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Working from home is not easy. You spend the entire day alone. If you are a transcriber it can be even worse after completing a legal transcription that leaves you frustrated. You need someone to talk to and that is where Transcription Forums come in. In this post today I want to share some of the best online forums for transcriptionists. But before that, you might want to learn about transcription.

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As you do that, let’s talk about transcription forums that will help improve your skills and find new job opportunities.

Reasons to Join Transcription Forums


They are one way to interact and learn new techniques. These online forums have like-minded people. You will find people who have been working from home as transcriptionists have a lot of experience. Hence you will interact and learn new ideas.

Find out about new opportunities: Several companies are coming up every day and the best way to find out about them is through these online forums. It is on these forums that you will get to learn if a company is legit or a scam.

Freedom to share your experiences: Online forums for transcriptionists give you the freedom of speech. These forums are usually closed to the public. As a result, members feel at liberty to share their bad experiences with clients. If you have a burning question about transcription and can’t find help, consider joining a forum for transcriptionists. You will find all the answers you need.

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Transcription forums you should join

Transcription essentials

Transcription Forums
Forums for transcriptionists

This is among the top forums for transcriptionists. If you are a general, legal, or medical transcriptionist, this is your online transcription forum. Whether you are an expert or a newbie transcriber, you will benefit a lot from this forum. This is because the forum allows its members to post questions that they feel they need help with.

However, members of the Transcription Essentials forum are encouraged to carry out their due diligence and research before asking a question on the forum. Well, you may ask why you should do research before asking. The reason is that if allowed, there will be repetitive questions and members might get tired of answering the same questions every day.

Also, some people ask obvious questions and have obvious answers. While you will find repetitive questions on other forums, Transcription Essentials is exceptional. That is the number one reason you should make it your top transcription forum. This makes it easy to find the information you are looking for. Also, this forum has a section that allows you to find information about transcription companies and how they pay. Register here.

Transcription Haven

Transcription Haven
Transcription forums

This is another online forum for transcriptionists. It is private and this means you apply and wait for the approval. Unlike other forums, Transcription Haven experiences less activity. If you are new to transcription, this is the forum for you. It somewhat targets new transcribers making it a good resource for anyone starting out. Apart from that, this forum for transcriptionists helps you learn about the following;

  • New surveys
  • Transcription rates
  • Information about transcription companies
  • Transcription tools like headphones
  • Jobs and many more

Transcription Haven lets you ask questions about working from home. Hence it is a good platform for every transcriber. Signup here.

Work At Home Moms (WHM)


Are you a work at home mom? This is the forum for you. The good thing about Work At Home forum is that it gives you a wide range of topics. Additionally, are not restricted to transcription. What does this mean? It means you can learn from others and perhaps be inspired to add a new skill. If you are looking to start any kind of work, this is the forum you should join.

This forum is different from the other two that we mentioned above. It has different membership levels. The membership plans start from as low as $15/month. Members with a premium membership can promote their businesses. If you are looking for work at home jobs, you will find them here. Before you ask a question on this forum, ensure you search through to find out if it has been asked before.

MT Stars

MT Stars
Transcription Forum

Are you a medical transcriptionist? If you answered yes and live in the US, this online forum is for you. While Medical Transcriptionists Stars is for medical transcriptionists, you can still find posts on other topics. MT Stars forum gives you a chance to search through the job ads and see if you can find a job to apply.


Also, you can upload your resume on this forum as it makes it easy for potential employers to find you. Some of the companies that have dedicated job boards on this forum include M*Modal and Nuance. You don’t need a membership to see posts on the website. The only downside on MT Stars here is that it is for medical transcriptionists who live in the United States.


The best way to find out about the reputation of a transcription company is by joining one of the transcription forums mentioned here. You will not only ask questions but you will also find potential clients here. You will also learn about new transcription tools that you need to stand out from the rest. What are you waiting for? Join your fellow transcriptionists and vent out.

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