Transcribe Anywhere Review: Things No One Tells You


The first time I heard about making money online, I thought writing articles was the only way. But it turns out I was wrong. There are many things you can do online. One of them is transcription. You need to learn this skill to transcribe any audio.

Transcribe Anywhere Review: Things No One Tells You
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Every industry from medical to business has transcription jobs. This makes transcription a handy skill to learn. So, where can you learn this skill? One of the courses you can take is Transcribe Anywhere. Since there are many scammers online, we want to spend a few minutes to share this Transcribe Anywhere review.

First Transcribe Anywhere is training or course that equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to be successful in your online career. But this does not mean it will satisfy you. We are different and thus have different taste. What you like may not be the same thing your friend likes. That is why this review of Transcribe Anywhere is focused on sharing things that no one will tell you. 

Transcribe Anywhere Review

What is transcription?

Before you can join the Transcribe Anywhere course, I need to give you a brief intro of transcription. In simple terms, transcription entails listening to an audio recording of a conversation or speech and typing the information in a document. This means that you will give your clients a transcript of everything that was in the recording. 

Sometimes you may have to transcribe an interview where you two or more people are having a discussion about something. This kind of recording can be hard to transcribe. But if you have the right skills and experience, you will find it easy.

Does this sound easy to you? While it may sound easy, it is not. That’s where Transcribe Anywhere Course comes in. If you are eager to enroll in this course, you need to check out Transcribe Anywhere reviews out there. But we have done the work for you and below are the things that no one tells you about Transcribe Anywhere. 

Is Transcribe Anywhere an Ultimate Course?

Transcribe Anywhere Reviews
Transcribe Anywhere Review

No one wants to enroll in a course that does not provide value for his money. You want a course that will give you comprehensive information about transcription. While this is a skill you can learn, it takes regular practice for one to be an expert. Janet Shaughnessy is the face behind this great transcription course. She created this course so she can help people with an interest in transcription to excel.

Janet has over ten years of experience offering professional transcription services. This only means that this is the ultimate course for any transcription newbie. Learning from an expert means you will learn the tactics she uses to ensure she provides accurate transcripts.  According to Janet, this training helps trainees learn how to transcribe with excellence and provides you with everything detail you need to build a successful career in transcription. Transcribe Anywhere Review: Things No One Tells You

It doesn’t matter which area of transcription you want to focus on, Transcribe Anywhere is for everyone. You can enroll in the general, legal, or medical transcription course.  If you are just starting out and not sure of the best ways to make money online, transcription is the way to go. As we continue with our Transcribe Anywhere reviews, we want to emphasize that, a transcription is a good way to for anyone. This includes stay-at-home moms and even students.

How can you differentiate a good transcriptionist from a bad one?

Not every transcriber can do a good job. There are some who will do a shoddy task with mishears. Here are some of the things that can tell if you are a good transcriber or not.

  • Transcription speed: Speed is important in any task and so it is with transcription.
  • Accuracy: If you are having mishears, you are not a good transcriber. You should provide accurate transcripts.
  • Listening skills: A good transcriber is a good listener.

Transcribe Anywhere course offers you the confidence you need to transcribe accurately. If you want to learn more, enroll in the free mini-course.

The Trial Course

Like any other product in the market, Janet’s course has a trial period. The trial course is suitable for anyone who is not sure whether to take this course or not. It is also suitable for anyone who has read negative Transcribe Anywhere reviews and wants to have a quick look at the course. I know you are asking what the trail course includes. Well, here are the lessons that you will cover in the trial course.

  • About Janet
  • Transcription definition and why it is a useful skill
  • Employers of transcribers
  • Transcription myths
  • Is transcription the ideal career for you?
  • Possible earnings
  • Where will you get work or who gives you work?

While we are all different and have different backgrounds, it is important that you invest in a skill that you want to learn. Nothing comes for free. So, to learn about this skill comprehensively, you will need to spend some dollars. Therefore, if you are unsure of is Transcribe Anywhere is legit or not, consider taking this trial course first.

Paid course

Once you have taken the trial course and feel you need to learn more, you may join the paid course. You can register for legal or general transcription course. The general transcription course contains six modules where each one of them covers certain topics. The topics covered are explained into depth and hence giving you a clear view of what you are supposed to do as a transcriber. During the training, you learn how to apply the knowledge you gain in your work.

The legal transcription course covers fourteen different modules. Many of the modules consist of video presentations, questions, screencast tutorials, and practice dictations. Apart from that, Janet encourages her student to asks questions through the support team. There is also a dedicated email portal that you can use to have your questions answered.

Transcribe Anywhere review: How much is the course?

I am sure you don’t want to get a course that is beyond your budget. If you want to enroll in the general transcription course, you will need to pay a one time fee of 597. Alternative, you can choose to use the available plans at $197 and $362. For the legal transcription, course costs a one time fee of 697 or use the plans by paying $197 or $497.

This means you don’t need to have the full amount to access the course. You can access part of the course by choosing the plan that matches your budget. Also, Janet gives you a discount you enroll in both courses for $1097. As a result, you will save $1097.

Things no one tells you


  • It is a comprehensive course
  • It is not a scam
  • You can learn at your pace
  • You can choose an affordable plan
  • The tutor is experienced


  • There is no refund policy

Transcription tools

Once you have learned all the above, you need to have all the things you need to start working. That is if you were learning on borrowed things. Here is a list of things you should purchase;

Transcribe Anywhere Review Conclusion

After doing thorough research and reading all the Transcribe Anywhere reviews on the internet, we, therefore, conclude that this is a legit course. It is not only comprehensive but also informative. Above all, it has plans that favor nearly everyone. The training you get from Janet’s course may be comprehensive and informative but learning never ends. I recommend you find transcription forums and join. That is if you want to take your transcription career to another level.