Proofread Anywhere Review: How Does It Work?

Proofread Anywhere Review
Proofread Anywhere
Proofread Anywhere Review

Have you read a post where you keep correcting mistakes sentence after sentence? If you have, then you can make a good proofreader. But you will not become a good proofreader by just having a keen eye. You need to get the right training to be among the top proofreaders in the world. There are many proofreading courses that you can take. Proofread Anywhere course by Caitlin Pyle is among them. So, if you are looking for Proofread Anywhere review or want to learn more about this course, we have you covered.

Not every course on the internet is legit. There are some that are a scam. That is why we spent some hours to find out if Proofread Anywhere is legit or a scam. But are there any online proofreading jobs?  The answer is yes. There are many online proofreading jobs for beginners that you can do. For instance, you could search on Problogger or Scribendi and start making money online as a proofreader.

Proofread Anywhere Review

Proofread Anywhere Review
Proofread Anywhere Review
Proofread Anywhere review

What is the training about?

Perhaps you may want to know more about this course and the creator before you make a decision. Caitlin Pyle is the creator of this course. She created the course during a time when there was no other online proofreading course available. 

Her goal was to create a course that prepared every newbie proofreader for the task ahead. That means, even if this is your first time to hear about the proofreading course, you can read and understand everything. The first thing that Caitlin did, was to get in touch with court reporters who helped her with info on becoming good a proofreader. 

The Proofread Anywhere founder used the information she gathered to create a course. In fact most proofreaders across the world trust this course. If you want to be a transcript proofread reader, this is course is for you. First, let’s find out if it is legit or a scam.

Is Proofread Anywhere legit?

This is the question that you should ask yourself before enrolling in any course. If you have been conned online, you will definitely ask this question. And even if you haven’t it is a good idea to know if you will lose your money to get what you pay for. The answer to our question is yes. If you haven’t read any Proofread Anywhere reviews, we can confirm that this course is legit.

Proofread Anywhere Review
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If you are not working online, it is easy to doubt anything. Working from home seems too good to be true. I mean, it is hard to believe that the skill you are neglecting can help you make money from home

You cannot satisfy everyone. There are bad reviews about this course. But there are good Proofread Anywhere reviews that will encourage you. There are some people who gave bad reviews not because the course is bad, but because they didn’t get what they expected. Most people recommend Proofread Anywhere and most alumni of this course have trust in it. If you want to do proofreading from anywhere, you should check this course.

In case you want to get an idea of what it is like to train with Caitlin, you can check out her free 76-minute Workshop which shows you how to turn your reading passion into a money-making machine. Here is a screenshot of what some of her students are saying about the course.

Proofread Anywhere Review
Proofread Anywhere Review
Proofread Anywhere Review

How does it work?

Well, you probably want to know how this course works and all you need to get started apart from money. Up to this point, I believe you know all about proofreading. You are either seeking a good trainer or want to improve those skills in you. However, you need to understand that editing is not the same as proofreading

As I mentioned in my previous article, on online proofreading jobs for beginners, a proofreader does the finishing. An editor checks the content for grammar mistakes, sentence structure, and even rewrites some paragraphs where there is a need.  Among the skills, you need as a proofreader is a keen eye for details. If you are someone who can easily spot errors in an article, then this course is for you.

This is who it works. You find the course at Proofread Anywhere website. Once you purchase the course, you will create your login details and have full access to the course. Even if you don’t have the funds, you can enroll in the free workshop as you wait to get enough money to purchase it. Apart from that, you can purchase the Ignite package or the Ignite Plus Package which offers you hand-graded exams and a certificate of completion.

Proofread Anywhere Review
Proofread Anywhere Course

Proofread Anywhere Review: Pros and cons

Not all that glitters is gold. The gold of this review is not to taint or hide the dirt part of Caitlin’s course. The aim Proofread Anywhere is to share about the bad and good side of this course. So, why should you enroll in this course?


  • It shares all you need to know about proofreading
  • The course shows the trainees the tacts they can use to find work
  • The course teaches students how to set up their business and start earning
  • This course teaches you how to price yourself
  • It gives you confidence and the ability to handle the challenges in your work at home business.
  • Constant emails after completion of the course that helps to nurture you


Well, no one is perfect and this proofreading course is not perfect. Here are some of the things that have been highlighted by previous students.

  • Once you pay and login, there is no refund if in any case, you feel dissatisfied with the course. Logging in means you have already gained access to exclusive information
  • Some learners stated that there were some errors. While this is usual, this is a proofreading course

After saying all that, this course remains one of the best for anyone aspiring to become a proofreader.

Proofread Anywhere Review Conclusion

While some people will argue that you can find everything you learn in this course on the internet, it doesn’t mean you can easily understand everything. You need someone to guide you. Reading is not understanding but learning from an expert is the best way to become an expert too. My grandmother once told me that a good thing comes at a cost. Therefore, if you want to learn something good, be ready to pay someone to teach you. Feel free to share your views about this course in the comments section below.