They can also agree to be paid per zoom meeting moderated. 

Become an article writer

Article writing has become these days. There is numerous content that needs writing. From content writing, copywriting, editing, writing resumes to tech writing.  Every article writer has a different story on how they became successful. While some received training, others didn’t. This is because your journey to becoming an article writer is like choosing your own adventure story. 

As a mom, article writing is most suitable due to its flexible schedules and you can suggest your rates. Whether you’re a skillful freelance writer or just a beginner with little experience, anyone can make money from article writing. 

Writing online is becoming popular today as it allows people to have a flexible lifestyle and still earn a living. The following are the benefits of article writing:

  • Getting a job is easy since there’s always a high demand for writers. 
  • Doesn’t require academic qualifications.
  • flexibility.

You can become a writer with or without experience. To apply for jobs, you would require some work samples and understand the basics of SEO. if you’re just starting and lacking samples, then there are other ways to build your writing portfolio:

  1. Write for a content mill or agency that accepts beginners. Some of these content mills include Textbroker and iWriter. You can gain experience and learn different writing styles
  1. Write and submit articles for publication in online magazines. These magazines can sometimes offer you long-term contracts if you have potential.

An article writer can charge up to $30 for a 500-word article. Everyone has their rates but it also depends on the quality being provided. 

Start a blog

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Starting a blog is also among the side hustle ideas for moms like you that you can use to make passive income. If you’re passionate about writing, you can decide to start your blog and write about things you love. Blogging is enjoyable and with time can earn you great profits. The following are easy steps on how to start a profitable blog:

  • Identify your niche. Choose what you want to write about. It could be about your motherhood experience
  • Choose a domain name 
  • Choose a web hosting to set up your blog
  • Customize your blog with nice themes to make it attractive and eye-catchy
  • Start writing your blogs
  • Monetize your blog with ads like Adsense or by affiliate marketing as stated earlier. 

Check out our blogging 101 that will guide you step by step on starting a profitable blog.

Bonus tip

Start selling on Etsy: Sell what you already make or buy things like clothes or accessories that would go well together and sell them as sets.


It is a blessing to be a mom and it becomes bearable when you make money next to your kids. These 15 Side hustle ideas for moms are for you if you feel, leaving your kids at home all alone on the holiday is something you can’t stand. Whether to satisfy financial needs or a passion, these side hustles are important for all moms.