Reasons to use live chat for your business website

Reasons to use live chat for your business website

Last Updated on March 1, 2020 by Ludiah

Have you ever visited a website and left with a bad impression? It could be because they did not respond faster or you couldn’t find a better way to address your concerns. Quick response to leads or customer queries leaves a good and lasting impression on them as compared to having them wait for 24 hours before you can

Reasons to use live chat for your business website

respond. Whether you run an online or offline business, it is good to know that customer support is the cornerstone of any business.

Customers come in handy in growing your client base. There are several ways you can improve your customer service and one of them is using having a live chat on your business website. Unlike before when live chat was not effective, these days it is a real chat with an agent. This means customer questions are answered there and then.  You may try live chat tools like Tidio. There is no need to wait for two days to have a response. If you are here wondering why you even need to have live chat on your business website, read on to find out good reasons to do so.

Reasons to use live chat for your business website


If you have a website and still take time to respond to your leads or customers, check these reasons why live chat could help you take your business to new heights.

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It is time-saving

Time is money, they say. Nobody wants to spend one hour waiting for a response when he got other errands to run. That is why every customer that visits your website expect the quickest response possible. Not only does a live chat save the customer time but it also saves you the time of having to serve long queues of customers waiting for responses. This in return increases productivity while reducing frustrations on customers.

If you save time, then it means you have also saved money. Sounds good, right? What else is good than having extra time for other precious things?

Enhances customer loyalty

Imagine losing two customers in a day simply because you took long or could not answer their questions on time. Even a customer getting angry is not good for any business. A loyal customer foundation means a lot to any business. Without this type of customers, believe you me, it is not easy to survive.

Creating lasting relationships with clients and offering services that surpass their expectations work like magic on the growth of a business. Taking the loyalty of your clients for granted is like committing business suicide. One thing is clear here, your opponents are working around the clock to stand out and attract your customers. You can’t afford to take their loyalty for granted.

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Live chat helps you engage your customers at the time they need your help. Customers who received an immediate response on a website were found to be more loyal than those who did not. A customer is like a man if you can’t give him what he wants, he will find it elsewhere and that comes at a cost.

Customer support plays a great role in any business. If you manage to provide your customer with the best support, you have won their hearts for a lifetime. People want to buy and stay where they are treated right and their problems handled with a lot of concern. By attending customers instantly, you make them feel that that is where they belong.

Increases sales

No business owner wants to see his profits or sales going down month after month. A quick response means more leads and as a result more sales. There is more than selling a product or service to your customer. It needs trust.

You don’t need multilingual agents

If you receive lots of messages through your website and find it had to respond, you have every reason to use live chat. Having a live chat widget on your site helps you avoid that headache of hiring many agents. After all, they also use tools such as Google Translate to respond to those questions.

Well, some live chat tools have inbuilt translation features that make it easier to handle live conversations. With a live chat widget, you can respond to questions in all languages.

Increases marketing effectiveness

If you want to have more traffic on your website, you need to do lots of marketing and put more efforts in SEO. All these need you to invest money and time. But there is an easy way you can do that and kill two birds with one stone. That technique is using live chat.

It lets you great and engage your customers at the same time. You can use different greeting notes and some of them will prompt your visitors to leave there emails for future communications. That means, they will always come back and also spread the word about your good customer services. As a result, you will increase traffic to your site while making your customers happy.



There are so many reasons to use live chat on your website. It not only build customer loyalty but helps you increase sales. If you want to try this technique, check out this tool that I use and love.